Vote Information for Sunday 24 February 2008


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0:49522??82 62.2.87.* Emetal GateThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
0:46521??30201.15.195.*Emetal GatePaying program! Think this project will work else long.
0:41520??26216.40.204.*Emetal GateThey always help me alot and I have forgotten all my MONEY problems since INVESTING here.
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0:07U223??13124.120.52.*FullPayingTank admin good program
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19:26U019??63 83.237.238.* 200-Dollarspaying
19:24519??3083.229.91.*Luck 500I have just made my first withsdrwal. Let's see if this is not another scam venture. Africanscholar
19:22519??3083.229.91.*FullPayingGreat scam. Not paying at all. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
19:18519??3083.229.91.*Clock Work FundThis is another scam venture. Not paying at all. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
19:17519??3083.229.91.*Right-GoldThis guy are no longer paying at all. I made a withdrawal of only $1 and i am yet to get paid. If i am paid, i will update comment Africanwealth
18:25U373??52 77.121.248.* 200-Dollarspaid
18:09U654??6769.217.73.*Emetal GateI have been paid $22.75 from :)
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17:17U487??8972.36.142.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdpayment receive 8th
17:12U951??0766.79.163.*Phoenix Prosperity LtdPAYING
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8:12U270??0468.50.192.*United FX Trading paid on 1st investment!
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5:24454??93 71.231.78.* Global Market SolutionsSCAM. Will steal your money and post fake "good" ratings
4:55U278??60 125.164.98.* ReturnMarginGot Paid Again 3/4
4:23520??26216.40.204.*Emetal GateAmazing INVESTMENT program! Real Investment company!
4:07457??8174.86.95.*BovafundI have been deposit $350,paid to my account everyday,Great admin
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2:55200??57217.119.145.*LAXOBest Swiss Private Investment, PAYING, average since 74 days = 1.64 % daily
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2:46U601??7612.202.53.*UndotrekPaying program with good support.
2:41 U203??08 222.214.199.* ProfitPollVery Good Program. Honest. Thanks Admin.
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2:39249??47202.208.132.*Emetal GateWarning: SCAM site: warning
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1:49 209??35 125.162.53.* ReturnMargini havent received my 3rd payment i could be scam sign egold 2097835
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1:21U391??0369.110.231.*UndotrekGood design, fast payouts. Really paid program.