Vote Information for Thursday 7 August 2008


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23:07U207??59 200.43.98.* NSPC-InvestmentExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
23:02U484??23 189.3.139.* NSPC-Investmentgreat program, good paid!
23:00U658??12 157.86.173.* NSPC-InvestmentExcellent program! Never misses payment.
22:57U264??69 203.151.233.* NSPC-InvestmentNo problem!! thank you
22:54U592??01 80.17.207.* NSPC-InvestmentGret paying site` paying to me every day!!! Thanks
22:50U262??4085.217.183.*NSPC-InvestmentSuper Progamm schnell ausgezahlt
21:46U259??23 92.227.188.* FFG TradingDate: 8/7/2008 18:30 Batch: 4433764 >From Account: U1276178 Amount: $20.00 Memo: FFG Order ID #VL9NMX14EH
19:19U102??64 82.146.104.* Interbank FX Clubinvetsed 8/1/2008 21:40 till today i received no payments sending mails and no answer
18:04U769??4676.120.100.*Monemokethanks for your help.I really appreciate it
16:49U129??41125.141.204.*Trading ProgramPaid very quickly,excelent program!thanks admin!!
16:37U406??78 60.28.219.* 1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
16:19U391??0368.149.234.*Monemokeall my anxieties finished after I have been familiar with this site.
15:50U195??25 195.229.235.* egold Profit ClubNo payment received so far, I see no posting after 25th may. If this site is not paying, monitors should put as problem. I havw wasted my $50
15:42U295??68200.51.41.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive, Pay me everyday and ontime
15:22U177??7568.149.234.*Acmos TradePaid all the time! Great Program!!!
15:06U472??3568.104.23.*MonemokeGreat job,got paid today!honest,thanks
15:00U496??2338.105.86.*1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
14:29U052??12123.53.194.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive, Pay me everyday and ontime
13:58U601??76 70.187.138.* Acmos TradeIt is paying!! I just got paid again!! really that program is very good and works for along time!
10:05U946??1165.49.14.*Meyer FundRef commison received,thanks admin !
9:57U663??06125.164.98.*CompasGoldgot paid again
9:55U092??63125.164.98.*CompasGoldgot paid 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 - REINVESTED
9:08U396??59 195.49.234.* Platinum Cash Inc.Following payment is received. The program pays. Thanks, admin!
7:40U246??1385.159.5.*NSPC-InvestmentSCAM! Does not pay and did not pay!! The administrator has changed the password and now I cannot get in the cabinet, restoration does not help. I advise nobody this fund, with you there can be the same
5:13U919??48119.148.161.*Saw InvestSo stable program and great me again.
3:58U253??1366.186.34.*Saw InvestAll profits are sent to my LR acc directly on time.Thanks.
3:51U587??2791.193.129.*Saw InvestPayment received.Well done,hope u can keep on ur excellent work.
3:47U422??5266.79.172.*Saw Investpaid me again, very good site.
3:34U739??29119.148.161.*Saw InvestBatch: 4416978,received my another profits.Thanks.
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