Vote Information for Sunday 16 March 2008


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21:55U387??20 84.63.93.* Direct4FundsPayment has been received. Thank You!
21:35U500??7476.107.34.*Direct4FundsPaid me so fast, thank you admin!
21:01U683??47 71.196.18.* YondixOh! Paid $95! I'm very surprised!
20:51U740??56 62.21.55.* Ristevinvesting processing is excellent
20:36U740??56 85.140.195.* YondixAll paymenst were successfully received to e-gold account 389***!
20:19U549??51 117.103.64.* Phoenix Prosperity LtdPAYING TODAY
20:13 D8??13 208.77.102.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdkeep paying on time even in weekend, nice program!!!
20:09U188??9784.42.19.*Direct4FundsExcellent program paying on time
19:01U375??08159.148.185.*Do600Pending withdrawal is more than 1 week!! user : sonics1992 !!
18:18U385??38 78.37.189.* RistevPaid to me! Thanx!!
18:15U568??12 91.124.213.* World Trade.LtdStable paying program!
18:07U941??94118.136.50.*OX-Fundhi admin.. i make withdraw today.. please check my request payment thx.. i edit my comment to very good if u already paid me.. thx.. userid firsthyip
17:57U941??94118.136.50.*MordodMoneygot payment again... keep paying admin.. thx.. i change my comment..
17:39 U284??07 200.105.82.* AXA HYIPPaying on time !
15:45 U056??56 64.62.138.*Forex Money MakerGreat program! Always paid very fast!
15:02 U336??76 66.96.211.*Forex Money MakerAlways get PAYMENTS from this reliable program!
14:43 U519??09 123.8.133.* Forex Money Makergot paid me is fast!thanks admin!
13:33U327??45221.210.111.*1DailyFundsI have PROFIT today,thanks admin,Good program
13:29U785??10221.210.111.*1DailyFundsvery day PAYMENT and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site.
12:45U920??92195.128.182.*Meta PipsSerious paying program!
12:21U920??92195.128.182.*World Trade.LtdSerious paying program!
12:06 U098??19 92.112.43.* Cool250Does Not pay!!! SCAM!!!
11:51U625??44 98.226.222.* MordodMoneyPay me always.nice site,great program,run well.
10:50U376??56 76.226.24.* MordodMoneyGot 3$ again,thanks
10:32U472??35 70.131.97.* OG FundGot 3$ again,thanks
10:28U492??26125.164.99.*Cool250SCAM ..Bustard !!
10:25 U558??76 125.164.99.*Cool250NOT PAID AT AlL, invest only $1 but you can not pay
10:03U811??36 71.198.46.* OG FundPay me always.nice site,great program,run well
9:11U963??62202.137.218.*Crown-Fundgood program, paying continously, today again received my payments...........thank admin, user id jitu123
8:43U375??08159.148.185.*Crown-FundPending withdrawal is aolmost 2 weeks !!!! if i will not recieve my money in netx 2 days there will be a bunch of bad comments in here :@ ursname: sonics1992 !!! !!! !!
8:33U963??62202.137.218.*Cool250good hyip programe, paying very fast, received my 2nd payments......thanks admin..user id jitu123
7:53U502??35202.137.220.*550ProfitBig scam, not paying, look paidout page only paying this 5 user again and again Hyip1Ady1, viorelsnake, alon, daily, goldplay, other users only invest and these 5 user received payments, very sad.....user hyipinfo
7:29U502??35202.137.220.*Cool250BAD SITE, BIG SCAMER, BIG SCAMER, BIG SCAMER, NOT PAYING, DON'T INVETER HERE, User : hyipinfomaster
3:17U941??94118.136.50.*MordodMoneyhi admin... when i received my payment... i have withdraw yesterday.. please check admin.. if u payed me i'll vote u verry good.. thx.. userid han7u
0:52U520??76202.62.26.*550ProfitFirst payment , bach 2057971 thank you admin, user : devangel
23:18U327??4564.62.138.*1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!