Vote Information for Sunday 12 November 2006


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23:16355??32 89.110.4.* HYIP 100-200 TrustPayments received!!!
23:03359??24202.152.16.*Capital On LineExcellent Pay me again today (12Nov2006) Best place for investment
22:15350??40 84.178.148.* Golden FlowGot paid 20-24/56 Thanks admin and keep on doing. Rols32
21:11135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsGreat program. Paid on time!
21:11135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundGreat program. Paid on time!
21:10135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestGreat program. Paid on time!
21:09135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentGreat program. Paid on time!
21:08135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundGreat program. Paid on time!
21:06135??42217.77.220.*RowentoGreat program. Paid on time!
21:03135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIGreat program. Paid on time!
20:31365??36202.146.241.*Sunny InvestPaid Me, Thanks until 4 cycle
19:32341??82 85.141.236.* FX Golden UnionNever Misses Payment.
19:19272??5283.237.196.*FX Golden UnionVery good Hyip
19:19272??5283.237.196.*Money Trading SystemWorks every day.
19:05314??6572.142.133.*Money Trading SystemGot another paid
19:04314??6572.142.133.*FX Golden UnionPaid today! Thanks.
19:01348??9781.202.26.*FX Golden UnionReceived money! Thanks!
19:00348??9781.202.26.*Money Trading SystemExcellent program
18:56272??97172.173.240.*FX Golden UnionGood!! Paying me every day!
18:55272??97172.173.240.*Money Trading SystemMy favourite invest program
18:50272??3968.179.133.*200MoneyPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
18:50272??3968.179.133.*FX Golden UnionPAID AGAIN!
18:49272??3968.179.133.*Money Trading SystemGreat invest program
18:46260??1959.4.255.*200MoneyYou are the best
18:45260??1959.4.255.*FX Golden UnionGood And Honest.
18:45260??1959.4.255.*Money Trading SystemPaid, long time in profit !
18:38339??70 72.19.103.* Money Trading SystemThank you Admin!!
18:33272??53201.9.140.*200MoneyVery stable ...
18:32272??53201.9.140.*FX Golden UnionPaying... Best wishes
18:31272??53201.9.140.*Money Trading Systempaid and rate :) thanks admin
18:26314??7368.60.196.*200MoneyPaid on time as usual!!
18:25339??7085.218.189.*Golden Flowpaid for the first time - on time! thanks
18:25314??7368.60.196.*FX Golden UnionVery Stable and Professional
18:24314??7368.60.196.*Money Trading SystemI recomend this HYIP!
18:24369??3524.6.211.*Sunny InvestNot only received payments. Admin support is great! Admin answers email!
18:16271??4066.227.233.*200MoneyNo problems with payouts. Thanks
18:16271??4066.227.233.*FX Golden UnionGood !!
18:15271??4066.227.233.*Money Trading SystemPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
18:09360??4585.101.248.*200MoneyPaid every day. Nice.
18:08360??4585.101.248.*FX Golden UnionI recomend this HYIP!
18:07360??4585.101.248.*Money Trading SystemReceived your paiment
17:56280??15213.209.68.*FX Golden UnionGood program! Great support!
17:55280??15213.209.68.*Money Trading SystemVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
17:49339??4671.17.122.*200MoneyBest one!!!!Best>Paid
17:45339??4671.17.122.*FX Golden Union)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
17:41339??4671.17.122.*Money Trading SystemStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
17:33375??4472.189.209.*200MoneyWhat a great project!
17:32375??4472.189.209.*FX Golden UnionExcellent program! Never misses payment.
17:31375??4472.189.209.*Money Trading SystemGreat invest program
17:30333??8962.85.22.*Amex-FundBeen paid today.really satisfied with this program
17:28360??63172.176.56.*200Moneypaid! SuperHYIP!!!
17:27360??63172.176.56.*FX Golden UnionPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:26360??63172.176.56.*Money Trading SystemPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
17:24335??4684.61.39.*200MoneyThanks for good program.
17:23335??4684.61.39.*FX Golden UnionMy favourite invest program
17:22335??4684.61.39.*Money Trading SystemVery-very good. I really like it !
17:20375??1371.198.90.*200Moneypaid today again...
17:18375??1371.198.90.*FX Golden UnionCOOL !!!
17:17375??1371.198.90.*Money Trading SystemPaid Good!!!
17:12326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
17:11296??6282.239.170.*200Moneygot paid
17:11296??6282.239.170.*FX Golden UnionYes... it paid me
17:10326??4587.248.165.*Mutual Investpaid
17:10296??6282.239.170.*Money Trading Systemrealy paid !!!
17:05326??1070.240.243.*200Moneyvery good and fast. Thanks
17:05326??1070.240.243.*FX Golden Unionpaid on all spends
17:04326??1070.240.243.*Money Trading SystemBest! best..
17:01260??5466.27.117.*200MoneyGood hyip...paid!
17:00260??5466.27.117.*FX Golden Unionalways paid
16:59260??5466.27.117.*Money Trading SystemBest Hyip ever
16:54348??1068.45.232.*200MoneyHyper Very good
16:53348??1068.45.232.*FX Golden Unionpaid, thanks. Good program!
16:52348??1068.45.232.*Money Trading Systempaying program
16:41280??54217.129.159.*200Moneyalways paid, today too
16:40280??54217.129.159.*FX Golden UnionVery good program
16:39280??54217.129.159.*Money Trading SystemPaid and Paid
16:34260??8176.187.156.*200Moneytest spend
16:33260??8176.187.156.*FX Golden UnionGood program!
16:32260??8176.187.156.*Money Trading Systempaid me all the week
16:20271??4265.94.6.*200MoneyI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
16:19271??4265.94.6.*FX Golden UnionA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
16:18271??4265.94.6.*Money Trading Systemi've been paid here too well done
16:08270??6391.76.55.*200MoneyVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
16:08270??6391.76.55.*FX Golden UnionReliable hyip. Let's make money!
16:07270??6391.76.55.*Money Trading Systemin profit! great)
15:56174??2324.216.249.*GiGa-InvestFive payouts so far. Instantly paid to E-Gold.
14:42174??2324.216.249.*RicheslandHave had three payouts. Goes instantly to my E-Gold. So far, so good.
14:24264??99 85.249.179.* Amex-FundPAID!
14:08260??56 83.108.2.* High RounderAlways paid within an hour from qithdrawal request.
14:04281??0987.110.91.*Amex-FundNo problems with this project! Only positive opinion!
13:46261??15202.19.105.*City ProjectPaid! Thanks admin!
13:44284??24 85.25.143.* CarProfitClubGot payment today. Thanks
12:30298??67 218.111.44.* No.1 InvestmentThanks admin for excellent work!... paid me but site was done under repair.
12:0880??05 82.122.127.* Viva Fund ClubGOT PAID instantly !! Very good program ! Thanks
11:21149??81202.137.155.*ProfitsExpressPaid instantly. TQ.
11:15363??09 60.49.70.* Profit-IslandPaid Instantly!! It's unbelievable!! Surf's Up and Just Catch The Wave!!!
11:15206??95195.5.51.*LifeDollarsExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
11:13206??95195.5.51.*OIL FundExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
11:11206??95195.5.51.*Mutual InvestExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
11:06206??95195.5.51.*Q-InvestmentExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
11:06206??95195.5.51.*AI-FundExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
10:56364??6882.99.233.*PowerMinutelyvery good thanks admin = batchs is: 70684415 and 70684415
10:16 344??37 82.99.219.* Patirous Tradethanks for bonus.good hyip.
9:55345??1885.133.132.*Patirous TradePaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
9:4078??61 86.33.225.* Stable FundWin: Paid... paid...thank you
9:27 342??88 85.133.132.*Patirous TradeThank you Admin!!!
9:02371??75 195.134.87.* ST-ClubPaying on time !
8:29376??09 82.99.230.* Akan HYIPpaid again again again again wow thanks admin>>>
8:08373??2587.106.27.*OnlineIncomeDirectSplendid !
8:03339??46 220.236.151.* Sigma InvestmentPaid w/o problems.
8:00375??44 85.141.237.* Sigma InvestmentNice HYIp
7:56 358??42 60.48.104.* Viva Fund Clubpaid on always
5:44200??57 217.119.147.* Sunny InvestPay promptly like an alarm clock.. reinvested, until 10 payouts get today, thx!
4:54365??00222.124.226.*Akan HYIPPaid me again, thank.
4:35365??00222.124.226.*RicheslandAbsolutely Instant payment
4:29 373??20 125.162.207.* Golden FlowGreat program
3:25168??88 80.134.201.* Cahto Trading Group1st payout - thanks admin! ID #invest