Vote Information for Saturday 1 March 2008


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0:37U625??92 205.250.61.* FinansertKeep paying for me.
0:00U233??03 75.31.210.* UndotrekNo problems with this program.
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22:41U188??9784.42.19.*ChrisInvestAnother fast payment.
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22:19U570??35 75.2.147.* UndotrekReceived withdraw thanks
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21:30467??00 92.46.134.* Afocown$0.45 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account 4******.Transaction batch is 88750307
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21:09U769??4675.6.157.*ForexdoleGot payment. Admin, thanks for your project.
20:32U769??4675.6.157.*USDjokerGot payment. Admin, thanks for your project.
20:14U376??5671.141.3.*UndotrekGet stable payings every day.
20:08U376??5671.141.3.*ForexdoleGet stable payings every day.
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18:04U740??56 78.137.29.* 200-DollarsPayment received (1/02/2008, e-gold# 414***, batch 84114201)
17:57U223??13124.120.46.*Okay300got paid in my LR account ....
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14:16U610??1569.141.149.*Crown Gold GroupIn profit !
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14:15464??01196.220.1.*First-ProfitThis program is a scam. Not paying again. My $5 is still pending. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
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13:19U524??5967.163.33.*Crown Gold Groupgot paid ... I will try again ! :)
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13:14U569??14207.68.228.*Global Market SolutionsToday got some profit ...
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12:18U526??2164.183.30.*Crown Gold Group***PAID & PAID***
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12:17U526??2164.183.30.*Swiss Gold FinancePayment received thanks!
12:17U526??2164.183.30.*Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
12:06U934??6867.186.47.*Global Market SolutionsNice program... ;)
12:05U934??6867.186.47.*Swiss Gold FinanceGetting paid regularly
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12:03U910??4276.106.63.*Global Market SolutionsPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
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11:51U270??0468.127.115.*Global Market SolutionsPaid like clock.
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10:51U368??34 221.210.68.* 1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive
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10:02511??3274.86.222.*WorldInvest4upaying well
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9:34431??0865.49.14.*1DailyFunds800usd ,best HYIP program,thank you admin
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5:17U512??94218.19.212.*iMonetget my profits today,Batch:1825894 ,tks honest admin.
2:35U177??7569.105.176.*FinansertBest HYIP. Always pays correctly and on time.
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2:23 506??33 134.146.0.*Plorix LTDExecllent! excellent!! excellent!! Got paid almost instanlty ($9.75). Thanks to admin
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2:16U177??75 75.36.125.* UndotrekPaid again.
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2:0745??4024.107.13.*USDjokerVotes are bogus put in by admin. They are not paying. Warning! Do not SPEND! 6th day I haven't been paid.
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1:57U625??92 69.235.46.* UndotrekI've been paid for a month.
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1:38U625??4469.106.105.*UndotrekNo problems with this program.
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