Vote Information for Friday 1 August 2008


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23:37U490??39217.119.145.*4 Fx Trader8/1/2008 23:52 Instant payment Batch #4306990 received, thx 4FXTrader !
22:13U263??24 91.14.107.* CompasGoldwait for my first payment
17:00U406??78209.77.28.*1DailyFundsPaid again and again. Thanks admin.
16:33U570??35 76.217.118.* Acmos TradeProfessional program.This investment is real.
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3:35 U057??14 207.182.138.*The Stoicyesterday i deposited 500$ e-gold but i can't login to my account now,what is the problem ? please help me
3:21U396??59195.49.234.*Platinum Cash Inc.Payment is received. Thanks, admin!
3:11U396??59195.49.234.*MVP Financial GroupPayment is received. Thanks, admin!
2:38U262??40 61.190.86.* NSPC-Investmentpaid well, good job admin :)