Vote Information for Thursday 20 March 2008


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23:45U175??16 125.164.96.* 200AfterGot Paid 1/15, thanks admin
23:17U561??56203.144.160.*200 And 200Withdraw processed. Batch id = 2132850 ..... user forever
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11:35U638??16 172.142.186.*
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7:46U837??88 84.109.50.* RistevI think all should try it because it's paid me often
4:41 502??84 196.29.219.* Crown-FundWe should be honest in voting, this site has my pending for more than payment time
0:56 321??79 218.189.234.*Adult Investment
0:55 158??07 218.189.234.*Adult Investment
0:54 121??17 218.189.234.*Adult Investment
0:04U561??56203.144.160.*500DreamGot paid very good
0:01U561??56203.144.160.*200 And 200Withdraw processed. Batch id = 2117648...user forever