Vote Information for Sunday 9 March 2008


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22:48U521??9466.109.25.*FFG TradingGret paying site` paying to me every day!!! Thanks
21:25U487??8972.36.142.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdpaid 03/10, good performance so far, keep it up !!!!!
21:17384??22208.77.102.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdanother succesful payment, thank you very much for best program
21:14 522??06 69.217.73.*King600all monitor site showing paying, but i never got paid..SCAM!!!!
21:13U549??51117.103.64.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdalways PAYING, keep good work and don't give up
20:55 U780??95 83.239.59.* Mic FundPaid thx Admin
19:00U019??63 89.169.16.* YondixStarted to invest and very glad about it!
18:31U373??52 75.31.23.* RistevGot paid
16:19U373??52 88.156.60.* YondixI've received payment (to e-gold account)
16:03U385??38 89.216.176.* RistevVery good investing!
15:50U609??58 200.13.152.* YondixFeels it could be very usefull for me!
15:17524??4684.18.200.*WorldTradeLtdref commission paid very fast. I've invested much here!
15:10524??4466.79.187.*Max InvestI recived my payment!!very good program!
15:04524??4384.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlineGreat program and site!Got payment again. Thanks
14:39U706??45202.146.255.*Hey300Hi admin, I Have pending payment $3.00 since March 5 (5 days ago). Hope tomorrow get payment, If not I will post bad vote. Thanks. User: HyipMaster.
13:27U951??30 124.82.10.* B W Profitsi got paid again...instantly...!!!! tq admin
13:02U706??45202.146.255.*Apple-FundPaid me again..Batch: 1970295...Really honest admin..Recommended for investor. Thanks. User: HyipMaster
12:16U512??94 219.137.80.* BetHyip - Money on Sportget paid again.I think it is good hyip program for investors.
11:05519??30196.220.1.*Do600LOL! Another killer scam program. Good votes are fake. Not paying at all. it is a scam avenue. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
10:56U920??92195.128.182.*Meta PipsPaid again! Thanks admin.
10:49 U8969443 PROXY Mic Fund[Program Admin]> Hello Dear Investors! My name is Henry Nelison. I'm Manager this project. Welcome!
10:41 U8969443 PROXY Mic Fund[Program Admin]> very good program!!!
10:10U457??6172.252.35.*B W Profitsgood site....received 2nd payment....thanks admin...user mamav
10:03482??6866.186.45.*1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
10:01312??4066.186.45.*1DailyFundsget PAID 4340$ for PLAN D , thank you admin your good work !
9:56U079??68125.82.217.*1DailyFundsWonderful MONEY making program. Thanks alot
9:54U295??07125.82.217.*1DailyFundsHonest PAYOUTS on time! Get PAID today as usual. Nice serious project!
9:51U298??10125.82.217.*1DailyFundsVery very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
8:52 471??84 205.209.129.*BetHyip - Money on Sportso nice for paying me more ! thanks !
7:58 U8084572 PROXY Online Trade LTD[Program Admin]> Hello some body, I am online trade ltd admin, This vote: 2008-03-09 from IP 66.186.59.XXX is faked! what your username?
7:37 522??47 60.50.1.*Okay300Still not PAID me only $5.00
7:32 343??40 60.50.1.*FreshDepositreally not paid pendings is about 4000USD now.SCAM!!!!!!!
5:48 U5767129 PROXY BeHost Investment[Program Admin]> Last Vote is not TRUE. Egold no. 4581342 was Blocked. We can't sent profit to them.
5:31 439??93 202.160.30.* King600No reply and not paid ...BEWARE !!!!!
5:15C8??81 172.174.228.* RoyalPlanProINSTANT PYMENT
4:15524??34124.104.66.*Emetal Gatepaid again! rate!
3:27U463??49 58.241.93.* BetHyip - Money on SportBest honest program. Pays ontime every day! Thanks ADMIN!
2:37U223??13203.144.160.*Mega-GoldHo ho very good program
2:34U223??13203.144.160.*Apple-Fundpaid to my LR account ....
0:30U365??40 121.11.175.* iMonetGot my paid again,very great site.Batch:88905477
23:59 340??87 64.62.138.*KingLibertyAdmin is a Shameless liar and a Despicable thieves.
23:07U746??89 218.19.27.* iMonetWithdrawal Withdrawal to account 4206214. Batch is 88896540 $0.32 7/3/2008