Vote Information for Friday 9 May 2008


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23:03U496??23222.89.223.*1DailyFundspaying,no proglem!
21:02U768??7471.95.14.*InstantProgrammThank you so much, the payment is super fast!!
20:54U177??7571.95.14.*GEOrozenGot PAID and its a nice 4 figures amount! Thanks A Team!
20:16U914??7969.235.219.*InstantProgrammFirst payment - superfast. Thanks very much.
19:54U601??7669.235.219.*GEOrozenVery Good & Fast Payment. Very Honest Admin
19:30U481??5669.235.219.*DayBusinessmanwithdraws no problem. Great program.
19:24E4??08 74.86.81.* Venus Projectwsj has in $60 good luck for all ,when i get piad vote here
19:03U706??45202.146.255.*USD ProjectGot payment today...Batch: 2866233..Good program dan must invest here...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
18:52U798??8891.193.130.*FFG TradingVery good my vote, bacause im very thankful to FFG, for all good things that this company has done to me!
18:30U376??5675.61.90.*InstantProgrammOne of the best and disburses punctually and reliably!
18:12U919??48 116.213.108.* Venus Projectget paid again.tks admin.I think the site will become better.
18:07U820??9375.61.90.*GEOrozen2 payments $7.00 and $14.40. Thank you for your dedication!
17:53U820??9375.61.90.*HoldenLimitWe are back in business with LR. Thanks 14DHS upgraded pending
17:39U253??13 74.222.9.* Venus Projectget paid as usual.very nice project.
17:36U294??0475.61.90.*HotForexDaywow really its nice programe. paying very honeslty and automatic, this site paying all
17:27U177??7575.61.90.*DayBusinessmannice site,great program,run well.
17:06U177??7575.61.90.*Acmos Trade100% COMMISSION HAD BEEN SENT TO MY ACCOUNT. "GREAT PROGRAM"
16:30U625??9272.214.248.*InstantProgrammBeen paid like workclock!Thanks
16:00U079??6581.198.131.*GEOrozenA paying program! Pay fast and believe is a solid program!
15:56U391??0372.214.248.*GEOrozenCashout received. Upgrade in place
15:50U079??6581.198.131.*HoldenLimitvery very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
14:14U512??94219.137.84.*Venus ProjectPay me again.the 2/28,tks admin.
14:08U601??7672.214.248.*HoldenLimitGreat paying site, honest admin, paying instantly, I am earn more money here.......thanks admin
13:51U481??5671.137.233.*HotForexDayI think its going to top one day good program.
13:42U601??7671.137.233.*DayBusinessmanBeing honest and punctuall,they are the best of all
13:11U601??7671.137.233.*Acmos TradePaid on time! Great Admin
11:50U906??09222.89.223.*1DailyFundsI have profit today,thanks admin,Good program
9:59U187??92222.89.223.*1DailyFundsWELL MANAGED HYIP. PAYS AS PROMISED.
8:31U963??62122.50.250.*Macro300nice hyip site, paying very fast, recieved my 2nd payments, user id jitu123
8:17U719??86 203.162.2.* 1DailyFundsI plan to reinvest again, and to get more payouts. Still great!
7:55U295??6874.85.13.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too!!
7:45U963??62122.50.250.*Mega500best paying hyip site.......paid very instantly, received my payments....user id jitu123
7:14U963??62122.50.250.*Pay-Morereceived payments countinously.....really paying more daily......user id jitu123
6:47U963??62122.50.250.*Invest4Dreambest paying hyip site.......paid very instantly, received my 8th time payments....user id jitu123
6:23U963??62122.50.250.*USD Projectbest paying hyip site.......paid very instantly, received my 2nd payments....user id jitu123
6:20U052??12222.89.223.*1DailyFundsAfter a couple of investments I didn't find any bugs in this program, it works stably now.