Vote Information for Wednesday 27 February 2008


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18:03 U150??01 87.240.10.* Leader ProfitsNot pay me already 2 days, SCAM
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10:40464??01196.220.1.*Okay300This is another scam world Right-Gold. Not paying at all. Africanwealth
10:31464??01196.220.1.*Right-GoldNever wait to get paid. This guys are scammers. not paying at all. Africanwealth
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10:22249??47202.208.132.*Emetal GateThe profit is not generated. Swindle
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7:05U581??87 86.127.1.* MattBankcool program!!!
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4:52 U0609486 PROXY Top For Gold[Program Admin]> To All Investors. We change our payment processor to liberty Reserve ONLY! just send your LR as soon as possible! Thank you.
4:47 U6299316 PROXY HYIP For Foreign Exchange[Program Admin]> To All Investors. We change our payment processor to liberty Reserve ONLY! just send your LR as soon as possible! Thank you.
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4:32U079??6071.202.111.*FinansertPaying and replying.
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4:03457??8166.186.59.*Bovafundpaying here
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3:01U391??0324.24.137.*UndotrekGOT payment today.
3:00U391??0324.24.137.*ForexdoleHonest admin.
2:59U391??0324.24.137.*USDjokerVery professional project. Paid as ussual.
2:22U820??9398.207.59.*UndotrekGet paid quickly and correctly as always. Thank you admin!
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1:45372??9466.186.61.*iMonetgreat program.received payment many times.
1:43U481??56 70.135.106.* USDjokerBest HYIP. Always pays correctly and on time.
1:40U481??56 70.136.152.* UndotrekThanks for stable payouts, admin.
1:28U601??7699.152.21.*UndotrekI've got my 21th withdrowal today. Perfect!
1:25 306??81 24.188.3.* United Banking Inc.Scamm!!! No payment, no admin response to email
1:24U601??7699.152.21.*USDjokerCool hyip.