Vote Information for Wednesday 2 July 2008


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23:33U548??2075.65.209.*Plus-Fundscam!! Stay away from this one, not paying!!!!!
23:26U561??56124.120.51.*FX 350not paid 5 day ago
23:14U561??56124.120.51.*ECCMscam soon u will not got profit this admin open many hyip close and open new hyip very rich but he is scammer cop knows who is he.very easy
18:13U695??90 121.120.65.* FX 350My withdraw are pending too long...!!!
17:42 U438??99 122.50.220.* LRinstantHonest admin paid every time without delay. User:adminnkch
15:41U811??3672.201.67.*Simoukahot and paying me daily
15:22U472??3572.201.67.*DokpremiumReceived two payments yesterday. Many thanks admin.. Excellent payment record and customer liason.
15:15 U470??99 84.137.220.* ConstantProfitpending
15:14U422??52 204.16.192.* iMonetGot another payment,thank you admin.
14:53U555??9175.7.235.*SimoukaMANY THANKS TO THE ADMIN
14:31U484??23 116.52.17.* IMoneyTraderpaid on time
14:14U811??3675.7.235.*DokpremiumAnother fast payment recieved. thank. Great program and great Admin
13:22U233??0375.7.235.*Acmos TradeEverything so prefect, I have been in this program for 38 days, and admin paid me always.Best progamme!
13:19U768??74 69.110.176.* MalekulThank you so much for this payment admin. keep it up
13:09U914??7969.62.253.*MalekulThis guy paid me within hours of my upgrade expiring.
12:54U391??27 91.78.237.* World Forex GroupGot the payment again!
12:52U570??3576.252.166.*SimoukaBest HIP monitor since I know you treat me good.
12:10U555??9176.252.166.*DokpremiumWow! Consistently paying on time!
11:32U725??7376.252.166.*Acmos TradePaid me today, fast respond from admin thanks
8:49U395??8741.220.112.*iMonetthis program is ascam they have fled with my money investors beware this are thieves
5:38U572??28 216.108.229.* IMoneyTraderExcellent program thanks &keep up the good work.
4:13U143??64193.19.206.*LRinstantPays well! As well as it is promised - instantly! Thank admin!
3:51U904??46 74.86.18.* 1DailyFundsVery satisfied with this program. Always PAID me fast. Great investment.