Vote Information for Tuesday 26 February 2008


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0:57U233??0369.225.238.*UndotrekHonest and correctly paying HYIP.
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20:36498??6982.19.244.*Gustafson Groupwatch out people this site is fake,they have been stealing people money dont invest here same people invest here i bet you they are fake people,fake program,beware dont invest
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19:45U706??45202.146.255.*Okay300Finally, I got paid...Batch: 1780976..Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster.
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17:45U740??56 78.106.179.* 200-Dollarssafe company
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16:52E3??38 64.16.230.* EarnQuicklyscam scam scam scam scam
16:48498??6982.19.244.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdgot paid nice hyip,highly recommended
16:22487??4624.88.248.*Hit ProfitI made a deposit with them, got back my earnings in 6 hours, reinvested this, then asked for my withdrawal after the second deposit. My withdrawal was acknowledged, then after waiting 48 hours my account is now wiped out and there is no history. Nothing.
15:59515??1574.86.222.*Max Investpay as usual,so great hyip.The admin is so honest.
15:27U706??45202.146.255.*Right-GoldWaiting my payment $4.00 since feb 22....User: HyipMaster
15:04E2??81 72.27.135.* Trade-Investmentscam scam scam, tried 4 times to withdraw , not answers from admin either
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13:32464??01196.220.1.*Fire-GoldThis guys are scammers. Not PAYING at all and all good VOTES are not real. Africanscholar
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12:36 522??16 219.93.178.*Adult InvestmentNo paying, Big Scam!!!!
12:04U188??9784.42.19.*MattBankMy first cashout in Silver Plan, thanks a lot
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7:2745??4024.107.13.*USDjokerMad a mistake and jumped the gun. Website is normal. everythings fine now. Sorry guys my mistake.
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5:22426??5258.177.211.*Emetal GateDear e-gold investors, how many days your account will show the figure after deposit? as I deposit 5 days ago and send e-mails to them, no feedback, receive nothing!
4:54U570??3572.220.146.*UndotrekGot payment! Gonna invest more.
4:52U472??35 71.142.176.* UndotrekAmaizing paying program.
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3:53U820??9376.29.171.*UndotrekPaid for referral Commissions and regular.
3:51U820??9376.29.171.*USDjokerI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received.
3:47518??32165.21.154.*Global Market SolutionsI put in $20, but they still haven't paid me. I can't believe this, but I think all the votes are fake from similar IP addresses!!! They only pay to certain accounts!
3:43U376??5624.4.132.*UndotrekPays every time I request withdrawal.
3:32U391??0371.202.111.*UndotrekBest program online right now.
1:50U223??13124.120.47.*Okay300Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1733195....user forever
1:39U223??13124.120.47.*Only400Got paid Withdraw processed. Batch id = 88565694........user invest