Vote Information for Friday 14 March 2008


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22:14 U679??65 67.19.6.*BeHost Investmentblocked at Mar 04 ??? You're an idiot, boy. Look post below Mar-7 has been paid for post here from egold#4581342, ok. 7 Mar 2008 18:43 458 ** 42 Don't invest, they are SCAMMER
22:02U811??36 76.198.80.* MordodMoneyReally PAID program. Nice design.
21:39U472??35 68.126.250.* MordodMoneyGOT payment today.
21:11U330??73 99.129.31.* MordodMoneyVery fast payouts, got paid.
20:38U157??7872.50.18.*Max InvestBIG SCAMM DONT LOOSE YOUR MONEY HERE..
20:31U376??56 69.110.77.* MordodMoneyMy first paid, good.
20:22U157??7872.50.18.*Mega-GoldBig scam i used for first time pending withdraw for 1 week
19:42U658??12218.22.21.*Emetal GatePaid again as usual.NICE PROGRAM!
19:22U706??45202.146.255.*Cool250Hi admin...I'm already deposit to yesterday. But until now not add to my deposit history. Batch deposit: 2026507. Date deposit: 3/13/2008 18:27. Paid with LR. Amount: $1.50. Hope u add to my deposit history soon, User: HyipMaster.
19:12U740??56 89.147.220.* RistevBest MODERN HYIP with satisfying profit
19:10U706??45202.146.255.*550ProfitFirst payment received...Batch: 2040150...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
18:13 D5??01 84.215.154.* Phoenix Prosperity Ltdpaid 1,2 and 3rd. waiting for 4th
18:03U740??56 217.117.48.* YondixI'm sure in its stability, two weeks of good working!
17:47U609??58 196.206.153.* RistevI don't see any better program over here then this one.
17:23U019??63 98.194.66.* YondixRight OK, pays well!
17:09521??14202.137.218.*OX-Fundgood program, paying continously, today received my payments...........thank admin, user id jitu123
16:48U385??38 79.175.229.* RistevI received payment yesterday to e-gold 509*** with batch 85****25. WORKING!!
16:44521??14202.137.218.*Cool250good program, paying very fast.......thanks admin, user id jitu123
16:26U561??56203.144.160.*Mega-GoldWithdraw processed. Batch id = 2040627 .... user forever
16:24U561??56203.144.160.*Apple-FundWithdraw processed. Batch id = 2040382 ..... user forever
16:20U561??56203.144.160.*Cool250Withdraw processed. Batch id = 2040056.....user forever
16:17266??78201.230.220.*Hourly TradeNo response from support no money in my egold and they changed my original investment plan
16:16U963??62202.137.218.*550ProfitGreat Hyip, honest admin, paying actual percentage. very fast, thanks admin....user id jitu123
15:44U963??62202.137.218.*Apple-Fundpaying again received my payment.s.......thank admin.user id jitu123
15:34U963??62202.137.218.*Mega-Goldpaying again received my payment.s.......thank admin.user id jitu123
14:49U177??4778.38.12.*Profitclubpaidme again yser:aref14
14:12U941??94118.136.50.*MordodMoneyget first payment.. keep paying admin.. i'll vote for your paying.. thx..
14:04524??3366.79.187.*WorldTradeLtdReceived profits as usual.nice site!
13:58524??3966.186.61.*Max InvestFIRST ONE THAT PAYES LIKE THEY SAY THEY WILL !!!!!!
13:52524??4684.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlinepaying normally.tks admin.
13:26 E3??41 221.236.170.* Online2CashGot payment again. Thanks
12:56 523??11 74.86.61.* ProfitPollGot payment! Good site! Thanks!
12:44 U5767129 PROXY BeHost Investment[Program Admin]> I though the STF Monitor is professional. Their account blocked at Mar 04. They never send another e-gold account nor contact admin before make Bad Votes here. They send us new EG for what?? after make bad vote, we'll never send profit again. Thank
11:35 525??47 67.19.6.*BeHost InvestmentDon't lie please, you are scammer E-gold blocked Mar-08 So what about Mar 04-08 new egold here 5255847
11:09U299??2460.49.38.*Final500Ma ji bai!! Diu nie la admin, ScAM money!! all ur family die!! dint pay any!! Fuck
10:44524??2541.204.224.*Final500pay us or terminate you site bcos you are a big scam. mukky
10:35524??69 74.86.88.* ForexFunds4uGreat program and site!Got payment again. Thanks
10:28524??67 89.145.81.* WorldInvest4uGot paid as promised,honest man,thanks a lot!
10:24U330??73 219.60.50.* OG FundGreat work admin!
10:23U299??2460.49.38.*Norvik Gold Empirel invest 2 time, and send e-mail to admin, din't reply and din't pay me after 4 days make deposit!! SCAM!!
10:21524??58 66.186.59.* WorldTradeLtdPaid no delay,get my huge profits,so great program.
10:12524??5466.79.187.*Max Investpays quickly!Very good site with stable plan!
10:12 U918??11 60.50.198.* Ristev12 Mar $140.00 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account n/a. $200.00 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account n/a. 13 Mar $100.00 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account n/a. still not get paid.
10:06524??5174.86.93.*ForexFundsOnlinePaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!keep up the good work!
9:37U625??9224.5.207.*OG FundThe site is up again and withdraw my fund. Thanks admin!
9:26U561??56203.144.160.*First-ProfitGot paid
8:11521??14202.137.217.*Do600Paid me....received today again payments....thanks admin, user id jitu123
7:57521??14202.137.217.*Mega-Goldgood hyip programe, paying continously....received today again payments....thanks admin, user id jitu123
7:36521??14202.137.217.*Hourly Tradereadly its great site.........paying honestly
2:46 522??01 12.205.215.* Crown-FundCan't really say anything good or bad... requested payment 3 days ago and still pending.