Vote Information for Tuesday 3 June 2008


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23:49U433??8683.237.149.*Gold Business PalaceThe Next payment is received.
23:21U433??8683.237.149.*Swiss Gold FinanceThe Next payment is received.
22:48U069??1388.214.199.*Kathy S. RoseGood paying program!
22:37U737??5769.31.67.*Kathy S. RoseThanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
22:24U897??28216.255.190.*Kathy S. RoseJust new PAYMENT received!
22:18U071??8080.77.82.*Kathy S. RosePaid on time!
21:48U464??37193.43.250.*Kathy S. RoseAlways PAYS quickly and without problems!!!
20:11U396??59195.49.234.*Gold Business PalacePayment is received in time - a project complacent
19:17U737??32 119.129.186.* Venus Projectgot paid Date: 6/3/2008 21:02 Batch: 3277927
18:32U253??1366.186.59.*Venus Projectpaid again.good site.
17:54U920??92 67.82.95.* The Stoicpaid me today, good interests
15:38U126??26 92.113.96.* StableCapDate: 2008-03-06 17:03:11 Amount: $6.00 Batch: 3274025
15:00U013??78 222.182.16.* PayClubspaid me 8/15,thanks admin.UserID:bimuyu
14:31U913??64 60.186.56.* NSPC-InvestmentNot paid. ID:windos8
12:38U330??73 75.51.186.* Acmos TradeI am receiving a very big returns from this company daily and weekly!
12:23U253??1361.140.40.*PayClubs6/3/2008 06:09 3262797 U8494085 (PayClubs) + $0.55 id:bryant,get paid again.
12:21U220??7366.186.61.*Emetal GateThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
12:04U098??19196.219.32.*Emetal Gatethey stop paying since 3 weeks ago
11:40U484??23 116.52.33.* IMoneyTraderpaid
11:22E4??0864.62.138.*PayClubspaid wsj166 Batch: 3258074 Amount: $1.11 ,vote bonus Batch: 3252450 Amount: $1.20
11:19U769??4699.135.5.*Acmos TradePAID today first time very FAST ! thanks Admin !!
10:25U396??59195.49.234.*Eur Oil InvestMent, Inc.The Best project. The Payment in time. The Good lad!
9:19U396??59195.49.234.*StableCapThe Best project. The Payment in time. The Good lad!
3:30U919??48211.144.133.*Venus ProjectObtain payment.tks honest admin.
2:21U187??92208.101.39.*1DailyFundsAlway Got the paymen on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs
1:56U906??09 208.101.39.* 1DailyFundsPayment recevie today,thanks admin
1:40U496??23 75.126.53.* 1DailyFundsI have profit today,thanks admin,Good program
1:19U295??6875.126.32.*1DailyFundsvery day payment and payment, good luck for all investor!!
0:59U719??86222.89.211.*1DailyFundsPaying well so far. I hope that they will be online for long time!