Vote Information for Friday 22 February 2008


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23:08 521??35 66.33.197.* Invest With Forexthey process all payments fast (honest and dedicated admin)
22:58339??07195.128.16.*Lord Income ClubGreat program! I just received a payment again!
22:34338??0681.176.230.*Lord Income ClubGood site, well done!
22:13U706??45202.146.241.*Okay300Paid me today...Batch: 1723660...Honest admin. Thanks. User: HyipMaster
22:02U223??13124.121.236.*Only400Thank admin Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1725157 1725161 1725163 1725159 .... user invest
21:42215??84 91.124.209.* MySafeCashPaying program! Friendly support!
21:06U740??56 78.24.52.* 200-Dollarsgood perspective, go on!
20:24U019??63 89.169.25.* 200-DollarsReceived payout
19:58U373??52 217.173.190.* 200-Dollarspaid!
19:39 E3??85 78.129.152.*Lord Income ClubHello to all,admin of this site is so honest because it really pay huge amount,you can see my e-gold screenshot here to know admin say true or this fake voter (IP: 193.137.108.XXX) , Screen shot of my e-gold:
19:37 U437??06 65.183.3.* Only400I did 2 withdrawals on the 20th and the 21st and to date I still have not received payment
19:04520??07217.36.224.*Invest With Forexalways paid ontime, thank you guys
19:00 112??40 41.204.224.* Invest100Get200The site got disapeared and replace with advert for sale of the site. I can not lay claim to my investment too bad for the ownwes' business.
18:55U487??8972.36.142.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdpaying today, GREAT!!!!
18:48384??22208.77.102.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdpaying again, wonderful program so far
18:47 323??80 201.253.85.* Invest With ForexBeen paid EVERY DAY :), I LOVE THIS PROGRAM
18:05 U594??93 193.137.108.* Lord Income Clubthis is a scam site, not deposit, admin is only paying monitors and same small investors
17:50 521??86 85.17.184.*Gustafson GroupI would like to say a big THANK YOU to Satellite Funds and staff, there are running a top notch business with great plans, and really great security, I will be investing here for a long time, and I no my money is safe, cheers!
17:32U963??62122.50.182.*Clock Work Fundbeware don't invest here, previosly cheating, same of, scam, fraud..user id jitu123
17:06438??48 91.76.87.* SmartEngineTradebest !! best !! best !!
16:51520??53122.50.182.*FreshDepositnice hyip, paying very fast, received 4th payments .thanks admin..user id jitu123
16:42U223??13124.121.236.*Right-GoldGot paid.Thank admin.....Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1722967........ user invest
16:27520??53122.50.182.*ReturnMarginnice hyip, paying very fast, received 2nd payments .thanks admin..user id jitu123
16:23U864??46 72.20.2.* Gustafson GroupEverything so prefect, I have been in this program for 38 days, and admin paid me always.Best progamme!
16:08520??53122.50.182.*Right-Goldnice hyip, paying very fast, received 2nd payments .thanks admin..user id jitu123
15:56511??8766.79.174.*Trade-Investmentreceived my huge profits,so great hyip.
15:45511??98208.77.47.*ForexFundsOnlinebest program great support
15:44 521??00 125.163.15.* Clock Work FundSite plan, layout & template like -> scam
15:40511??8766.79.187.*Max InvestI obtain my profits,very nice site!
15:35511??69205.209.171.*WorldTradeLtdpaying without trouble, thanks for payment grownshare.
14:18U654??6738.101.222.*Emetal Gatepaid,good. by japan investor yamazaki
13:20464??01196.220.1.*Right-Goldgreat program. I got paid but still going for a further test. Africanwealth
13:18 268??89 89.247.198.* 1DailyFundsScam!! Please Pay me Back!! 100$ and 50$ !! can you?cannot? why? buying Cola?? grrr kids!
13:18464??01196.220.1.*Fire-GoldHope this program is not going in the path of strong-pay- that great scammer. My withdrawal is due and i am yet to get paid. if i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
13:13U484??23 148.243.233.* Emetal Gatevery good program PAYING on time, REINVEST more!
13:09U264??69 77.90.4.* Emetal GateAnother PAYMENT $22.54 received.Good job admin
12:48 D8??13 208.77.102.*Gustafson GroupPaid me like usually nothing problem with this HYIP, thanks admin
11:35347??1066.186.59.*BovafundThank you admin,paid me today,paying.........
11:29U644??32221.210.123.*1DailyFundsPayment recevie todya,thanks admin
11:26U298??67221.210.123.*1DailyFundsgood paying.very nice site.I will investment again
11:24U227??6564.62.138.*1DailyFundsHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
11:20U625??53221.210.123.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too
11:14U368??34221.210.123.*1DailyFundsvery day payment and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site.
11:09U240??79218.87.164.*DowJones-InvestmentGet my referral commission,good job admin
11:07283??40 196.29.217.* DowJones-InvestmentPROGRAM NOT PAYING FOR 3DAYS NOW, USER will update if paid
10:30520??53122.50.182.*Okay300wow nice site, honest admin,....paying honeslty...user id jitu123
8:17515??62 74.86.222.* WorldTradeLtdI obtain my payment again,Hoped the admin will keep his excellent job.
8:02515??85 74.86.222.* ForexFundsOnlineMy request is always processed by excellent hyip.
7:55515??0866.79.187.*Trade-InvestmentPaid again,get my profits very fast,so hot program.
7:53U298??6681.198.131.*USDjokerTHIS IS THE BEST IN ALL WORLD!!! I AM HAPPY :)
7:46U298??6681.198.131.*UndotrekVery good and it has become instant it paid me instantly today thanks admin I am very happy
6:45443??3664.15.147.*Euro Fx Prothis program is paying - really recommended
6:36441??80151.49.22.*Lord Income ClubPerfect thanks admin!!!
4:22 502??73 202.58.85.*Fire-Goldpaying on time..good program..user id afd87
4:15498??6982.19.244.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdvery good hyip,i recommend it strongly.
3:18U079??60 69.111.154.* UndotrekThis is the best HYIP program.
3:16U570??3565.28.139.*UndotrekTo my mind this programm is the best of all ever seen. Paid.
3:14U233??0324.161.196.*UndotrekExcellent design, fast withdrawals. Best HYIP project.
3:12U625??4424.5.207.*UndotrekPayment received. Thank you very much.
3:10U769??4699.129.208.*UndotrekAdmin is very responsive to questions and problems.
3:08U391??0367.181.38.*UndotrekNo problems with this program, getting payments on time.
3:05U391??0367.181.38.*USDjokerGot my first payment.
3:02U811??3698.207.59.*UndotrekPaying program with good support.
2:59U811??3698.207.59.*USDjokerHi Excellent paying site.
2:57U914??7924.4.132.*UndotrekYes, they always paying!
2:53U914??7924.4.132.*USDjokerTake paid. Perfect programm.
2:45U472??3568.127.82.*UndotrekIt is really cool. Paid Me fast...
2:42U472??3568.127.82.*USDjokerGot paid.
2:38U555??9164.170.211.*UndotrekNice Excellent Payment.
2:35U555??9164.170.211.*USDjokerExcellent programm! Admin paid me.
2:30U376??5676.246.245.*UndotrekOld site with experience
2:28U376??5676.246.245.*USDjokerGreat project, paid.
2:24U177??7576.102.173.*UndotrekPaid today as promised.
2:21U820??9376.102.173.*USDjokerThanks again for this payment
2:13U240??79218.87.164.*DowJones-Investmentgot paid today,thanks admin
1:09 U776??86 222.123.71.* Lord Income ClubReceived my withdraw again, Thanks admin. Great program!