Vote Information for Thursday 28 February 2008


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22:18 516??58 71.241.232.* King600Paid as promised
21:51 U723??15 85.249.76.* Only400I've been waiting since 21feb - no payout :/ Just've made a request...
21:48U561??56203.144.160.*King600Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1812669 ....... user forever
21:33U237??92 24.98.247.* ChrisInvestDate 2/28/2008 19:18 Amount $62.5 Batch 1815483
19:54215??84 91.124.219.* MySafeCashPaying program! Friendly support!
19:26U019??63 76.112.156.* Rich-ClubReceived payment
19:19U385??38 85.140.197.* 200-DollarsTrustable company!
18:49U373??52 83.237.54.* 200-Dollarsinvest here for several days
18:19U125??1176.107.34.*ChrisInvestPaid me again, thx admin!
18:08402??3976.107.34.*MattBanko'key, pay. best admin
18:04U019??63 89.41.109.* 200-DollarsToday added payout to my e-gold
17:36401??29 87.255.66.* MattBankPaid again, payment received, thank you Admin, blacky
16:23458??03 87.168.203.* First-Profitfirst payment received ... Batch: 88758922 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
16:02U706??45202.146.255.*King600Paid me very fast...Batch: 1812667..Honest admin...Thanks. User: HyipMaster
15:01511??98 89.145.81.* ForexFundsOnlineI got PAID and PAID again! The best INVESTMENT project!
14:55511??87205.209.171.*Trade-InvestmentThanks! I have again received fast payment.
13:51U188??9784.42.19.*MattBankGot paid Batch 1810782 Amount $60.00
13:46318??08 200.148.62.* Trade-InvestmentIt is the third time ... I will give my vote as SCAM ... Because after all are 03 days
13:39464??01196.220.1.*First-Profiti have just made my first withdrawal. Let's see if this is another scam like 500. Africanscholar
13:30 D6??95 218.0.7.* Tom InvestGood site,paid every day!thanks a lot!
13:27464??01196.220.1.*Luck 500Luck-scam! This guys are scamming with hot fire. my WITHDRAWAL is still pending. Great scammer, bravo. Africanscholar
13:21523??75 200.44.156.* Emetal GateVery STABLE professional project. I got payment!
13:21464??01196.220.1.*Okay300Okay-scam! This guys are scamming with hot fire. my WITHDRAWAL is still pending. Great scammer, bravo. Africanwealth
13:17U963??62122.50.183.*Explicit Tradenice programe, paying very instantly....thanks admin, user id jitu123
13:15464??01196.220.1.*Fire-GoldFire-scam! This guys are scamming with hot fire. my withdrawal is still pending. Great scammer, bravo. Africanscholar
13:14372??3283.217.4.*ChrisInvestGot another payment. Great support btw!
13:08522??82203.144.144.*Emetal GateI RECOMMEND this program. Have paid!
13:05487??4624.88.248.*Hit ProfitAfter investigation of this HYIP by GOLDPOLL, my funds were returned to my ecurrency account today.
11:46U223??13124.120.52.*First-ProfitWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1797387.........user forever
11:41U071??2471.66.96.*Earn Origininstant withdrawals nice site user checkinghyip
11:40475??8365.49.14.*1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive.
11:38U920??9282.207.65.*MySafeCashGood site!! Honest admin.
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11:32249??47202.208.132.*Emetal GateReturn money.
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11:29403??0065.49.14.*1DailyFundsthis site is real PAY out.we had get many moeny in the
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10:17515??1566.79.187.*WorldTradeLtdexcelent program paying withdraw request my big investment, very solid and profitable project
10:08515??17205.209.165.*Max Investcomplete payment for 3 days, thank you admin!
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9:51511??32 205.209.157.* Trade-Investmentpays quickly!Very good site with stable plan!
7:30D7??45 121.41.129.* Tom Investpaid me,good job batch is 88741091
6:54 U588??48 83.21.255.* ProfitPollDo not pay out and does not respond to questions for 5 days!
6:09U963??62122.50.182.*Earn is big fraud, cheater, i invest $62, if i request withdrewl cheater delet my account, not paying, bastard admin, i fuck off his family, big bastard of humanity...user id jitu123
5:12U175??16 125.164.100.* ReturnMarginGood Hyip
3:48U157??94 123.128.23.* BovafundGot PAYMENT every day.Thanks for great admin.nice HYIP webs support and support
3:19 286??74 122.167.94.* Earn Originonly showing pending withdrow not making direct payment my e-gold account my user id sandeepjain67
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1:36U601??76 68.8.140.* Undotrekvery very good hyip
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1:25U391??03 72.197.211.* Undotrekreceived withdraw thanks
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1:19U472??3575.6.157.*USDjokerAdmin, thanks for your wonderful work.
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0:15U769??4675.62.127.*ForexdoleMy choice is Forexdole. Paying every day.
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0:01U376??5699.152.20.*UndotrekEasy money! Pleasure working with this program.