Vote Information for Saturday 16 February 2008


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23:57U177??75 68.127.10.* Undotrekyou are super and best management hyip in the world
22:42 U319??44 195.234.110.*SmartEngineTradePaid
22:29518??3724.252.85.*Only400STILL NOT PAID ! ITS BEEN 2 DAYS NOW,! MVP
21:35513??39 84.180.235.* Undotrekdont paid since 5 days and delete my account i have lost 250$, do not invest!!!! SCAM
20:30U706??45202.146.241.*Final500Paid me today....Batch: 1634350...Honest admin. Thanks..User: HyipMaster
19:58 517??20 208.77.102.*Gustafson Grouppaid $600 and re-invest! thank you admin!
17:54U223??13 124.120.48.* Strong-PayWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1633525 and 1633527
17:40464??01196.220.1.*Final500My withdrawal is due and i am yet to get paid. This is another scam. Investorskeep off. If i am paid, i wil update comment. Africanscholar
17:38464??01196.220.1.*High-FundMy withdrawal is due and i am yet to get paid. This is another scam. Investorskeep off. If i am paid, i wil update comment. Africanscholar
17:34464??01196.220.1.*Strong-PayInvestors keep off! This is another scam. Not paying at all. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
17:02U558??8160.50.235.*UndotrekNot Paying 7 DAY Until NOW : user id : Masterhyip
16:54517??18122.50.180.*Fire-Goldgood programe, honest admin, paying very fast, received $1.50, thanks admin, jitu123
16:23511??87208.77.40.*Max InvestI have got $10.50 today.My username:hall.
16:14517??18122.50.180.*Final500Good hyip, today again received my 2nd payment, thanks admin, user id jitu123
16:13511??69 205.209.155.* ForexFundsOnlineVery good site.Paid me just now.
16:07515??80205.209.184.*Trade-InvestmentNext PAYMENT received today. Thank you, Admin!
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15:31U524??5974.13.161.*IFX Gold BankVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
15:31U524??5974.13.161.*Platinum Trade Inc.I am near my seventh payment.
15:30U524??5974.13.161.*United FX Trading Corp.For now - no problems.
15:28U524??5974.13.161.*RIO Gold EmpireMy favourite invest program
15:22U569??14207.47.238.*IFX Gold BankGood program.
15:21U569??14207.47.238.*Platinum Trade Inc.last payment recieved today
15:19U569??14207.47.238.*United FX Trading Corp.In profit !
15:18U569??14207.47.238.*RIO Gold EmpireStiil geting paid... Goood :)
15:13U917??4024.122.145.*IFX Gold BankAlways paid on time!
15:12U917??4024.122.145.*Platinum Trade Inc.Very Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
15:12U917??4024.122.145.*United FX Trading Corp.Payment received.
15:10U917??4024.122.145.*RIO Gold Empirenice...piad.
12:17518??3724.252.85.*Fund550PROBLEMS!!!! NOT PAID!!! MVP
12:09518??3724.252.85.*Only400NOT PAID! MVP!!!
12:05U335??69208.99.238.*IFX Gold BankPaid. Thanks.
12:04U335??69208.99.238.*Platinum Trade Inc.Payment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
12:04U335??69208.99.238.*United FX Trading Corp.Very good HYIP!
12:03U335??69208.99.238.*RIO Gold EmpireAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
11:54U121??7975.33.218.*IFX Gold Bankpayment received very fast
11:53U121??7975.33.218.*Platinum Trade Inc.Excellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
11:53U121??7975.33.218.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid today!Excellent!
11:52U121??7975.33.218.*RIO Gold EmpirePaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
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11:49U864??3576.115.125.*United FX Trading Corp.PAYING ! This is important !
11:48U864??3576.115.125.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good ! One of the best !
11:47464??01196.220.1.*RIO Gold EmpireLOL! This is funny. This is a scam program. All votes are fake and company of scammers. I made deposit of $20 some six days ago and earn nothing till date. This is a scam. Africanscholar
11:47U728??8569.73.31.*IFX Gold BankGood support.
11:46U728??8569.73.31.*Platinum Trade Inc.Received payment again!
11:45U728??8569.73.31.*RIO Gold EmpireWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
11:45U728??8569.73.31.*United FX Trading Corp.GOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
11:44507??97196.220.1.*RIO Gold Empiremade deposit of $50 some 7days ago and am yet to be paid a dime.Wanna believe all these voters are in-house arrangement.Fraudsters!!!!!!!!!!-seundipo
11:43U368??00200.95.139.*IFX Gold BankPaid today!Excellent!
11:43U368??00200.95.139.*Platinum Trade Inc.I got paid
11:42U368??00200.95.139.*United FX Trading Corp.It is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
11:42U368??00200.95.139.*RIO Gold EmpireGood spon! You shoul try it !
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11:37U526??2170.121.195.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good ! It pays
11:36U526??2170.121.195.*United FX Trading Corp.I am in love with this spon :)))
11:36U526??2170.121.195.*RIO Gold EmpireGood site. Good admin... ;)
11:32U934??6875.176.186.*RIO Gold EmpireI got paid !!
11:32U934??6875.176.186.*United FX Trading Corp.payments received
11:31U934??6875.176.186.*Platinum Trade Inc.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
11:31U934??6875.176.186.*IFX Gold BankGood, i got paid
11:23U910??4266.207.7.*IFX Gold Bank... INVEST.....!
11:22U910??4266.207.7.*Platinum Trade Inc.Got paid for several times
11:21U910??4266.207.7.*United FX Trading Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
11:19U910??4266.207.7.*RIO Gold EmpireGot my money!
11:15U217??1272.229.167.*IFX Gold BankGreat invest program!
11:14U217??1272.229.167.*Platinum Trade Inc.Excellent program!!! GOOD!
11:13U217??1272.229.167.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid. Excellent customer support.
11:12U217??1272.229.167.*RIO Gold EmpireHad no problems for now !
11:11507??97196.220.1.*Profit-FeverBarao.Ole.These guys are rogues!!!!!!!!Investors BEWARE!!!!!!!!!
11:10U270??0476.228.36.*IFX Gold Bankgood admin response
11:09U270??0476.228.36.*Platinum Trade Inc.Great invest program!
11:09U270??0476.228.36.*RIO Gold Empiregot paid ... I will try again ! :)
11:08U270??0476.228.36.*United FX Trading Corp.Good HYIP! You should try it to
11:02U678??5083.237.229.*RIO Gold Empirehyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
11:02U678??5083.237.229.*United FX Trading Corp.Excellent!
11:01U678??5083.237.229.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good program.
11:01U678??5083.237.229.*IFX Gold BankWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
10:23515??22196.220.1.*MoneyNewGreat program. i got paid quick unlike strong-pay. Africanscholar
7:34286??5266.109.25.*GrownSharepayout received daily, thanks GS
7:30269??50208.81.177.*GrownSharethank you for payment again GS, you best
3:33U223??13124.120.49.*Strong-PayWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1605113
3:13515??8574.86.222.*ForexFundsOnlinewss107-$50 for me today & $25 for me yesterday!
3:08515??1774.86.222.*Trade-InvestmentThis is the greatest site I INVESTED in. From the begin on, they PAID me like a clockwork and the admin is very nice.
1:55U294??0471.137.159.*FinansertProgram is super. Paying...
1:49U376??5676.246.60.*FinansertPayment received.
1:31U330??73 71.138.61.* UndotrekNice Good Best Excellent Site 100%
1:28U555??9124.161.196.*UndotrekPaid. Receive a ref commission today.
1:22U769??4671.137.159.*UndotrekGood job Admin. I get paid instantly, thanks a lot.
1:20U376??5676.246.60.*Undotrekpaying program. Excellent admin.
1:15U811??36 68.63.24.* Undotrekpaying...paying.....paying...
1:12U820??93 68.92.155.* UndotrekN 1 paying hyip, honest admin, paying continuously to all members.
1:07U391??03 99.145.192.* Undotreksuper programm.pays instantly.
1:01U914??79 71.147.33.* Undotrekgood program .. paid instantly