Vote Information for Sunday 9 March 2008


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23:59 340??87 64.62.138.*KingLibertyAdmin is a Shameless liar and a Despicable thieves.
23:07U746??89 218.19.27.* iMonetWithdrawal Withdrawal to account 4206214. Batch is 88896540 $0.32 7/3/2008
21:22 478??25 203.156.243.*WorldInvest4uPAYING WHO???? HA! HA! HA! They not paid me! Not respond. 100% scam, all votes are fake
20:48498??6982.19.244.*Gustafson Groupi told you you people this hyip are just stealing peoples money bad hyip. You all going to be hit soon
20:27282??3372.15.127.*BRICs FundHave had interest payments consistently since last November. Great site!
20:24282??3372.15.127.*Emetal GateLast interest deposited into my account was 02/18. Have sent constructive emails with no response from admin or support. First time that a site is still open and not paying me! Would like to resolve but for now...Unforgivable.
20:07 U836??07 69.42.69.* FFG TradingHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
19:08524??63 77.52.128.* Active-CapitalPaid again! 5$ Thanks admin!
18:59U175??16 125.164.96.* 15DaysProfitReceived 4/15, thanks admin
18:52370??0381.228.56.*Sun GlintGot PAID from Gold Plan, Thank You Admin
18:32U019??63 89.163.20.* RistevPayment came in time
17:55 229??04 84.108.252.* KingLibertyGot Paid! My 4th payment! Great Admin!! $1.45, batch: 88927253, username: yellowrd
17:01U740??56 89.230.44.* Ristevpaid! thanx!
16:46U080??47209.190.7.*FFG TradingPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
16:42524??0974.86.61.*Brics CapitalPls watch out, this may be another scam. i have made a withwrawal and for voer 24 hours, i am yet to get paid. If i am paid, i will update my comment.
16:39524??1266.186.59.*Online Trade LTDi requested 3x my EARNINGS not delivered
16:35U373??52 89.169.36.* RistevGot paid several times during this week!
16:34U223??13203.144.160.*Hey300Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1957350 ......user forever
16:33524??23 66.186.59.* Meta PipsNot Pay
16:30524??2674.86.88.*Forex CompanyNOT PAID SINCE yesterday!!
16:26524??3066.186.61.*FFG TradingNOT PAID IN 1 DAYS!!
16:25U223??13203.144.160.*Mega-GoldWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1956968 ....... user forever
16:22524??3374.86.88.*Sun GlintPAYING WHO???? HA! HA! HA! NOT!!
16:17524??3766.186.59.*GFT Financebig fraud, cheater of hyip histor, bastard delet my account, not paying
16:12524??3974.86.93.*Offshore Private Clubbig scam, not paying user kitty
16:12524??3974.86.93.*15DaysProfitbig scam, not paying user kitty
16:09524??41 66.186.59.* RoyalPlanProNot Pay
16:06524??48 74.86.89.* Big Traderit a scam lock me out of my account
16:02524??51 66.186.59.* BetHyip - Money on SportIt is a scam!!! be careful. did not pay and block my account
15:59524??54 74.86.38.* Century Best HYIPbe careful
15:56524??58 66.186.59.* Mega-Goldbad site, not paying, big scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
15:51524??3974.86.88.*Hot HoursNot Pay
15:29U488??91 67.43.144.* iMonetsince investing here , I am in profit thanks a lot
15:14 346??76 65.49.14.*KingLibertyadmin is a small scamer
15:11 U263??81 121.25.69.* Norvik Gold EmpireMy ID huaer,and my email,I got the paid again.$0.40 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account 23****8.Transaction batch is 88927295.
14:57524??44208.77.40.*WorldInvest4uGreat HYIP,GOT REFERRAL BONUS!Thanks Admin.
14:52524??4389.145.81.*WorldTradeLtdPAID!No problem now!best stable paying program!Thank you admin!!
14:49524??42208.77.40.*Max InvestPaid me on time,really great program,honest admin,thx!
14:47U706??45202.146.255.*KingLibertyPaid me today very fast...Honest admin..Batch: 1959948..Thanks. User: HyipMaster.
14:44511??07 89.145.81.* ForexFundsOnlinePaid me as usual, so far so great.
14:42506??89208.107.224.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdscammers, receiving spends, but not paying back principal or interest Best not invest with these crooked investment losers.
13:26U296??13125.164.97.*15DaysProfitGot Paid 1/15 + 2/15
13:04U614??39125.164.97.*15DaysProfitGot Paid Again 3/15
12:40521??14122.50.177.*Hey300good hyip, again received my payments, thanks admin, user id jitu123
12:30511??08 204.13.71.* WorldInvest4uAdmin are very impressived,got paid on time!
12:28U963??62122.50.177.*Apple-Fundgood hyip, today received my Ist payments, thanks admin, user id jitu123
12:24515??5584.18.200.*WorldTradeLtdpaid, thanks admin! it's worth to invest. I'll put more.
12:18511??98204.13.71.*Max InvestI got paid like other guys who voted here.It is the best site,tkanks a lot.
12:13511??8784.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlinepaying well
12:09521??14122.50.177.*Mega-Goldgood hyip honest admin, today paid me, received 2nd payments, thanks admin, user id jitu123
12:07U521??9466.109.25.*FFG TradingAgain got mu cash !!! Thanks
11:47U205??60 83.239.98.* Global Market SolutionsVery good HYIP! Paid again!
11:46U526??21 83.141.139.* Global Market SolutionsGood HYIP! paid all time!
11:45U524??5968.93.179.*Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
11:42U570??04 68.114.45.* Global Market Solutions***PAID & PAID***
11:41U240??80 24.143.227.* Global Market SolutionsNice program... ;)
11:39U065??2276.237.70.*Global Market SolutionsWorks every day.
11:38283??2562.243.13.*KingLiberty$1.50 has been sent to my e-gold account, batch 88915871 tnx admin from annetdk
11:36U610??15 76.205.117.* Global Market SolutionsOne of the best
11:35U046??95 69.137.20.* Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
11:34U830??63 76.95.146.* Global Market SolutionsThank you for good profit!
11:33U239??94 69.255.198.* Global Market SolutionsAlways paying, no problem!
11:31U182??53 70.226.209.* Global Market SolutionsVery Good and was paid every time.
11:30521??14122.50.177.*Crown-Fundnice hyip, PAYING honeslty recieved 4th payments .thanks admin..user id jitu123
11:30U622??61 70.247.243.* Global Market SolutionsGot another paid
11:28U634??9624.110.175.*Global Market SolutionsNever Misses Payment.
11:26U618??1465.184.108.*Global Market SolutionsGood!! Paying me every day!
11:25U569??1465.34.79.*Global Market SolutionsSuccessful HYIP
11:24U917??40 75.33.245.* Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
11:24458??03 87.168.211.* Crown-FundNext payment received ... Batch: 88922583 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
11:23U335??69 75.41.169.* Global Market SolutionsPaid, pay and continue to pay
11:22U940??47 221.132.254.* Mega-GoldPaid my second payment batch 1956970, good program. Thank you admin!
11:22U121??7974.138.186.*Global Market SolutionsSerious paying program!
11:21U864??35207.68.228.*Global Market SolutionsStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
11:20U728??85 75.0.32.* Global Market SolutionsGreat customer support, super!
11:19U368??00 69.225.94.* Global Market SolutionsAmazing program!
11:17U934??68 69.4.205.* Global Market SolutionsI recomend this HYIP!
11:16U910??4266.142.190.*Global Market Solutionspaid me today, the admin!
11:16U217??1271.15.121.*Global Market Solutionspaid me all the week
11:14U270??0476.197.249.*Crown Gold GroupVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
11:14U270??0476.197.249.*Global Market Solutionsin profit! great)
11:07U678??5083.237.236.*Global Market SolutionsVery-very good. I really like it !
11:07U678??5083.237.236.*Crown Gold GroupPaid w/o problems.
6:37511??4166.79.187.*WorldInvest4uPAID!No problem now!best stable paying program!Thank you admin!!
6:30511??3284.18.200.*WorldTradeLtdGreat HYIP!Really good!Thanks!
6:25511??07204.13.70.*Max Investpaid, thanks admin! it's worth to invest. I'll put more.
6:19515??1784.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlinethe program is so great that i get paid my profits on time.
2:46U223??13203.144.160.*Mega-GoldGOT PAID VERYCOOL
2:44U223??13203.144.160.*Apple-FundGOT PAID VERYCOOL
2:20499??24208.77.101.*Gustafson GroupI was recommended by friend,So i made my own invest ,got paid,so here`s my vote. Thanks admin.Good programs.