Vote Information for Tuesday 12 February 2008


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1:59U601??76 68.127.94.* UndotrekGood HYIP. Paid all time.
1:56E2??58190.42.121.*JetIncomeDoesnt show up my deposit of 6 days ago. Doesnt answer the support questions.
1:55U376??56 75.15.222.* UndotrekPaid well and always in time
1:51E2??58190.42.121.*Great250Doesnt show up my deposit of 6 days ago. Doesnt answer the support questions. Posibble SCAM
1:48E2??58190.42.121.*Giga-ProfitDoesnt show up my DEPOSIT of 6 days ago. Doesnt answer the support questions. Posibble SCAM
1:40E2??58190.42.121.*Super PayingDoesnt show up my DEPOSIT of 6 days ago. Doesnt answer the support questions. Posibble SCAM
1:38U820??93 66.212.53.* FinansertReceived my earing today again, thank you!
1:36E2??58190.42.121.*Fast Pay HyipDoesnt show up my deposit of 6 days ago. Doesnt answer the support questions. Posibble SCAM
1:28E2??58190.42.121.*300WizardNever showed up my deposit in my account info.
1:24U330??7375.94.175.*FinansertExcellent program.