Vote Information for Monday 12 May 2008


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23:42U906??09 75.126.69.* 1DailyFundsPaid again. Thank you admin.
23:24U561??56124.121.236.*USD ProjectWithdraw processed. Batch id = 2904021 ..... user forever
23:18U561??56124.121.236.*Better 600Withdraw processed. Batch id = 2897398 .....user forever
23:04U187??92208.101.39.*1DailyFundsget profits again and again.thanks honest admin.
22:33U052??12222.89.208.*1DailyFundsthis programme is absolutely and extremely good thanks for this hyips.
19:39U919??48203.169.186.*Venus ProjectPaid again and many times.So conscientious admin.
19:21U622??6176.89.225.*Norvik Gold Empiregot paid just in time, very good program.
19:21U622??6176.89.225.*Gold Business PalacePayment received, very good :-)
19:20U622??6176.89.225.*TOP Invest ClubI got paid today. Thanks admin.
19:17U182??5371.11.250.*Norvik Gold Empirevery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
19:17U182??5371.11.250.*Gold Business PalaceGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
19:16U182??5371.11.250.*TOP Invest ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
19:14U634??9676.110.143.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid, long time in profit !
19:13U634??9676.110.143.*Gold Business PalaceYou are the best
19:12U634??9676.110.143.*TOP Invest ClubPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
19:07U618??1472.208.104.*Norvik Gold Empirepaid and rate :) thanks admin
19:06U618??1472.208.104.*Gold Business PalacePaying... Best wishes
19:06U837??8884.40.187.*Terosopaying and that's true
19:06U618??1472.208.104.*TOP Invest ClubThank you Admin!!
19:04U524??5976.251.231.*Norvik Gold EmpireNo problems with payouts. Thanks
19:03U524??5976.251.231.*Gold Business PalaceI recomend this HYIP!
19:02U524??5976.251.231.*TOP Invest ClubVery Stable and Professional
19:01U569??1471.96.78.*Norvik Gold EmpireI recomend this HYIP!
19:00U569??1471.96.78.*TOP Invest ClubPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
19:00U740??56 87.97.214.* Sus909paid
19:00U569??1471.96.78.*Gold Business PalacePaid every day. Nice.
18:57U917??4075.41.167.*Norvik Gold EmpireVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
18:57U917??4075.41.167.*Gold Business PalaceGood program! Great support!
18:56U917??4075.41.167.*TOP Invest ClubReceived your paiment
18:55U335??6924.98.204.*Norvik Gold EmpireStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
18:54U335??6924.98.204.*Gold Business Palacethe best HYIP!nice!
18:53U335??6924.98.204.*TOP Invest Club:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
18:52U121??7924.45.156.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaying on time and great e-mail support.
18:51U121??7924.45.156.*TOP Invest ClubWhat a great project!
18:51U121??7924.45.156.*Gold Business PalaceExcellent program! Never misses payment.
18:50U683??4788.220.183.*Terosogot paid
18:49U864??3598.25.165.*Norvik Gold EmpireVery-very good. I really like it !
18:48U864??3598.25.165.*Gold Business PalaceThanks for good program.
18:48U864??3598.25.165.*TOP Invest ClubPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
18:45U728??8575.71.243.*Norvik Gold Empirepaid on all spends
18:44U728??8575.71.243.*Gold Business Palacevery good and fast. Thanks
18:44U837??88 89.218.164.* Sus909Thank you for payouts!
18:43U728??8575.71.243.*TOP Invest Clubpaid today again...
18:40U368??0024.191.228.*Norvik Gold EmpireGood hyip...paid!
18:40U368??0024.191.228.*Gold Business Palacealways paid, today too
18:39U368??0024.191.228.*TOP Invest Clubpaid, thanks. Good program!
18:39U019??6387.126.231.*TerosoGreat! I wish it worked for a long time!!
18:36U526??2167.171.229.*Norvik Gold EmpireThis program is the best of all
18:35U526??2167.171.229.*Gold Business Palacegreat program, good paid!
18:34U526??2167.171.229.*TOP Invest ClubMy first withdrawal received!
18:34U373??52 83.27.114.* Sus909Paying, good results
18:32U934??6824.209.68.*Norvik Gold EmpireMy favourite invest program
18:31U934??6824.209.68.*Gold Business PalaceGood Admin Response.
18:31U934??6824.209.68.*TOP Invest ClubThank you admin
18:29U910??4267.189.237.*TOP Invest ClubI got my 1st interest
18:28U910??4267.189.237.*Gold Business Palacebeen paid today!
18:28U373??52 78.154.93.* TerosoIt worth to be chosen for investion
18:21U019??63 92.101.10.* Sus909Very good!
18:16U740??56 89.103.113.* Terosoprogressive hyip! i enjoy it now!
18:13U910??4267.189.237.*Norvik Gold EmpireI think it's the BEST!!!
18:11U217??1274.78.67.*Norvik Gold Empirepaid and rate :) thanks admin
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18:09U683??47 84.3.200.* Sus909Paid! I'm fully glad of this!
18:08U270??0468.229.42.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid me again
18:07U270??0468.229.42.*Gold Business PalacePaying... Best wishes
18:07U270??0468.229.42.*TOP Invest ClubVery stable ...
18:04U678??5083.237.231.*TOP Invest ClubThank you Admin!!!
18:04U678??5083.237.231.*Gold Business PalaceAlways paid! THANKS!!!
18:03U678??5083.237.231.*Norvik Gold EmpireGreat invest program
17:45U570??33209.17.190.*Profit AssociationPaying one more time.Good hyip
17:14U253??13 59.188.0.* Venus Projectreceived profits as before,without any problem.
16:20 U162??93 117.200.177.* DaylanaGood, great, nice, perfect and etc. Thank you admin.. Received 120$ in your HYIP!!!!
14:56E5??7471.108.190.*RIO Gold Empirein since 4/22 haven't seen any money another rip off !!!
14:54E5??7471.108.190.*United Banking since 4/23 haven't seen any money another rip off !!!
14:50U430??54217.219.209.*Mega500I requeste my money for twice but after 24 hours i did not paid yet i dont know why this site dont pay to al members?? my id: hanijackson if one can guide me contact me on yahoo messenger by this ID hanijackson
14:48 U322??05 195.162.60.* Better 600not paying!!!kunt
13:41 U127??09 76.107.36.* DaylanaBatch: 2910873 Amount: $120.00 Thanks admin!
13:07U648??80195.98.166.*LibertyjoinSkam !!!
12:51U719??8674.85.13.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too!!
10:25 U052??95 78.114.43.* DaylanaAt present, it is one of the most stable programs in my portfolio!
6:00U512??94 218.19.214.* Venus ProjectThe program runs stable,pay me again.
5:50U739??29 211.233.89.* Venus ProjectBeen paid again.received $0.7 profits.
5:06U919??48 165.21.82.* Venus Projectreceived 4/28 profits.Well Done,Admin.
3:23U496??23 74.85.13.* 1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too!!
2:14 U226??30 99.227.2.* DaylanaGot paid Batch 2900383 Amount $60.00!