Vote Information for Monday 7 April 2008


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23:03330??2381.176.230.*PacomedGood site, well done!
22:59U623??2891.197.176.*PacomedPaid very fast! Thank you!
22:50353??5769.31.67.*PacomedThanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
22:41 327??07 195.214.212.*PacomedPaid without any problems!
22:22U814??3062.149.16.*PacomedGreat program! Paid me on time
21:55U897??28216.255.190.*PacomedJust new payment received!
21:32403??47193.43.250.*PacomedPaying!Thanks admin!
20:12U614??37217.219.123.*True600my withdrawl still PENDING no responds from admin if paid i will post here user: mmg2008
19:49U175??16 125.164.99.* SplashProfitpaid 2/5, 3/5 good jobs
19:43326??4589.28.23.*World Trade.Ltdpaid
18:35U740??56 85.217.142.* YondixGood investment company!
18:20U019??63 87.202.126.* RistevProfitable plans for advanced investors
18:03U019??63 79.116.34.* YondixIt's ok! Paying!
17:55U609??58 89.102.153.* RistevIt's nice when you know that you'll be paid
17:45215??84 91.124.220.* World Trade.LtdStable paying program!
17:44U837??8893.123.47.*Yondixi fully enjoy this program
17:30U385??38217.120.227.*RistevI'm investing! Thanks for good work!
17:23U065??5082.30.77.*Emetal Gateinvested $700USD 5 days ago. Payment pending for 4 days, and NOT paying daily intrest. Not replying to e-mails. SCAM.
17:18170??10 86.67.92.* CropinvcashcoPaid since 7 days.
17:12333??83 92.112.167.* PacomedPayment received!
16:57340??54216.255.183.*PacomedReally paying program! !Thanks Admin.
16:51375??5488.214.203.*PacomedThe most stable project on the net. Always pays. Checked by time
16:20U472??35142.59.164.*HoldenLimitGot paid and I have made many profits.
15:58135??4280.77.92.*World Trade.LtdPaid and rated!
15:54U811??36 71.109.33.* HoldenLimitFAST payment once again. Thank You .
15:42U555??91 71.227.134.* HoldenLimitWITH ALL TIME AND INTREST YOU ARE THE BEST
15:03U570??35 75.54.100.* HoldenLimitToday received next payment , Thanks, admin!
14:36U376??5612.202.53.*HoldenLimitMen this investment is really paying-the best paying so far.
14:35524??35208.77.47.*Max Investpays quickly!Very good site with stable plan!
14:32524??33208.77.47.*WorldTradeLtdPaid me again. So happy with this one.
14:22U586??53 220.176.17.* StableFundspaid me today!
14:19524??3184.18.200.*WorldInvest4uPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!keep up the good work!
14:15511??4174.86.38.*ForexFunds4uFirst payout received from this program!thx
14:08525??7866.175.215.*StableDailyIncomePaid automatically, thanks.
14:06525??7866.175.215.*SuccesstradeWorldIs paying every day, good
13:59U186??08 41.200.183.* Uge MoneyLast Payout 6/10 Thanks Admin
13:30U625??92 70.244.32.* HoldenLimitPay on time, paid profits and great investment.You are the best one
12:48U208??89 190.80.34.* Googlemonmy withdraw is pending since abuot one week now and you didn't pay nothing plz check my id: bakshhalim
12:36U941??94 118.136.13.* HotGoldMinehi admin.. i make withdraw yesterday.. after i got paid i'll change my vote very good in maxhyip.. user han7u
12:25 516??46 125.161.168.* Instant300Withdrawal still PENDING Since 3 April... user: phicipic
10:12530??31 116.48.16.* SplashProfitMy 3/5 Payment $3 is received ! Batch is 89357095 , Thanks admin
7:52U391??0368.206.246.*GooglemonFAST payment once again. Thank You .
7:38U391??0368.206.246.*YouForexTradeFAST payment once again. Thank You .
7:38528??46208.77.47.*iMonetGot paid again, very good site, thanks a lot.
7:33U472??35 76.212.10.* GooglemonWITH ALL TIME AND INTREST YOU ARE THE BEST
7:17U472??3575.85.26.*YouForexTradeWITH ALL TIME AND INTREST YOU ARE THE BEST
7:13U811??3676.115.129.*GooglemonToday received next payment , Thanks, admin!
7:00U811??3676.115.129.*YouForexTradeToday received next payment , Thanks, admin!
6:55U376??5667.166.142.*GooglemonMen this investment is really paying-the best paying so far.
6:41U376??56 75.85.31.* YouForexTradeMen this investment is really paying-the best paying so far.
6:36U625??92 99.152.22.* GooglemonPay on time, paid profits and great investment.You are the best one
6:18U625??92 76.103.255.* YouForexTradePay on time, paid profits and great investment.You are the best one
0:02U043??41 124.121.45.* Phoenix Prosperity Ltdgot paid on time