Vote Information for Saturday 22 March 2008


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22:58U113??32 80.97.184.* RoyalPlanProPaid INSTANT every day
22:55U472??35 76.20.28.* LovelyGoldPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
22:43U177??7567.181.38.*LovelyGoldRecieved 1st payment yesterday. Worked very smooth, will invest more.
22:24U079??60 69.228.145.* LovelyGoldThey have paid. Might be a little slow on some details, but the money went into my account.
22:12U376??56 69.225.10.* LovelyGoldThis is a great program trading up this month.
21:36401??29 219.95.208.* Direct4FundsPaid Thanks Admin Good job
21:35U481??56 69.235.44.* LovelyGoldThanks again for this months payment , another great return from this honest program
21:10U233??03 75.50.104.* LovelyGoldThe most stable project on the net. Always pays. Checked by time
20:22U177??75 69.226.43.* OG FundThanks again for this months payment , another great return from this honest program
20:17U385??38 58.9.17.* Yondixgood working! super!
20:15U638??1689.237.93.*Direct4FundsThank you Admin Paid again keep up the good job.
20:14U920??9297.81.19.*World Trade.LtdPaid all the time! Great Program!!!
20:03U019??63 87.205.252.* RistevIt pays 300% after 20 hours!
19:55U272??5166.57.67.*Direct4FundsI got paid fast $449.19 Batch 2161514
19:50U740??56 89.229.142.* Yondixpayment received
19:40U920??9297.81.19.*The StoicExcellent program! Never misses payment.
19:33U373??52 81.82.94.* RistevIt's STILL PAYING!!!
19:31U658??12200.65.127.*Ricc Tradevery cool program,join 3month ago paying still well and instant! thanks admin! you are the best!
19:14U373??52 81.192.118.* YondixVery special hyip for me, i work with it for many days
19:02U601??76 69.226.122.* OG FundPlease be advised that now minimum is 4000$, and we will start in April to refund and close all accounts below
18:45U837??88 80.70.234.* RistevI guess it works very fine
17:32U941??2182.246.156.*Direct4FundsRecommended!! thanks admin!The project pays correctly without delay.
17:16U920??9297.81.19.*Meta PipsIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
17:08U080??47209.190.7.*FFG TradingAgain i say that FFG is serios investment project.
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15:44402??09 213.37.57.* Direct4FundsI strongly recommend this program.They are fantastic
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14:27266??78201.230.220.*Direct4FundsSCAM ! DEPOSIT DOES NOT SHOW ON MY ACCOUNT BATCH 89100730 US $50.00
13:36U561??56203.144.160.*200 And 200Withdraw processed. Batch id = 2159709 ..........user forever
13:17U561??56203.144.160.*USD300Thank admin Withdraw processed. Batch id = 2159535..........user forever
13:08U247??3581.198.131.*PavelCompanyBatch 87811045,paid me very fast after i withdraw,really great site!!!
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9:27392??9689.186.156.*500DreamVery Bad
9:13396??78 218.33.139.* Private Trade Ltd.This program has a system to
9:01U175??16 125.164.97.* 200AfterGot Paid 1/5, 2/5 and 3/5 so far, Thanks admin
8:53 522??87 74.86.2.* iMonetwithdraw received within 1 hours from withdraw request. i like this. spend more
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0:42C8??81 172.158.201.* RoyalPlanProPaid instantly again
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23:22U614??39 125.164.96.* 200 And 200Got Paid 200% :: spice
23:02U920??9286.65.184.*World Trade.LtdVery trustworthy, a serious investment program