Vote Information for Friday 25 April 2008


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23:40U473??79 92.112.16.* Forex Money MakerExcellent program!
23:28U069??1388.214.199.*Forex Money MakerGood paying program!
23:10U607??6469.50.183.*Forex Money MakerReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
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21:26U911??07216.176.182.*Profit AssociationPaid again 3x, good communication admin.!!
21:17U614??3764.62.138.*Business300my withdrawl still PENDING over 24 h if admin PAID i will post here ... user id mmg2008
21:02U740??56 69.137.213.* Yondixpaid
20:56U740??5668.53.34.*Ristevpayment received successfully
20:41U019??63 75.34.60.* YondixThanx! It's still very good!
20:37U330??73 71.11.250.* GEOrozenI've got lot's of payment from this one. Nice to see reliable program!
20:11U385??38142.59.164.*RistevVery good results received during the investion process
20:07U114??78 78.37.221.* Secret Profitsno paid!Pending:$1.20
20:07U769??46 97.85.151.* GEOrozenNew payment - another wonderfull day!
19:59U910??20 84.193.115.* Multi DolllarsThanks for the paying I wil invest again
19:23U433??8683.237.148.*Swiss Gold Financeget stable payment on my Liberty count
19:04U433??8683.237.148.*Gold Business PalaceNo problems with payment. Stable get $$$ on my Liberty count
19:04U391??0367.171.229.*GEOrozenNo problem! Honest admin and pays regulary!
18:35U391??0367.171.229.*Acmos Tradeexcellent hyip.earned a lot.i am recmending this programme.
17:12 U336??42 89.252.38.* Swiss Gold FinanceDon't invest!!! Not paying!!!!
16:32U472??35 71.84.171.* GEOrozenPays me again and again. Serious and stable!
15:56U472??35 69.225.87.* Acmos TradeTo my mind this program is the best of all ever seen!
15:54U373??52 75.65.191.* YondixThe program is paying
15:41U683??47 84.47.183.* RistevGOOD! Paying!
14:53U403??32 165.21.155.* Uge MoneyInvested $300 - 500% after 3 days. Not a single payment, doesn't reply to email and forums (MMG & DTM). DISHONEST, COWARDLY SCAMMER
12:54U521??9465.110.36.*FFG TradingMy favorite programm!
12:08U364??7724.30.49.*Doyen TradersAdmin is really great they are paying
12:08 C8??37 24.30.49.*Doyen TradersO Received First Payment Hope
9:02U706??45202.146.255.*ExelFundGot first payment...Batch: 2699171..Great Program...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
8:20U484??23216.40.204.*NSPC-Investmenti invest $100 several days ago, paid like a clock, thank you admin, i will invest more soon
7:01E4??69 75.171.225.* Venice-Investment1st Payment received !
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6:38U616??66203.69.118.*Uge MoneyI deposited $300 for 500% after 3 days on 2008/4/18. Not receive my $1500 yet so far. No response at all.
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4:24U690??49222.124.219.*Liberty300pending 5 days ago, if paid i will update here