Vote Information for Monday 11 February 2008


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21:12458??0391.14.110.*Quix GainSCAM !!! No paying.
20:13E2??58190.42.121.*Fix500Never showed up my deposit via EBullion in my Fix500 account info.
18:57U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundGood PROGRAM
17:55U426??57125.164.97.*Quix GainVery Good HYIP - all PAYMENTS received.Thanks!
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15:18511??4174.86.38.*ForexFundsOnlinepaying well
14:38515??22196.220.1.*Profit-FeverThis is a great scam. Not paying at all. Africanscholar
14:21U706??45202.146.241.*Respect ProfitFake payment..They only paid me $0.92...Don't invest here..or lose your money. Admin, If u real paid me, I will update my vote. User: HyipMaster
14:08515??9666.186.59.*ForexFundsOnlineThis is the greatest site I INVESTED in. From the begin on, they PAID me like a clockwork and the admin is very nice.
14:03511??8174.86.95.*Trade-Fundsexcellent program
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13:27E0??2870.41.238.*SavingFinanceSo far so good. They appear to have solved DDoS problem. I hope it lasts.
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11:27U455??7181.198.15.*UndotrekThe most stable program
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11:02U263??2491.14.110.*Quix Gainscam !!!!
11:01U920??9282.207.65.*MySafeCashGood program for stable earning!
11:00U920??9282.207.65.*Rich Forex FundGood program for stable earning!
10:59458??0391.14.110.*Quix GainNo PAYING since 5 days, DEPOSIT batch: 88332183
10:58464??01196.220.1.*Profit-FeverThis program is not paying at all. pending for above two days. if i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
10:53464??01196.220.1.*Only400This program is no longer paying. pending for about 3 days. if i am paid, i will update comment. Africanscholar
10:23495??87202.93.33.*Giga-Profitnot paid....................bad program.....
9:45U278??60 125.164.97.* GoldBlockzGot Paid 1/8 .. Welldone !Admin!
9:44507??97196.220.1.*Profit-Feverjust put in a to know if this is another scam.will update if paid-seundipo
9:01U706??45202.146.241.*GoldBlockzPaid me today....Batch: 1558226. Thanks admin..User: HyipMaster
7:41267??62208.65.61.*GrownSharereally good program, paying within 30 minutes today
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5:24U296??13 125.164.98.* Quix GainPaid, PAY and continue to pay
5:18U071??2471.64.127.*World Hourlyfirst two payments prompt ... still waiting for last withdrawal 2 days
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2:00U555??9167.171.229.*UndotrekPaid. They are doing a great job. Thanks
1:55U481??5612.202.53.*UndotrekBeen paid, thx.
1:53U570??3568.8.39.*UndotrekPaid, thanks.
1:52 U670??28 70.140.74.* Platinum Trade Inc.No support, no payment. You have successfully sent a payment from your account U670602x. Date: 1/18/2008 06:07 Batch: 1288129 Sent To: U3766310 Amount: $50.00 Memo: Platinum Trade Inc. #1
1:50U914??79 69.110.76.* UndotrekPaid fast as usaul, rated. thank you.
1:40 25??71 60.52.28.* United FX Trading Corp.I deposited on 1/2/2008. till now no payment
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