Vote Information for Sunday 7 September 2008

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18:42U019??63 87.207.58.* Jifondgot paid
18:36U373??5212.214.123.*Jifondpaying, thank you very much for this offer
18:29U837??88 89.238.16.* JifondGood! It paid!
16:58U993??7680.87.81.*MegasotI made a deposit and i was not paid and now i open my account and my deposit is disappeared. This is a crazy scam. All good votes are f\ke-Africanscholar
16:51U993??7680.87.81.*NorthPayThis is a scam venture for real. I made a deposit over 30 hours ago and it is yet to reflect in my account, let alone get paid. Please keep off from this program-Africanscholar
16:43U911??7282.160.29.*AXA HYIPPaying me all the time !
14:54U160??01208.77.43.*TopProfitWorldStill paying my request. Good project. Reinvest more.
14:31U993??7680.87.81.*Ragnapsawow! This is a confirm scam program, Not paying at all. If iam paid, i will update comment-Africanscholar
14:16U993??7680.87.81.*Fix700wow! This is a confirm scam program, Not paying at all. If iam paid, i will update comment-Africanscholar
13:59U609??58 89.238.27.* MegasotNICE WORK!!
13:53U683??47 89.123.120.* MegasotI've put the funds there, hoping for a long work and stable income!
13:45U385??38 76.198.81.* Megasotpaid
12:53U345??57125.141.204.*BS Trade ProExcellent program, always pays on time.i got paid again!
12:29U938??25 84.16.249.* BS Trade ProA great program in my opinion.Always paid fast and without problems. Very good work!
10:57U376??5675.80.42.*MomentForexGood design, fast payouts.
10:54U303??76 87.244.82.* Latax InvestmentGreat one get my frst payment today
10:39U625??92 24.117.230.* MomentForexPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
10:31U449??93209.51.209.*FireHyipalways paying , best and Grate hyip , they have huge invet amount!
10:25U406??78211.76.97.*1DailyFundsI got paid and paid again! The best investment project!
9:58U294??0471.131.188.*MomentForexVery happy to be one of your investors
9:53 U495??80 84.16.234.*Relax TradingRelaxtrading is one of hyips that I trust, keep great work!
8:59U481??5624.98.253.*MomentForexGetting Better & Better!! Keep up the GOOD work!!
7:39U904??46119.70.40.*1DailyFundsThanks! I have again received fast payment.
6:57U946??11 116.48.16.* NAT ProfitWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic
5:13U041??2666.186.34.*BS Trade Propaid no problem,got $4.5 today again,admin so honest,thanks
4:23U463??49203.174.87.*BS Trade ProI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received!
3:50 U225??22 220.92.135.* MomentForexNot paid and all record are not use. it scam
1:56U295??68129.250.211.*1DailyFundsThe perfect site... Do not wait, invest and receive the profit.
1:23U496??23 121.28.220.* 1DailyFundsexcellent program!Paid fast as usually
0:54U052??12222.89.221.*1DailyFundsBeen paid fast as usual, thanks Admin!