Vote Information for Saturday 17 May 2008


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23:55U295??6875.126.32.*1DailyFundsAfter a couple of investments I didn't find any bugs in this program, it works stably now
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23:08U433??86 83.237.149.* Gold Business PalaceToday I deposit else 50$. Now my deposit = 100$ Liberty. While pays me stable. Hope will and further good payments. :)
22:23U055??27195.128.16.*The Constantia InvestmentGreat program! I just received a payment again!
21:23U683??47 79.111.158.* SoxaMy first investments was 100% successful, so I take another one and will invest immediatelly!
21:16U740??56 97.82.132.* Terosogot paid
21:11U753??31216.255.185.*The Constantia InvestmentNice program, and regulary paid!!!
21:06U683??47 85.140.138.* Sus909Working very good for me
20:58U609??58 88.254.117.* SoxaThanx. Very good HYIP-porgram
20:48U609??58 87.110.41.* TerosoEverything paid
20:42U609??58 88.210.229.* Sus909paid
20:40U607??6469.50.183.*The Constantia InvestmentVery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
20:36U814??3062.149.16.*The Constantia InvestmentGreat program! Paid me on time
19:42U555??9168.96.101.*GEOrozenPaid me direct to my egold account today
19:38U570??3568.96.101.*GEOrozenHow excellent is this ontime paying
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18:22U768??7468.230.98.*GEOrozenit is sample of the best and capble to put the best mark
18:12U837??88 218.250.73.* Soxagot payments
18:00U472??3568.230.98.*DayBusinessmanReceive pays again,excelent program!very hot now!
17:49U837??88 83.27.182.* Terosothis is the best hyip i invest now!!!
17:45U385??38 67.82.35.* Sus909I'm going to invest once more because it's great.
17:20U083??84122.50.250.*Invest4DreamReceived payments $100, thanks admin user moneymaster
16:41U963??62122.50.250.*Macro300dear investor, its true this site 100 scam, not paying, i am very old and daily investors, much idea about hyip, believe my true votes, if macro300 paying online monitors and some selected members, admin repeat them, conat id
16:39U769??4668.111.225.*InstantProgrammreceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
16:31E4??08 74.86.38.* Venus Project8/28 hyipfriend get paid $2.52 Batch: 2994677
16:24U647??2012.202.52.*KLP InvestNO PAYMENTS ON MAY 16, 2008. e-mails to admin come back undelivered. AVOID!!!
16:23U914??7968.111.225.*GEOrozenPayout received! Easy money for smart people!
16:21U083??84122.50.250.*USD ProjectReceived payments $30, thanks admin user moneyland
16:13U472??3568.111.225.*HoldenLimitMy request is always processed by excellent hyip.
16:11U083??84122.50.250.*Xtra300i hope its good admin and good sites cuz received my payments, invest hiere user madamxx
15:58U811??3668.111.225.*DayBusinessmanthis hyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
15:40U083??84122.50.250.*Earn600Received payments, bath is 2998239 user sara999
15:39U914??79 24.5.141.* Acmos Tradeoh yes, paid me too...
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14:41U376??5669.239.241.*GEOrozenPaying me daily! I hope to invest more here when some more funds will be available
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6:18U187??9275.126.33.*1DailyFundsAlway Got the paymen on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs
5:03U052??12222.89.221.*1DailyFundsI have got the payment again,GOOD LUCK FOR ALL
5:02U512??94 219.137.82.* Venus Projectpaid me as usual.without problem.
2:54 U382??01 69.47.250.* ScarletFundnot paying, scammers bewares
2:25U907??6669.138.163.*Mega500scam. listed payouts probably fake or selective pay. they might be affiliated with 600rock, 550profits and gold550 cuase they haven't paid. user dr_cashflow.
0:46U561??56124.120.46.*Pay-MorePending 16 days ago.If paid i will update.....user forever
0:44U561??56124.120.46.*Mega500Pending 6 days ago.If paid i will update.....user forever
0:42U561??56124.120.46.*Better 600Pending 5 days ago.If paid i will update.....user forever