Vote Information for Thursday 21 February 2008


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0:20520??3769.217.73.*Emetal GateThanks again for this months payment , another great return from this honest program
0:03520??24216.40.204.*Emetal GateReceived another 1.8% to. Very reliable i have added more to my investment for feb.
23:49249??47 202.208.135.* Emetal Gateno pay no answer. Scam site
23:29 E0??24 98.210.94.* ProfitPollThe site is great until you try to withdraw then nothing, 4 emails later nothing. Look like a bad site
22:48 U230??82 67.49.29.*Great250i requested 3x my earnings not delivered
22:12U830??1224.26.147.*ReturnMargingot paid!! 1/4 thanks admin
21:34U071??2471.64.127.*DowJones-Investmentpaid first day not paid again user checkinghyip will update if paid
21:27U071??2471.64.127.*FreshDepositbig scam!! had withdrawal request for 11/2 days no response will update if paid username checkinghyip
20:03U223??13 124.120.56.* Right-GoldYeh yeh Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1708152.....user invest
18:34384??22208.77.102.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdthank you admin. PAYING !!!
18:19U487??8972.36.142.*Phoenix Prosperity Ltdpaying again $110 thanks
17:12520??53122.50.182.*Right-Goldgood hyip honest admin, today paid me $2.00, thanks admin, user id jitu123
17:10520??53122.50.182.*FreshDepositwow.....really its nice hyip site, paid me 2nd time...user id jitu123
16:48U706??45202.146.241.*Right-GoldPaid me today...Batch: 1708146..Honest admin. Thanks. User: HyipMaster
16:45515??15204.13.70.*WorldTradeLtdget paid,so good program for members.
16:39511??07204.13.70.*Max InvestGood job Admin. I get paid instantly,thanks a lot!
15:50200??57217.119.145.*LAXOOne of the best investment project really stable and pays on time!
15:25511??32205.209.155.*ForexFundsOnlinei`m very satisfied with this program! paid today very fast. GOOD!!!
15:19511??41205.209.155.*Trade-InvestmentI obtain my profits,very nice site!
15:18337??47 92.112.175.* Lord Income ClubGood Program - Pays Well!!!
15:07464??01196.220.1.*Okay300I have just made my first withdrawal, let's see if this is another scam. If i get paid, i would invest in big time. Africanwealth
14:38464??01196.220.1.*Right-GoldI have just made my first withdrawal. Let's see if this is not another final500 the great scammers. If i am paid, i will vote as real and invest more. Africanwealth
14:28338??06195.214.209.*Lord Income ClubPaying!
14:00U920??9282.207.65.*MySafeCashHonest admin. Quickly paid.
11:28U457??6172.252.35.*Final500does anyone know how long after you request withdrawal it reaches our e-currency account....vip0509
11:13464??01196.220.1.*Fire-GoldLet's see if this program will go in the path of strong-pay and high-fund. That is the path of scammers. If i am paid, i will vote as real and invest more. Africanscholar
11:05464??01196.220.1.*Strong-PayWorld class scammers. God at stealing people's money. Africanscholar
11:00464??01196.220.1.*High-FundGuys, this program is a scam. Africanscholar
8:44U625??5365.49.14.*1DailyFundsI have profit today,thanks admin,Good program
8:42U532??51221.208.185.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too
8:39U388??8265.49.14.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive.
8:36U097??68221.208.185.*1DailyFundsall investor good luck,becuase this site is realy pay ment evry day.
8:33U327??45221.208.185.*1DailyFundsgood paying.very nice site
7:51443??09 89.149.217.* Euro Fx Prothanks admin payment received
7:49U071??2471.64.127.*Strong-Paybig scam!!! still not paid.... user checkinghyip
5:20U512??9461.144.54.*iMonetso good program,get my profits on time.
5:18 14??18 72.251.0.* Profit-FeverAVOID THIS SCAM PROGRAM! NOT PAYING!!!
4:25U157??94 123.128.18.* BovafundGot payment every day.Thanks for great admin.nice hyip webs support and support
3:15U223??13124.120.58.*Only400Tank admin Paid to user invest
3:13U223??13124.120.58.*Profit-FeverTank admin paid to user forever
3:09U223??13124.120.58.*Strong-PayTank admin paid to user forever
3:05U223??13124.120.58.*Fire-GoldTank admin Paid to user hot
3:02U570??3567.171.229.*UndotrekLooks like gonna last for a long time to come.
3:02U223??13124.120.58.*Okay300Tank admin Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1692733 .......user forever
2:56U376??56 68.127.80.* UndotrekPaid $ Thank admin for a great program.
2:55U601??76 76.242.39.* UndotrekNice Excellent Payment.
2:53U914??7924.4.132.*UndotrekSecond payment received.
2:48U294??0412.202.53.*UndotrekGot payment today.
2:46U330??73 69.239.31.* UndotrekPayment received. =)
2:44U769??46 69.235.54.* UndotrekOne of the best Investment Program Paid me everytime.
2:41U472??3566.27.192.*UndotrekYes paying !! Today $12.20.
2:37U391??03 71.104.5.* UndotrekVery solid investment! Steady all the way.
2:32U768??7472.220.146.*UndotrekEXCELLENT SITE... GOOD INVESTMENT PLANS...
2:27U555??91 69.110.76.* UndotrekFast access to homepage and withdrawal section. No problems.
2:23U079??60 68.126.205.* UndotrekPaid. Thank you guys, keep this going.
2:13U625??4472.220.146.*Undotrekpaid the second time; excellent job.
2:07U725??73 69.228.52.* UndotrekGood HYIP! Paying on time.
2:03U625??9265.28.139.*UndotrekSuccessfully received third withdrawal requests so far. Thanks.
1:57U811??3624.5.207.*UndotrekGreat program !! today 30.10 USD Thanks
1:50U177??7576.171.13.*Undotrekpaying constantly..good job
1:45U233??0369.239.204.*Undotrekpaid today thank you my mates
1:36U481??5664.170.211.*UndotrekInterest paid thanks.
1:30U820??93 68.127.27.* UndotrekGood site! I was paid.
1:04375??5488.214.203.*Lord Income ClubStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!