Vote Information for Monday 19 May 2008


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23:43U719??86222.89.213.*1DailyFundsThanks for the payment!!!
21:53U609??58 83.170.255.* Soxapaid me
21:49U609??5871.84.236.*TerosoI think this is good choice
21:43U609??58 72.24.129.* Sus909it's paying
21:43U484??23216.40.204.*Emetal Gatewhat a great program! inprofit! thanks honest admin!
21:39U837??88 76.107.75.* SoxaVERY GOOD! I like it!
21:31U837??88 82.29.16.* Terosothanx!! good profit! good payouts!
21:25U385??38 81.195.162.* Sus909I found it and now working with it stably
21:20U373??52 71.14.64.* SoxaI don't stop. I invest again.
21:13U683??4724.3.15.*TerosoEasy get paid hyip
21:09U373??5287.126.231.*Sus909Got paid!
18:22U512??94218.19.212.*LobbyFinanceDate 5/19/2008 17:54 Batch 3031705 been paid.
17:37E0??73 70.190.145.* Gold550pending 17 days ago if PAID i will update but it looks like a SCAM! user ntburrell
17:18U739??29 61.100.7.* Venus ProjectPaid me on time.Really paying program.
16:59U919??48 59.125.85.* Venus ProjectPayment received.Thanks a lot.
15:32U490??39217.119.145.*4 Fx TraderBeen paid every day of the year like clockwork, thanks Admin, simply BEST PROGRAM in this Arena !
15:14U706??45202.146.255.*Xtra300I Have pending payment since 5 days ago. If get payment, I will update. User: HyipMaster
15:10U706??45202.146.255.*AppleProfitStill waiting my payment since 4 days ago. If get payment, I Will Update. User: HyipMaster
13:23U737??3259.188.0.*Venus Projectgot paid Date: 2008-19-05 14:29:15 Batch: 3028632
12:19U022??28 85.15.14.* Gold-EmpireI made deposite!!!! 18 february 2008!!! after that this website shows that my total deposite is equal to 0 dollar!!!! they stole my money!!!! I sent 2 mails to them and they did not answer!!! they are thief! My Account in this website is yspeakman
11:31 D0??78 83.178.179.* LibertyReserveProfitwee! Even a Swede (plant):-)... can earn money here. My car runs again !
10:48U811??36 99.139.96.* Acmos TradeBeing honest and punctuall,they are the best of all.
9:28U820??9368.111.224.*InstantProgrammThis is very reliable program.Thanks for your helps.
8:52U570??3567.188.9.*HoldenLimityou make a name for yourself since you are always honest & punctual.
8:35U951??30 124.82.9.* DaylanaYou are so GREAT!!!! Luv u Daylana !!!
8:31U739??2978.159.115.*Venus ProjectI think it is a good investment program.
7:44U555??91 71.137.208.* Acmos TradeI trust this admin First time I ever made profit from any program!
6:48U253??1378.159.115.*Venus Projectvery hot program and honest admin,get profits again.
6:02U512??94218.19.212.*Venus Projectget profits again.nice site.
0:34U906??0975.126.33.*1DailyFundsBest Hyip. Thanks you paid all my invesment. Good Long Life