Vote Information for Wednesday 23 April 2008


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22:59U511??8288.214.203.*Forex Money MakerStable program! Much very well!
22:55U490??39217.119.145.*4 Fx Trader*****Star Investment Program, stable & reliable, thanks Admin and your Staff for your very good Job!
22:40U623??2891.197.176.*Forex Money MakerPaid very fast! Thank you!
22:28U039??3180.77.91.*Forex Money MakerPaid, many thanks for an excellent program!
22:17U055??27195.128.16.*Forex Money MakerJust received a payment again!
22:14U753??31216.255.185.*Forex Money MakerNice program, and regulary paid!!!
21:58U433??86 83.237.149.* Gold Business PalaceHas Got the payment 9$ Pays!
20:30U481??56 76.95.84.* GEOrozenIt will do you good to invest in this site
20:02U177??7598.193.35.*GEOrozenyou are alone tider in paying on time & honest
19:26U601??7697.85.151.*GEOrozenI admire your integrity & faithfulness.Really wonderful
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18:13U177??75 70.170.45.* HoldenLimitBy being so fast & on time ,you always surprise me!
18:08U920??92 89.21.77.* World Trade.LtdVery trusted admin and his command.
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17:59U820??93 75.54.136.* HoldenLimitReal happiness with this on time paying.
17:12U050??29 84.99.207.* Golden300I have make a DEPOSIT of USD 1.80 and re-invested and now a PENDING of USD 28.40 ....never recieved any cents...(i await yr pymt !)....the big and total very superb scam?(without pymt on 48 h we deposit( 4 members) a complaint for scam)
17:07U740??56 75.23.75.* YondixReinvested for the second time, result such good - PAID
16:53U740??56 69.119.129.* Ristevgot my paid
16:41U019??63 75.81.127.* YondixAll requests for withdrawal are being done quickly
16:28U385??38 71.72.130.* RistevVery profitable system for my needs
16:10U079??6068.225.11.*HoldenLimitI appreciate your punctuality & integrity .It's really precious.
16:02U963??62 202.137.216.* Business300very good site, paying very fast, received my payments, user id jitu123
15:44U373??52156.26.119.*Yondixthank you for received payouts
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15:29U683??4797.85.151.*RistevIt has high rating almost everywhere, maybe good
15:18 U947??29 217.218.247.*Liberty300
14:48U725??73 70.251.155.* HoldenLimitThis program is unique. They pay always fast .
14:27U946??11 116.48.19.* Pro200Received my 3/4 payment $5
14:01U330??7367.183.91.*HoldenLimitYou can make real invest ments just In this site
13:34U625??4467.183.91.*Acmos TradeI also get my profits again.thanks admin. I hoped the admin will go on keeping his good job.
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13:16U846??19 90.50.119.* Able HYIPI got payd and invested again i will vote again
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12:24U561??56124.120.48.*ExelFundpaid somebody maybe not u
12:23U097??68221.210.111.*1DailyFundspayment, good luck for all investor.very nice site
12:21U561??56124.120.48.*Gold550Pending user forever 4 days ago ..............if PAID i will update
12:20U644??32221.210.111.*1DailyFundsGot It All straightened out and REINVESTED with daily PAYMENT for 2 weeks now. Its a very good program.
12:19U561??56124.120.48.*Business300Paid somebody be careful
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12:15U570??3566.214.9.*Acmos Tradenice program, paying automatic........invest here....
12:11U785??10221.210.111.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. PAID me today, too
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11:51U561??56124.120.48.*Liberty300pending 4 days ago if PAID i will update ..... user forever
11:49U561??56124.120.48.*Golden300pending 13 days ago if PAID i will update ..... user forever
11:48U561??56124.120.48.*Auto-Moneypending 12 days ago if PAID i will update ..... user forever
11:46U561??56124.120.48.*Only-Profitpending 13 days ago if PAID i will update ..... user forever
11:44U561??56124.120.48.*ForexFunderpending 14 days ago if PAID i will update ..... user forever
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11:41U561??56124.120.48.*True600pending 19 days ago if PAID i will update ..... user forever
11:20 U331??76 82.207.71.* ForexFunderWithdrawal request $ 4.00[cancel] Apr-11-2008 02:48:41 AM Withdrawal don't sent for today...
11:07U706??45202.146.255.*Max ReturnGot payment again...Batch: 2659220...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
9:30U340??52 124.81.199.* 500Fundit's been 9 days since my withdrawal, still in pending status. ID : vincent
5:28U433??86 83.237.148.* Swiss Gold FinanceGood Admin. Stable payments on my liberty count. Thank you!
23:58U473??79 92.112.62.* Forex Money MakerExcellent program!
23:47U069??1388.214.199.*Forex Money MakerGood paying program!
23:29E5??33193.43.250.*Forex Money MakerPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
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