Vote Information for Monday 3 March 2008


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23:53U725??73 68.127.189.* FinansertPaid for me today.
23:42U233??03 69.110.88.* FinansertReceived payment...
22:28U706??45202.146.255.*First-ProfitI Have pending payment since feb 28, If tomorrow not paid me, I will post bad vote. User: HyipMaster
22:20U625??4471.202.111.*UndotrekPayment processed
22:17U625??4471.202.111.*ForexdolePayment processed
22:09513??3984.180.246.*egold Profit Clubadmin PAY me my MONEY back over 1000$ i have INVEST by your votes, they VOTES are all a FAKE to thake the ref commision, contact: or your site is death!! only bad votings from all real consumer!!!!!
22:05513??3984.180.246.*iMonetadmin PAY me my MONEY back over 1000$ i have INVEST by your votes, they VOTES are all a FAKE to thake the ref commision, contact: or your site is death!! only bad votings from all real consumer!!!
22:02513??3984.180.246.*BRICs Fundadmin PAY me my MONEY back over 1000$ i have INVEST by your votes, they votes are all a fake to thake the ref commision, contact: or your site is death!! only bad votings from all real consumer!!!!!
21:59U601??7671.202.111.*USDjokerPayment processed
21:58513??3984.180.246.*GrownShareadmin pay me my money back over 1000$ i have invest by your votes, they are all a fake, contact: or your site is death!! only bad votings from all real consumer!!!!!
21:52U820??9364.170.211.*UndotrekReally PAID program. Nice design.
21:49U820??9364.170.211.*ForexdoleReally PAID program. Nice design.
21:31U820??9375.62.125.*USDjokerReally PAID program. Nice design.
21:30U084??44 222.35.90.* ChrisInvestPaying good as promised. Amount: $625 Batch: 1873958
21:29513??3984.180.246.*Global Market Solutionsis full the fake by admin, the site does not pay never again, scam scam!!! do not invest!!! i have lost 100$ fuck you maxhyip your site is also a fake!!
21:25U079??6075.62.125.*UndotrekGreat project.Thanks again for this payment
21:20U079??6075.62.125.*ForexdoleGreat project.Thanks again for this payment
21:14U188??9784.42.19.*MattBankGot paid again..!!! Batch: 1873548 Amount: $480.00
21:08370??0381.228.56.*Sun GlintPaid 4/4 Thank You Admin
20:54402??43 89.96.243.* MattBankGreat hyip! Fund was instantly credited to my account.
20:42372??32 72.55.164.* ChrisInvestvery good program fast pay out got paid today
20:37 171??28 193.239.254.* ChrisInvestgreat program, instant withdrawals, also on 2nd round!
19:41524??63 82.198.31.* Active-CapitalPaid!!!!!!! I recived 35$
19:41U920??92195.128.182.*Meta PipsI invest and paid.
18:56U920??92195.128.182.*MySafeCashPaid again! Thanks admin.
18:06 U770??63 172.191.199.* SavingFinanceSCAM big time. STOLE $90.0 of e-bullion. Did not answer countless e-mails and phone calls.
17:24 U0369535 PROXY Bantonie & Bantonie[Program Admin]> Bantonie and Bantonie always pay instant without any delays.
17:20 507??71 72.27.3.* ForexFundsOnline
17:10U164??33 85.101.120.* Bantonie & Bantoniegot paid $144, batch 1870479
16:57 U319??94 207.71.41.* Profit-FeverPending withdrawl for over 1 week. Looks like they took my money. User: texasnick21
16:55U941??21 65.93.208.* MattBankpaid! Amount: $540.00 Batch 1869741 very good program
16:49U079??60 71.128.249.* USDjokerreat project.Thanks again for this payment
15:43U104??36 79.213.192.* MattBankThis program paid me. Thank you Admin. I will invest more.
15:13524??49 74.86.38.* UndotrekPAYING WHO???? HA! HA! HA! NOT!! A scamer. Everybody, please check this libertyreserve account: #U769**46, It has 18 votes. Why? I think that is admin's account.
15:02524??4874.86.88.*Only500NOT PAID. Another scam.
14:58U561??56124.120.48.*Hey300Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1865912.....user forever
14:58U125??11 77.203.110.* ChrisInvestKeep your program work forever!
14:55524??4667.228.31.*600FundsNOT PAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PROJECTS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:46524??3874.86.93.*ForexdoleI Have pending PAYMENT $25.00 2 days. If paid, I Will Update.
14:40524??3667.228.31.*USDjokerThere is no PAYMENT indefinitely......
14:29515??17 84.18.200.* WorldInvest4uPAID!No problem now!best stable paying program!Thank you admin!!
14:29524??3467.228.31.*ForexEGtradeThis PROGRAM stinks to hell.However,will update immediately you pple have a change of heart.
14:26515??1566.79.187.*WorldTradeLtdreally got paid,very good program,thank you admin!you are very honest!
14:21515??0889.145.80.*Max Investget the payment again,i think it is real hyip.
14:17523??1367.228.31.*Active-Capitalstill WAITING for my $5.
14:16515??85205.209.157.*ForexFundsOnlineI got paid like other guys who voted here.It is the best site,tkanks a lot.
14:09523??0474.86.89.*UKR BankThis PROGRAM is a scam. If i am paid, i will update my comments.
14:03441??80151.49.24.*Plorix LTDPAID INSTANTLY!!!!! ADMIN THE BEST!!! THANKS!!
13:54523??9267.228.31.*Bantonie & Bantoniei'm still WAITING for my $20.00. CAREFULL NOW.
13:48524??34 62.152.161.* Emetal GateExcelent program. PAID me on time again, thanks very much.
13:45523??88 74.86.94.* StarTradeTeamInvestor keep. This is a scam. PENDING for... Only God knows. If i am paid, i will let you know.
13:42 523??58 148.233.159.*Emetal GateThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
13:33523??8074.86.90.*USD Investment LTDPls watch out, this may be another scam. i have made a withwrawal and for voer 24 hours, i am yet to get paid. If i am paid, i will update my comment.
13:29464??01196.220.1.*King600No! No!! No!!! This program is not longer paying. I am yet to get paid. This is a scam program. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
13:24464??01196.220.1.*First-ProfitToo bad. i am yet to recieve my $3. I don't think this program is still paying. Keep your money away; when they start paying, i will let you know. Africanscholar
12:44U920??9282.207.65.*MySafeCashSo` good!
12:44U251??5787.103.226.*MattBankpaid quickly! very good program
12:13524??9187.103.226.*ChrisInvestI got paid fast
11:51U963??62122.50.180.*Hey300Good hyip, today again received my 2nd payment, thanks admin, user id jitu123
11:34443??09 66.232.111.* Euro Fx Propaid n reinvest
10:18515??62 66.79.187.* WorldInvest4uI was PAID again !
10:14511??08 84.18.200.* WorldTradeLtdAlways PAYS without problems!!!
10:07515??55208.77.46.*Max InvestI got paid, so do not be afraid to INVEST here because this one a very HONEST hyip!
10:01511??8784.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlineGot PAID many times from this site!
9:25372??3265.60.216.*MattBankOne of the most stable projects in my portfolio atm!
9:20456??85 117.99.2.* Explicit Tradeexcellent..paying and paying..reply to queries...d BEST!!! user : jgdrajesh
9:13U907??37 70.127.120.* ChrisInvestBatch: 1863673 Amount: $750.00 Paying steadily.
8:29402??43217.29.176.*ChrisInvestpaid, very good program!
8:16522??8286.65.184.*Emetal Gatenice site,great program,run well.
7:58521??58 202.183.216.* Emetal Gateso good program,get my profits on time.
7:56523??75216.40.204.*Emetal Gatepaid and rate, thank you!
7:48518??3989.137.143.*MattBankpaid, very good program!
5:29 456??33 61.17.102.* Okay300notpaid !!
4:28U223??13124.120.48.*Rich-Profitgot paid in my LR account
3:26U227??65221.210.123.*1DailyFundsHonest PAYOUTS on time! Get PAID today as usual. Nice serious project
1:01U376??56 67.187.159.* FinansertPaid! good admin.
0:52U391??03 68.127.105.* FinansertVery good program. Very fast payments.