Vote Information for Sunday 10 February 2008


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0:53U177??7599.248.114.*SancegoldThanks Admin for all hard work. This one is my best program.
0:44U233??0371.202.111.*SancegoldOur funds are in perfect security with Sancegold.
0:42U233??0371.202.111.*e-bullibOur funds are in perfect security with e-bullib.
0:39U079??6075.85.26.*Sancegoldrealty investing is a guarantee of stable income
0:37U079??6075.85.26.*e-bullibrealty investing is a guarantee of stable income
0:36U079??6075.85.26.*KlondVery stable working project.
0:34U330??7367.171.229.*SancegoldPAYD ME-Thanks...
0:32U330??7367.171.229.*e-bullibPAYD ME-Thanks...
0:31U330??7367.171.229.*KlondThey paid to me this week too without a dalay, thanks.
0:27U820??9376.172.225.*SancegoldGot paid, thank you!
0:25U820??9376.172.225.*e-bullibGot paid, thank you!
0:23U820??9376.172.225.*KlondI got $350 from monthly plan, they are real and best site.
0:20U725??7369.229.98.*SancegoldThey paid to me this week too without a dalay, thanks.
0:19U725??7369.229.98.*e-bullibThey paid to me this week too without a dalay, thanks.
0:18U725??7369.229.98.*Klondkeep paying for more than five months, excellent hyip!
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0:13U769??4669.110.74.*e-bullibGot paid and I have made many profits form e-bullib, thanks for the best hyip!
0:11U769??4669.110.74.*KlondReal investment program, I got paid 21 times and keep profits, thanks admin!
0:07U391??03216.9.7.*SancegoldGot paid $25 very fast, thank you admin.
0:06U391??03216.9.7.*e-bullibGot paid $25 very fast, thank you admin.
0:05U391??03216.9.7.*KlondThey are real, thanks for payout every week.
0:01U601??7669.158.182.*SancegoldPaid to me weekly profit very fast again, thank you.
0:00U601??7669.158.182.*e-bullibPaid to me weekly profit very fast again, thank you.
23:59U601??7669.158.182.*KlondGot weekly paid again, thank you.
23:55U376??56216.232.138.*SancegoldKeep paying weekly plan and referral commission, thank you.
23:53U376??56216.232.138.*e-bullibKeep paying weekly plan and referral commission, thank you.
23:50U376??56216.232.138.*KlondThank you for paying me this week too.
23:15U317??6988.196.25.*Beau Capital far the best :) pays as promised
23:13U725??7369.111.245.*FinansertGot weekly paid again, thank you.
23:08U330??73 71.146.137.* FinansertThank you for paying me this week too.
22:29E2??58190.40.184.*Trade-FundsPay it!!
22:20U565??95 91.75.129.* Beau Capital Ltd.this site really pays instantly
22:11402??34 81.220.169.* Beau Capital Ltd.Efficient. Looks very promising.
21:49U192??7875.69.197.*Beau Capital Ltd.Payment has been received. Thank You!
20:59U223??13124.120.56.*Go300Thank admin >>>>>>>>>Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1542939 --------user forever ( invest)
20:45U191??81 24.228.61.* Beau Capital Ltd.Got Paid ..Thank You Admin Amount: $759 Batch: 1543089
20:45458??0391.14.86.*Fund550Paid me today ... Batch: 88400645 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
20:43458??0391.14.86.*Go300Paid me today ... Batch: 88400490 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
20:41458??0391.14.86.*UpTo600Paid me today ... Batch: 88400266 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
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20:10U786??5070.161.48.*Beau Capital Ltd.Very Good Program. I got paid fast.Thanks Admin & I will invest more.
20:09515??22196.220.1.*Profit-FeverLet's see if this is not another scam venture. i have just made my first withdrawal. Africanscholar
20:05215??84 91.124.211.* Rich Forex FundPaid on time! Thanks admin!
19:57U426??57125.164.96.*Quix GainThis Cool Man, Always Paying
19:54U296??13125.164.96.*Quix GainGot Paid Again 4/5 Full Payment & Reinvest
19:48439??00 83.237.148.* RIO Gold EmpireMy Deposit 50$
19:35458??0391.14.86.*Quix GainNo paying, DEPOSIT batch: 88332183
19:29U706??45202.146.241.*Giga-ProfitPaid me today....Batch: 1542138...Honest admin. Thanks..User: HyipMaster
19:16U706??45202.146.241.*Profit-FeverFirst payment...Batch: 1541758..Honest admin..Thanks. User: HyipMaster
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18:58U223??13124.120.56.*Only400Withdraw processed. Batch id = 1541954 ..........user invest
18:49E2??7571.64.127.*World Hourlynice program paid, user checkinghyip
18:46U071??2471.64.127.*Actual Hourlypaying promptly ... user id checkinghyip
18:27U558??8160.50.235.*Only400Not received deposit 20USD until now from user id : prince_mas
18:25458??0391.14.86.*Only400Paid me today ... Batch: 88399341 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
18:19U364??20190.64.24.*Only400PAYMENT RECIEVED INSTANTLY ... Batch id = 1541913 ... Very good Program ... Nice Admin ... Many Thanks
17:59485??54190.64.24.*Profit-FeverPAYMENT RECIEVED INSTANTLY ... Batch id = 1541723 ... Very good Program ... Many Thanks Admin
17:46458??0391.14.86.*Profit-FeverFirst payment received ... Batch: 88399031 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
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15:35 518??26 84.75.242.* Beau Capital Ltd.Payment Received. Amount 1265 USD Batch 88397497
15:02326??4589.28.23.*Rich Forex Fundpaid
14:28511??0874.86.222.*ForexFundsOnlineGot payment... Excellent site with good support.
14:15U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundGood program for stable earning!
14:03511??8774.86.222.*Trade-InvestmentReally site is very good and works for a long time!
13:53U512??9461.144.54.*GrownShareI hope the program will last for long time.
12:57511??81116.212.122.*Trade-FundsPaid me so fast like automatization.Got $350.00.
12:46515??22196.220.1.*Quix GainI only recieve payment 2/5 and nothing more. Please complete my payment. Africanscholar
12:40U263??2491.14.86.*Quix GainSCAM ,still WAITING since 3 days !!! DEPOSIT batch: 88332183
12:29U121??79 75.22.22.* Quix GainVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
12:28U864??35 76.110.50.* Quix GainIn profit !
12:27U728??85 76.183.173.* Quix GainAlways paid on time!
12:26U368??0024.27.119.*Quix GainPaid right on time!
12:24U526??2169.111.245.*Quix GainPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
12:23U934??68 70.251.82.* Quix GainGood admin.
12:18U910??42 12.207.124.* Quix GainGood program! Make more!
12:14U217??1268.50.192.*Quix GainI've been paid in time
12:13U270??0474.140.180.*Quix GainPaid today!Excellent!
12:13515??22196.220.1.*Only400great program. i got paid fast. Africanscholar
12:11U678??50 83.237.230.* Quix GainGood site. Good admin... ;)
11:59U223??13124.120.56.*Go300Pending user forever 5-6 day ago ..............if PAID i will update
11:48U295??07222.181.155.*1DailyFundsWonderful MONEY making program. Thanks alot,very nice site.
11:46U298??10222.181.155.*1DailyFundsget PAID 37/40 ! never miss PAYMENT ! excellent admin
11:44U079??68222.181.155.*1DailyFundsvery day PAYMENT and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site
11:40U512??62222.181.155.*1DailyFundsevry day i gat payment.very nice site.I get PAYMENT 1 year
11:29507??33 74.86.95.* 1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
11:04U223??13124.120.56.*Giga-ProfitWithdraw processed. Batch id = 1538080..user forever
10:55485??54 190.64.21.* Giga-ProfitReceived my THIRD payment today ... VERY GOOD PROGRAM .... Batch id = 1538093 ..... Thanks Admin
10:53458??0391.14.86.*Quix GainOnly received 1/5 payment, still WAITING for the next !!! DEPOSIT batch: 88332183
10:53U940??47 221.132.252.* World HourlyGood Program, paid again. Thank you
9:48U104??36 67.180.29.* Beau Capital Ltd.two tumbs up... payment receive.. keep good work guys..
9:17U188??9784.42.19.*Beau Capital Ltd.Thank you Admin Paid again keep up the good job.
8:43U108??43117.47.200.*World HourlyNO PAING! NOT PAYED! BIG SCAMMERS! VERY SCAM pending
8:33U108??43117.47.200.*SancegoldAll these VOTES are lies. This PROGRAM is not PAYING any dime. An absolute scam. If i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
4:11U223??13124.120.56.*Giga-ProfitPending user forever 56hour ago ..............if PAID i will update