Vote Information for Thursday 28 August 2008


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22:48U735??44194.24.158.*CrazyCapitalNOT PAYING!!!! BEWARE don't invest your money there!! Waiting for payout till 11 days... Cannot invest anymore... BEWARE!! Please give me my money now admin!! User: flo91
18:20U769??4612.214.123.*TomerBusinessSolid program, fast payments after withdrawal requests. Very nice investment.
17:41U472??35 71.96.72.* TomerBusiness4th payment received today as promised and on time. Great program.
16:16U561??56 124.120.52.* RapidPayingPaid paid paid Batch id = 5181518 Thank sir
14:17U496??2364.62.138.*1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
14:00U766??21 114.120.12.* Funds Lifegreat hyip program. and never miss a payment. Thanks, admin! Batch: 5160536
13:31U052??12 222.89.221.* 1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive, Pay me everyday and ontime
12:27U406??7858.227.194.*1DailyFundsBeen PAID fast as usual, thanks Admin!
11:24U911??7282.160.29.*OffshoreStockTradesGot paid !
9:00U512??94116.23.98.*TopProfitWorldget another profits.Batch:5166497.really good project.
8:12U160??01208.77.43.*TopProfitWorldI am in profit, this is a serious paying investment program. Always pays without problems!! Thanks
7:10U431??2780.255.43.*Forex550Iam among the Investors Top 10 with a deposit of$70,000-they blocked my account-they don't answer emails!!!!
7:07 U602??11 120.50.34.* Relax Tradinga big thanks to admin, all 35 payments have been received on time!
6:04U963??62 122.50.133.* Easy550received payments, good programe, user sara99
4:21U516??46 65.9.5.* Forex550BIG SCAM my account is blocked "wrong password" not possible after i said if they dont pay me i will post bad reports be warned
3:02U396??59 195.49.234.* Platinum Cash Inc.Following payment is received. Thanks, admin!
0:55U191??63219.93.152.*Easy550No paid,no email,bad support. dont invest!! They still owe me USD2 million and now my account was blocked!!