Vote Information for Sunday 10 February 2008


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0:58U177??7576.171.191.*UndotrekThe best investment project. Stable and always pays.
0:54U601??76 75.23.133.* UndotrekPaid 160 usd very fast.
0:49U725??7367.181.41.*UndotrekGet first payment within hours.
0:46U330??7371.202.102.*UndotrekReceiving all my payments on time.
0:18U391??0364.170.211.*FinansertReferral bonus received.
0:09U769??4671.202.111.*FinansertReceiving all my payments on time.
22:51 U143??12 92.113.203.* Profit-Fevernot PAYING.If i am paid, i will update my comment. Simbira
21:58U706??45202.146.241.*Hyips ProfitThey finish my payment...thanks admin.
21:56 E0??99 70.130.59.* Royal Gold InvestmentsNot paying, won't respond to emails
21:37E2??58190.40.184.*LovingProfitNot fund my account with my EBullion transfer. Support Link expected!
21:06U237??92 12.202.2.* Beau Capital Ltd.paid .........thanks admin
20:00215??8491.124.223.*MySafeCashPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
19:54215??8491.124.223.*Rich Forex FundPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
19:46U223??13124.120.49.*Only400Receive payment thank admin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>
19:45U223??13124.120.49.*Profit-FeverReceive payment thank admin
19:41U223??13124.120.49.*Go300paid to user forever ( invest)....Thank admin
19:27458??0391.14.83.*Quix Gainscam ... scam ... scam
19:15515??2283.229.91.*Only400No longer paying. Please keep off. if i am paid, i will update my comment. Africanscholar
19:06515??2283.229.91.*Profit-FeverInvestors keep off! This is another scam venture, not paying at all. If i am paid, i will update my comment. Africanscholar
17:57U830??1224.26.147.*RIO Gold Empire
17:46U296??13125.164.97.*Quix GainPayment received. Thanks.
16:28517??18122.50.180.*Actual HourlyNo 1 paying hyip, honest admin, paying continuously to all membrs, inest here..user id jitu123
16:21286??5266.109.25.*GrownSharePAYING!!!! thank you for payment, reinvest more
16:19269??50208.81.177.*GrownSharewithdraw payout receipt, good!!!
15:32421??67 189.62.159.* Only400Not received twice withdrawals request. Account: herbertaco
15:31517??18122.50.180.*Only400good hyip honest admin, today paid me $2.00, thanks admin, user id jitu123
15:23402??34 81.244.115.* Beau Capital Ltd.Very Good program, paying OK.
15:20U205??60 62.16.58.* Global Market SolutionsThis one is in my list !
15:18U570??0478.106.161.*Private Gold HoldingGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
15:18U227??14 78.38.19.* Quix Gainscam
15:17U570??0478.106.161.*egold Profit ClubPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
15:17U570??0478.106.161.*Global Market SolutionsPaid well and always in time
15:15U240??8078.36.163.*Private Gold HoldingGood program, Paid regularly
15:15U240??8078.36.163.*egold Profit ClubReally the best
15:14U240??8078.36.163.*Global Market SolutionsPaid my interest. Very honest admin. Will re-invest !!!
15:13U065??2262.141.76.*Private Gold HoldingAlways paying, no problem!
15:12U065??2262.141.76.*egold Profit ClubSuper Program! Thanks admin!
15:12U065??2262.141.76.*Global Market SolutionsThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
15:10U610??15213.85.118.*Private Gold HoldingGreat project, paid! Join!
15:10U610??15213.85.118.*Global Market Solutionsgot paid just in time, very good program.
15:09U610??15213.85.118.*egold Profit ClubPayment received, very good
15:07U046??9587.224.240.*Private Gold Holdingreceived ... payment. very good and stable program.!
15:06U046??9587.224.240.*egold Profit ClubVery-very good program.
15:06U046??9587.224.240.*Global Market SolutionsI got paid today. Thanks admin.
15:03U830??6378.106.217.*Private Gold Holdingpaid again. All right. The best invest program
15:02U830??6378.106.217.*egold Profit ClubAlways paying, thank you guys
15:02U830??6378.106.217.*Global Market SolutionsMy favorite prog! Thanks admin!
15:01517??18122.50.180.*UpTo600good hyip honest admin, today paid me $3.00, thanks admin, user id jitu123
15:00U239??9478.37.133.*Private Gold Holdingalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
14:59U239??9478.37.133.*egold Profit ClubPaying on time, very good system
14:58U239??9478.37.133.*Global Market SolutionsExcellent program! Fast support!
14:56U622??6185.140.101.*Private Gold HoldingPaid like clock.
14:55U622??6185.140.101.*egold Profit ClubThanks paid!
14:55U622??6185.140.101.*Global Market SolutionsI am glad indeed
14:54517??18122.50.180.*Fund550today again paid me $3.00, thanks admin..user id jitu123
14:54U182??5389.178.186.*Private Gold HoldingThanks for payment!
14:53U182??5389.178.186.*egold Profit ClubA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
14:52U182??5389.178.186.*Global Market SolutionsPaid ... again..! !
14:49U634??9683.216.23.*Private Gold HoldingExsellent! Paid! super program!
14:49U634??9683.216.23.*Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment! invest program!
14:48U634??9683.216.23.*egold Profit ClubPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
14:46U618??1488.113.196.*Private Gold HoldingCoo1 HYIp
14:46U618??1488.113.196.*egold Profit Clubgot paid on 1st investment!
14:45U618??1488.113.196.*Global Market SolutionsPaying every day
14:43U524??5971.71.243.*Private Gold Holding***PAID & PAID***
14:42U524??5971.71.243.*egold Profit ClubGet profit! nice fond)
14:41U524??5971.71.243.*Global Market SolutionsOne of the best
14:41U079??65209.190.51.*UndotrekPaid In E-Gold Account Today.Great Going
14:39U569??1469.9.215.*Private Gold HoldingPaid like clock.
14:39U569??1469.9.215.*egold Profit ClubI am glad indeed
14:38U569??1469.9.215.*Global Market SolutionsSerious paying program!
14:35U917??4070.81.15.*Private Gold HoldingI got paid.
14:34U917??4070.81.15.*egold Profit ClubGood work!
14:33U917??4070.81.15.*Global Market SolutionsPaid, pay and continue to pay
14:32U335??6985.234.56.*Private Gold HoldingGood admins
14:31U335??6985.234.56.*egold Profit Clubreceived your payment.THANKS.
14:27U121??7974.13.150.*Private Gold HoldingPayment received. Thanks.
14:27U121??7974.13.150.*egold Profit ClubPaid! Give me two! :)
14:26U121??7974.13.150.*Global Market SolutionsVery good HYIP, paid!
14:24U864??3524.122.240.*Private Gold HoldingAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
14:24U864??3524.122.240.*egold Profit ClubI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
14:24515??1566.186.59.*ForexFundsOnlineGot PAYMENT again very fast!I just got $$312.50,my username is cakeeiGavin.
14:23U864??3524.122.240.*Global Market SolutionsGood work!
14:21U728??8568.150.177.*Global Market SolutionsGood support.
14:20U728??8568.150.177.*Private Gold HoldingPaid No problems!
14:18U728??8568.150.177.*egold Profit ClubVery Much...Paid Today!
14:17U368??0024.250.6.*Private Gold HoldingI've been paid in time
14:16U368??0024.250.6.*egold Profit ClubPayment received. Thanks.
14:15U368??0024.250.6.*Global Market SolutionsThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
14:12U526??2167.82.160.*Private Gold HoldingGood! Make more!
14:12U526??2167.82.160.*egold Profit ClubAre you well and happy with this program!
14:11U426??57 125.164.96.* Quix GainI've been PAID in time
14:11U526??2167.82.160.*Global Market SolutionsGood support.
14:09U934??6867.168.185.*Global Market SolutionsI am near my seventh payment
14:09U920??92195.128.182.*MySafeCashExcellent paying program! Perfect support!
14:08U934??6867.168.185.*egold Profit ClubGood program.
14:08U934??6867.168.185.*Private Gold HoldingFor now - no problems.
14:05U910??4269.85.9.*Private Gold HoldingStiil geting paid... Goood :)
14:05U910??4269.85.9.*egold Profit ClubPaid all the time!
14:04U910??4269.85.9.*Global Market SolutionsPayment received.
14:02U217??1269.182.29.*Global Market SolutionsIn profit !
14:02U217??1269.182.29.*Private Gold Holdinggood HYIP !
14:01U217??1269.182.29.*egold Profit Clublast payment recieved today
14:00U317??6988.196.25.*Actual HourlyThey dont pay, paying only to monitors, its a SCAM!
13:59U270??0475.176.186.*Private Gold HoldingAlways paid on time!
13:58U270??0475.176.186.*egold Profit ClubVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
13:57U270??0475.176.186.*Global Market SolutionsPayment received.
13:55U678??5083.237.228.*Global Market SolutionsAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
13:54U678??5083.237.228.*egold Profit ClubPaid right on time!
13:54U800??5281.198.15.*UndotrekVery Stable and Professional
13:54U678??5083.237.228.*Private Gold HoldingRight choice to invest
13:31515??0866.186.59.*Trade-InvestmentVery satisfied with this program. Always PAID me fast. Great investment.
13:07U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundGood program for stable earning!
13:02U188??9784.42.19.*Beau Capital Ltd.Great program I got paid today. Thanks admin.
12:58U223??13124.120.49.*Profit-FeverWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1541772>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>user forever
12:50 515??93 66.186.59.* Trade-FundsGot PAYMENT again. Very stable HYIP since start!
12:48458??0391.14.83.*Quix GainNo paying since 4 days, DEPOSIT batch: 88332183
12:01U502??35122.50.180.*Profit-Fevergood hyip, paid me $1.50..thanks admin user id jitu123
9:46200??57217.119.145.*LAXOBest paying program, average since 60 days 101.49 % = daily 1.69 %
9:43509??55 87.172.244.* Undotrekthe next big polish scam,dont't invest here,will loose your money,its the same like klond,intadollar,scancersgold...
9:24U251??57 61.26.123.* Beau Capital Ltd.Thank You Admin, Paid again. cheers
7:01478??23198.87.3.*GrownSharepayment full 15 days plan my large investment, amazing!!! reinvestment!!!!
6:53463??4180.77.80.*GrownSharepaid my withdraw request today. greats!!
6:04 U095??46 60.20.230.* 1DailyFundsget PAID today
5:56 438??28 64.62.138.*1DailyFundsthanks a lot admin!!!
5:50 U777??63 60.20.183.* 1DailyFundsgot paid already thanks
5:47 U886??67 60.20.226.* 1DailyFundspaying continue thanks
5:45 U901??45 64.62.138.*1DailyFundsthanks good admin
5:00U706??45202.146.241.*UpTo600I Have pending payment $5.00 since feb 2. If paid, I Will Update. User: HyipMaster
4:51U706??45202.146.241.*Fund550Still waiting my payment $5.50 since 8 days ago...User: HyipMaster
4:50515??85205.209.168.*ForexFundsOnlineGreat site!!! Always PAYS quickly and without problems!
4:42515??83 205.209.165.* Trade-InvestmentVery STABLE professional project. I got payment!
4:37U706??45202.146.241.*Go300Paid me today....Batch: 1542810...Honest admin. Thanks..User: HyipMaster
4:33U706??45202.146.241.*Hyips ProfitPaid me $0.80...Batch: 1545652...Honest admin..Thanks. User: HyipMaster
4:19 515??68 205.209.157.*Trade-FundsI got paid, so do not be afraid to INVEST here because this one a very HONEST hyip!
3:38456??0169.92.13.*Quix GainSORRY TO TELL EVERYONE NO PAY AS OF YET