Vote Information for Wednesday 5 March 2008


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23:5045??4024.107.13.*USDjokerNever been paid. Owe me since Feb. 25th. You WILL lose your money here.
21:52 514??95 172.162.229.* First-ProfitI have an withdraw pending 2 days already ago.. If not pay me until tomorrow i will report how scam!
18:48U706??45202.146.255.*Crown-FundPaid me today..Batch: 1903289...Really honest admin. U must try this program. User: HyipMaster.
18:26U223??13124.120.50.*King600PAID Withdraw processed. Batch id = 18811775
18:19U223??13124.120.50.*Hey300PAID Withdraw processed. Batch id = 88833869 PAID PAID
18:10U920??92195.128.182.*MySafeCashPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
16:18U706??45202.146.255.*Final500I Have pending payment $5.00 since feb 19, If tomorrow not paid me, I will post bad vote. User: HyipMaster
16:12U706??45202.146.255.*Strong-PayI Have pending payment $3.00 since feb 19, If tomorrow not paid me, I will post bad vote. User: HyipMaster
16:03402??66 61.19.124.* MattBankPayment has been received. Thank You!
16:02U706??45202.146.255.*Profit-FeverI Have pending payment $3.00 since feb 19, If tomorrow not paid me, I will post bad vote. User: HyipMaster
15:50U706??45202.146.255.*FreshDepositI Have pending payment $3.50 since feb 20, If tomorrow not paid me, I will post bad vote. User: HyipMaster
15:26524??3589.145.81.*WorldInvest4upaying within 2 hour, thanks admin reinvest more!!
15:24524??33208.77.40.*WorldTradeLtdpay me again,tks honest admin
15:21U188??9784.42.19.*ChrisInvestpaying quickly Amount: $250.00 Batch: 1901182
15:17402??43217.29.176.*ChrisInvestThis program paid me again! I "ll invest more.
15:15524??3184.18.200.*Max InvestThanks admin,paid me again,really good program!
15:04511??32208.77.40.*ForexFundsOnlineI got paid today,thanks admin!i invest $130 there!
15:02 U360??41 70.41.238.*Gustafson GroupAfter weeks of paying like clockwork, GG is two days late and not responding to emails. I hope this a temporary setback, but I have a bad feeling.
14:55318??08 200.158.75.* ChrisInvestnot paying
14:43524??5874.86.89.*Meta PipsNot Pay
14:37524??54116.212.121.*Ingento FundNot Pay
14:24524??4174.86.94.*Online Trade LTDIt is a scam!!! be careful.
14:18524??3966.186.61.*Brics CapitalIT IS A SCAM.
14:04524??37 66.186.59.* Green HYIPSSCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCAMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM.STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
13:56 U701??20 75.131.249.* Lord Income ClubSCAM! SCAM! SCAM! WILL NOT PAY SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!
13:55524??3066.186.59.*GTX TradeStop cheating people this site is scam.
13:49524??26 66.186.59.* Offshore Private Clubnew cheater. You'd better
13:43U561??56124.120.50.*Crown-FundWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1900051 ...... user forever
13:43U963??62 122.50.181.* Crown-Fundgood hyip, honest admin.....paying very fast, thanks admin......user id : jitu123
13:37524??12 66.186.59.* MattBankscam just PAY for monitered website only this admin is fradulant basterd don't
13:28524??0966.186.59.*Green-Powerthey are just there to rip off MONEY from people, no PAYMENT yet. all I got is pending
13:24U385??95 85.140.146.* ChrisInvestOne of the most stable projects in my portfolio atm!
13:21524??07 74.86.93.* Legacy Monetary FundA SCAM program: not PAYING at all. If i am paid, i will update my comments.
13:12524??02116.212.121.*UndotrekThis is another scam. Not PAYING at all. If i am paid, i will update my comments.ALL VOTE HAS BEEN RATEED BY ADMIN. please check this libertyreserve account: #U769**46, It has 18 votes. Why?please check this libertyreserve account: #U769**46,
13:07524??9666.186.59.*ForexdoleScam! Scam!! Scam!!! This PROGRAM is a great scam. Not PAYING at all.
12:54 467??23 78.179.34.* Bantonie & BantonieVery good program. always pay me instant.
12:51524??5974.86.88.*USDjokerStill WAITING my PAYMENT
12:43 524??58 67.228.31.*ForexEGtradeNot paying, doesnt anwer support emails
12:38524??27 202.188.155.* MattBankPaying on time me $618 Batch: 88853140 very good system
12:36 524??57 74.86.89.*Active-CapitalI am among the top INVESTORS but it has never PAID me.
12:31 524??55 67.228.31.*UKR BankUnlucky me still WAITING my PAYMENT $5.00
12:23524??5474.86.89.*Bantonie & BantonieTHIEVES! IT'S A SCAM, DO NOT INVEST!!!!
12:16524??5174.86.89.*ChrisInvestNOT PAID SINCE yesterday!!
12:10513??32204.13.66.*WorldInvest4uVery STABLE professional project. I got payment!
12:08524??4974.86.88.*Hey300PAYING WHO???? HA! HA! HA! NOT!! A scamer.
12:06513??3789.145.81.*WorldTradeLtdAlways PAYS quickly! Great site!
12:03524??4874.86.95.*Phoenix Prosperity LtdNOT PAID. Another scam.
11:59524??46 74.86.90.* The Gold BizNOT PAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PROJECTS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:59 515??69 208.77.43.*Max InvestGot very fast PAYMENT !
11:52524??3874.86.95.*Best EarningI Have pending PAYMENT long time.
11:44524??3674.86.90.*Hot PayingThere is no PAYMENT indefinitely......
11:39524??34 74.86.90.* Save and MakeThis PROGRAM stinks to hell.However,will update immediately you pple have a change of heart.
11:37464??01196.220.1.*King600My believe in this program was proved wrong. I thought is is a paying program but they are no longer paying. Africanscholar
11:34523??1367.228.31.*Hit Profitstill WAITING for my $5.
11:32464??01196.220.1.*Hey300I thought this program will keep paying. They are no longer paying. My withdrawal is still pending. if i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
11:29523??0474.86.89.*Satellite FundsThis PROGRAM is a scam. If i am paid, i will update my comments.
11:28U581??87 86.127.1.* MattBankGreat program I got paid today. Thanks admin.
11:15372??3287.103.226.*ChrisInvestpayment received, Amount: $525.00 Batch: 1896764 thank you admin
11:15U920??9282.207.65.*MySafeCashI invest and paid.
10:52523??8874.86.61.*Rich-ProfitInvestor keep. This is a scam. PENDING for... Only God knows. If i am paid, i will let you know.
9:56524??4389.145.80.*WorldInvest4uThis hyip is really honest and great.paid on time!
9:51524??4284.18.200.*WorldTradeLtdGood job Admin. I get paid instantly,thanks a lot!
9:46524??40204.13.66.*Max Investpaying me a ref bonus today on time,admin very honest!nice program!
9:39524??3589.145.80.*ForexFundsOnlinePaid no delay,get my huge profits,so great program.
7:50U097??68221.210.123.*1DailyFundsget many moeny in the site.investment now,all investor.
7:17477??8964.62.138.*1DailyFundsWonderful MONEY making program. Thanks alot,very nice site.
5:29524??3974.86.88.*Green HYIPSit a scam lock me out of my account
3:44U203??65 203.185.178.* Leader ProfitsSCAM, SCAM, SCAM status "not paid" on GOLDPOLL.COM All good votes are fakes
2:52U532??51221.210.123.*1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive.
2:02U625??53221.210.123.*1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
1:18U079??60 75.31.139.* UndotrekThis one of the best INVESTMENT Program
1:14U725??73 76.94.98.* UndotrekMy deposit became larger and larger
1:04U330??73 69.229.39.* UndotrekIt's so interesting, i am invest more
0:57U625??9271.231.27.*UndotrekSuper Admin, super program, exelllllllent
0:48U472??35 76.205.212.* UndotrekCool. Take paid.
0:30U811??3671.193.36.*UndotrekI am glad, that I participate in this program!
0:26U769??46 69.235.95.* Finansertpaid immediately upon request. thanks.
0:17U079??60 68.125.55.* FinansertThanks for paying me. Stay here for a long time.