Vote Information for Sunday 2 March 2008

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0:52U391??03 68.127.105.* FinansertVery good program. Very fast payments.
21:43U188??9784.42.19.*MattBankPaid on time today. Amount: $120.00 Batch: 1858974
21:35U188??9784.42.19.*ChrisInvestAnother super fast payment
20:54U706??45202.146.255.*ProvitFunWaiting my last (3/3) payment. If paid, I Will Update.
20:29U500??74 76.109.169.* MattBankVery Good Program. I got paid fast.Thanks Admin & I will invest more.
20:18U192??78 91.7.200.* ChrisInvestPaid me so fast, thank you admin!
18:32456??85 117.99.39.* Explicit Tradeits simply the best.I bet..paying continuously.
18:21458??0387.168.251.*King600Payment received ... Batch: 88803814 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
18:19U920??92195.128.182.*MySafeCashPerfect program! Fast payout!
18:18458??0387.168.251.*First-ProfitNext payment received ... Batch:88804034 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
17:34U769??4671.193.36.*UndotrekPaid well and always in time! Excellent site.
17:31U769??4671.193.36.*ForexdolePaid well and always in time! Excellent site.
17:21464??01196.220.1.*Only500This is a subtle scam home. I made a deposit and nothing have reflected as my earning even after 24 hours. This is a scam program. Africanscholar
17:06464??01196.220.1.*600FundsI have just made my first withdrawal. Let's see if this is not another scan venture. Africanscholar
17:05U769??4671.193.36.*USDjokerPaid well and always in time! Excellent site.
17:05524??44 80.219.179.* MattBankpaid, very good program!
17:03464??01196.220.1.*Hey300I got paid. Thanks Africanscholar
16:58464??01196.220.1.*First-ProfitI recieve $2 out of $3. If i am paid the remaining $3, i will vote as real and invest big time. Expecting my balance Admin. Africanscholar
16:52464??01196.220.1.*King600I was paid the $2 that i withdraw. I have just made a mini withdrawal. If i am paid, I will vote as real and invest big time. Africanscholar
16:47U786??5070.161.48.*ChrisInvestGreat paying program
16:46U376??5675.15.177.*UndotrekThe best investment program! ))
16:42U376??5675.15.177.*ForexdoleThe best investment program! ))
16:31464??01196.220.1.*600PercentThis is another scam venture. Not paying at all. Withdrawal pending for over 48 hours. If i am paid, i will update. Africanscholar
16:27U740??56 83.237.41.* 200-Dollars200-dollars is a clear stability. For onle 1 week I received what I usually receive for a whole month!
16:24U376??5675.15.177.*USDjokerThe best investment program! ))
16:09U391??0367.181.127.*UndotrekBest HYIP. Always pays correctly and on time.
16:04U391??0367.181.127.*ForexdoleBest HYIP. Always pays correctly and on time.
15:58U561??56124.120.47.*First-ProfitWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1853996
15:52515??0874.86.222.*WorldInvest4upay fast . I hope you will be online forever!!
15:47U391??0367.181.127.*USDjokerBest HYIP. Always pays correctly and on time.
15:47515??8566.79.187.*WorldTradeLtdpay me very fast,without program.
15:42 519??98 91.121.0.* AXA HYIPPaid. Thanks !
15:41U837??8878.92.154.*Rich-Clubgot paid
15:40515??8384.18.200.*Max Investgot payment great site
15:34515??6274.86.222.*ForexFundsOnlinegot payment in plan 3 days. thanks
15:31U561??56124.120.47.*King600Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1853843
15:10 451??77 84.204.1.* First-ProfitNOT PAID! ITS A SCAM!!! DO NOT INVEST IN FIRST-PROFIT!
15:01U251??5787.103.226.*MattBank$360.00 has been successfully sent. Transaction batch is 1854010.
14:07524??5474.86.95.*Hey300THIEVES! IT'S A SCAM, DO NOT INVEST!!!!
14:00524??4087.103.226.*ChrisInvestpaid me $625 Batch 88802107
14:00U385??38 85.30.193.* 200-DollarsPaying Company
13:06U570??04 216.37.232.* Global Market Solutionspaid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
13:05U240??80 67.38.33.* Global Market SolutionsThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
13:04U065??2266.24.8.*Global Market SolutionsPayment received. Thanks.
13:03U610??15 69.177.191.* Global Market SolutionsI've been paid in time
13:02U046??9524.99.129.*Global Market SolutionsGood! Make more!
13:00U830??6367.82.160.*Global Market SolutionsI am near my seventh payment.
13:00U963??62122.50.180.*Explicit Tradebest paying hyip, paying instantly, earn more money here..user id jitu123
12:59U239??94 76.31.78.* Global Market SolutionsVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
12:58U622??61 70.3.161.* Global Market SolutionsIn profit !
12:56U182??53 75.81.238.* Global Market Solutionsnice...piad.
12:52U634??96 75.69.170.* Global Market SolutionsVery trustworthy a serious investment program
12:51U618??14 75.32.55.* Global Market SolutionsGood program! Make more!
12:50U524??5966.24.8.*Global Market SolutionsGood ! One of the best !
12:49U569??14 75.181.1.* Global Market SolutionsPaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
12:47U917??4024.99.129.*Global Market SolutionsWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
12:46U335??6969.202.90.*Global Market SolutionsPayment received.
12:42U121??79 65.69.235.* Global Market SolutionsGood support.
12:40U864??35 71.128.70.* Global Market SolutionsGood spon! You shoul try it !
12:39U728??8571.15.121.*Global Market SolutionsGood site. Good admin... ;)
12:38U368??00 12.226.126.* Global Market SolutionsGood workind hyip!
12:37U526??21 24.155.225.* Global Market SolutionsI got paid !!
12:36U934??68207.68.228.*Global Market SolutionsAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
12:35U910??4266.189.211.*Global Market SolutionsGot my money!
12:33U217??12 65.184.177.* Global Market Solutionshyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
12:30U270??04 71.205.73.* Global Market SolutionsHad no problems for now !
12:29U678??50 83.237.228.* Global Market SolutionsPaid. Excellent customer support.
11:41524??5167.228.31.*The Gold BizNOT PAID SINCE yesterday!!
11:37443??36 87.117.238.* Euro Fx Pro
11:35524??4967.228.31.*Best EarningPAYING WHO???? HA! HA! HA! NOT!! A new scamer.
11:14524??4384.18.200.*WorldInvest4upaid on time. perfectly program. recommended. Tq GS
11:08524??4484.18.200.*WorldTradeLtdpaid,good job.admin.
11:02524??46 208.77.40.* Max Investso great program,get total $108 profits
10:55524??4984.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlinewithdraw paying to my account..thank you!!
10:35498??6982.19.244.*PolexDaily Incthis programm is nice,and get my pay on time.keep up good work admin
10:20402??09 83.36.40.* ChrisInvesttwo tumbs up... payment receive.. keep good work guys..
9:38402??39 75.177.26.* MattBankPaid daily with No problems,Thank You Admin
9:16524??38 74.86.88.* Hot PayingI Have pending PAYMENT $5.00 2 days. If paid, I Will Update.
9:10524??3674.86.88.*Save and MakeThere is no PAYMENT indefinitely......
9:09U104??36 88.66.20.* ChrisInvestThank You Admin, Paid again. cheers
9:03524??3467.228.31.*Hit ProfitThis PROGRAM stinks to hell.However,will update immediately you pple have a change of heart.
9:02U071??2471.66.96.*Explicit Tradepaid again instantly user checkinghyip thanks admin.
8:58 U513??19 85.178.86.* Okay300No payment, sum stands on pening withdaw since 25.2., no answer of the Admin.
8:53523??1367.228.31.*Satellite Fundscihuylaa: still WAITING for my $ 15n now even more WAITING for another $ 45, that's total of $ 60 .
8:53U740??4564.253.3.*ChrisInvestI got paid. Amount $250 Batch 1850272
8:43521??5864.76.58.*Emetal GatePaid! Thank you!
8:36523??75216.40.204.*Emetal GateVery friendly and fast admin, good PROGRAM ! I think it will last for a long time !!!
8:09372??32 89.28.16.* ChrisInvestPayment received
7:57U638??16 67.82.111.* MattBankThank you Admin, Paid again keep up the good work.
7:27456??85 117.99.38.* Explicit Tradethe best on net.paying instantly just in a click...invest here..user : jgdrajesh
6:26523??8074.86.90.*Rich-ProfitPls watch out, this may be another scam. i have made a withwrawal and for voer 24 hours, i am yet to get paid. If i am paid, i will update my comment.
3:35515??5584.18.200.*ForexFundsOnlineAlways PAYS quickly and without problems!!!
3:29511??9884.18.200.*Max InvestAnother PAYMENT received!
3:23511??87205.209.155.*WorldTradeLtdI got paid, so do not be afraid to INVEST here because this one a very HONEST hyip!
3:16515??5089.145.80.*WorldInvest4uAlways get PAYMENTS from this reliable program!
2:16 D8??71 221.236.170.* Online2CashPaid again. Thanks admin.