Vote Information for Friday 15 February 2008


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23:57U725??73 71.94.24.* UndotrekGot payment today. Total $120.
23:47U294??04 69.111.181.* UndotrekPaying program! Think this project will work else long.
23:34U768??74 71.104.30.* UndotrekProgram is supper. Paying...
23:22U079??60 76.212.9.* UndotrekPayment received.
22:07 484??54 41.219.217.* Only400I place a withdrawal for over 3 days and haven't pay me penny,if pay at least half of my money in my account am gonna give kudos to this hyip. Maxhyip where do you get high figure to rate this hyip? - user ID - yuscolyn
20:19U223??13124.120.49.*Only400Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1530340
19:39464??01196.220.1.*Final500I have just made my first withdrawal. Let's see if this is another SCAM home. If i am paid, i will VOTE as real and INVEST in big time. Africanscholar
19:36464??01196.220.1.*High-FundI have just made my first withdrawal. Let's see if this is another scam home. If i am paid, i will vote as real and invest in big time. Africanscholar
18:56U373??5276.100.45.*RelaziaIt's paying!
18:54U920??92195.128.182.*MySafeCashGood PROGRAM
18:51U683??47 24.14.97.* Relaziaworking good
18:44U385??38 76.194.8.* Relaziapaid
18:40215??84 91.124.214.* MySafeCashPaid on time! Thanks admin!
18:35U740??56 69.146.161.* RelaziaReceived payment
18:26U837??88 70.224.72.* Relaziathank you. got paid
17:15502??35 79.173.200.* Strong-Paynot paid .. another acam .. user nazurty
16:45515??5566.79.187.*ForexFundsOnlineThanks! Got another payment!
16:36517??18122.50.180.*Final500good hyip honest admin, paying very fast, thanks admin, user id jitu123
15:44U223??13124.120.49.*Strong-Paygot paid thank admin
14:24464??01196.220.1.*Only400Never believe anyone who said he got apid of recent. this program is dead and no longer paying. If i am paid, i will update comment. Africansholar
14:17U730??9671.231.27.*FinkufanThe Fund WORKS And PAYS !!!
14:16U227??14209.190.12.*GoldBlockzpaid me again user:
14:15U730??9671.231.27.*UndotrekGot 2nd payment! Very glad!
14:06U706??45202.146.241.*GoldBlockzPaid 5/8..Batch: 1619365 ..Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
12:48 U025??19 209.190.51.*FinkufanPaid
12:08U706??45202.146.241.*E Cash PoolSame with, be careful investor.
12:02511??81205.209.175.*ForexFundsOnlineVery STABLE professional project. I got payment!
11:32511??41205.209.171.*Trade-InvestmentReally site is very good and works for a long time!
11:10U223??13124.120.49.*Profit-Fevergot paid wow wow wow wow.........great program
10:52464??01196.220.1.*Strong-PayI made my first withdrawal and i was paid about 30% of it. That's bad. If i am paid, i wil update comment. Africanscholar
9:31515??22196.220.1.*Profit-FeverScammer! This program is another scam. Not paying at all. Seundipo
7:00 U451??79 195.184.209.* DII Cluball works well, widthdraw even 0,02 $
6:16 E2??30 72.27.156.* Star EarningScam. Don't deposit your money. They will steal it like they did mine.
5:57U368??34221.208.187.*1DailyFundsI get PAYMENT one year,it's hoting site.very nice.
5:54U388??82221.208.187.*1DailyFundsHonest PAYOUTS on time! Get PAID today as usual. Nice serious project!
5:18U327??45221.208.187.*1DailyFundsthis site is real PAY out.we had get many moeny in the site.investment now,all investor.
5:03472??8665.49.14.*1DailyFundsexcellent program!Paid fast as usually
4:44431??3165.49.14.*1DailyFundsget many moeny in the site.investment now,all investor.
3:06U376??5624.5.207.*FinansertVery fast payment. Exellent.
2:58U768??7472.197.216.*FinansertGOOD program. Paying...
2:20U294??0476.68.90.*Undotrekgot paid good admin
2:19U601??7624.65.41.*UndotrekPayout received. Thanks
2:15U769??46 69.237.101.* Undotrekreceive payment all the time thanks admin
2:05U376??56 74.222.207.* UndotrekVery fast payment. Exellent.
1:59U625??44 76.86.230.* UndotrekGOOD program. Paying...
1:55U330??73 69.225.2.* UndotrekGood paid. Thank admin.
1:52U820??9372.197.216.*Undotrekpayment made thanks
1:49U914??79 69.181.178.* UndotrekGet payment.Thanks
1:45U811??3671.111.114.*UndotrekReally paying thanks.
1:42U570??3576.172.233.*UndotrekPayment received.
1:38U233??0312.202.53.*UndotrekGet another payment.Thanks
1:35U481??56 69.225.232.* UndotrekI keep re-invested my money, very nice and perfect.
1:32 499??75 217.129.17.* Undotrekclaudiopaquete they didn't pay me I am waiting for 2 days, I want my money back if pay I will tell util that dont invest here
1:31U391??03 69.110.75.* UndotrekGreat investment program. Best program around.
1:26U177??75 71.140.126.* UndotrekPaid me today. Thank you.
1:21U555??91 69.224.231.* UndotrekQuickly paid $ 25.00
1:17U079??6024.5.207.*UndotrekThe Perfect program. Do not wait, invest and receive the profit.
1:12U768??7471.202.102.*UndotrekPays without problems... Serious investment program.
1:07U725??73 71.137.156.* UndotrekGet another payment. Thanks.
0:54 U026??11 80.245.113.* UpTo600NOT PAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PROJECTS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0:32485??54 190.64.43.* High-FundPayment received ... Batch id = 1604860 ... BEST PROGRAM ... Many thanks Admin
0:05519??6064.85.161.*Fast Pay Hyip
0:01519??5364.85.161.*Fast Pay Hyipvery very good hyip no scam this hyip tanks administator