Vote Information for Friday 8 February 2008


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22:00U426??57 125.164.99.* Quix GainGot Paid Again
21:54U223??13203.144.160.*Go300Pending user forever 4 day ago ..............if paid i will update
21:51458??0391.14.100.*Only400First payment received ... Batch: 88385712 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
21:45458??0391.14.100.*Giga-ProfitReceived next payment ... Batch: 88385523 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
21:43514??02 41.244.60.* Giga-ProfitReceived my payment in egold acc. within a few hours Thanx s007
21:42U223??13203.144.160.*Great250Pending user forever 3 day ago.......if PAID i will update
21:36U223??13203.144.160.*Giga-ProfitPending user forever 2 day ago ..............if paid i will update
21:16485??49 82.128.14.* Private Gold Holding
19:20485??54 190.64.12.* Only400BEST PROGRAM .... Paid me instantly ... Batch id = 1532357 ... Thanks Admin
18:55372??3280.195.169.*Beau Capital Ltd.Got many payments from this program, great!
18:41 441??81 195.229.236.* Melior Investthey dont pay regulary onlysome days
18:33U512??9461.144.54.*GrownSharevery good job,obtain payment again.
18:25U253??13221.130.182.*GrownShareso honest admin,pay me another payment.
18:23454??93 24.19.172.* Global Market SolutionsThey will steal your money like they stole mine. No payout, no reply to email. It's a guy with a fake, illegal website. Good votes are fakes from Admin. SCAM!!!!
18:20U739??2960.28.223.*GrownShareI have been paid many times.very good program.
18:17U919??4861.152.249.*GrownShareget paid again,no delay,hot site
18:16U683??47 75.11.180.* CelicanReceived money
18:07U019??63 70.251.6.* QQ-netpaying
18:00U385??3876.186.31.*300Moneybest hyip program for me
17:53464??01196.220.1.*Only400I have just made my first withdrawal, let's see if this is not another scam venture. Africanscholar
17:48511??8774.86.221.*Trade-FundsI have received $2100.00
17:46U373??52 87.101.18.* 418ZiZpayout came
17:23402??3969.114.223.*Beau Capital Ltd.Very good! Date: 2008-08-02 18:05:06 Batch: 1531257 From Account: U3660789 Amount: $57.50 Memo:
17:21511??69 66.186.59.* Trade-InvestmentVery good site.Paid me just now.
17:19U373??52 88.241.77.* Celicangot paid
17:03U740??5667.58.166.*QQ-netWorking! Received 3 payments!
16:54U683??47 67.164.152.* 300Moneypaying
16:45515??50116.212.122.*ForexFundsOnlinepaid fast.
16:37U683??47 99.140.161.* 418ZiZpaid
16:23U706??45202.146.241.*Only400First payment...Batch: 1530286..Honest admin..Thanks. User: HyipMaster
16:15U502??35122.50.180.*Only400good hyip, good admin, paiying very fast....thanks admin..user id jitu123
15:56U387??20 66.57.65.* Beau Capital Ltd.Got another payment. Great support btw!
15:37 501??23 83.229.91.*Giga-ProfitInvestors, don't you think this is another scam? have made my withdrawal and i am yet to be paid. This is another scam, pls keep off. If i am paid, i will update my comment. Africanscholar
15:29U710??25200.51.41.*Emetal GatePaid fast and safe! Thanks admin, good work!
15:26U654??67 211.233.41.* Emetal Gatevery good and fast. Thanks
15:21503??28 220.231.124.* Emetal GateTHANKS ADMIN!!!!!!!!!
15:16U207??59 60.191.220.* Emetal Gatethanks to the EMG admin. i got my last withdrawal and all reinvested
15:11U227??14209.190.12.*Cup Investpaid me again
15:09503??26 124.200.160.* Emetal GateWeekly payment received within half an hour into E-Gold.
15:02U484??23123.232.9.*Emetal GatePAID!!!!PERFECT!!!!THANKS ADMIN!!!!!!
14:58U638??1689.137.143.*Beau Capital Ltd.I have my principal money and my profit are paid!! Good job admin..
14:57U658??12 220.227.74.* Emetal GateReceived after few hour 90 usd.Thanks.
14:56U227??14209.190.12.*Quix Gainpaid me 0.80 usd but wating for 1/2 2 days ago user :
14:53U532??37 167.193.144.* Emetal GateReceived money! Thanks!
14:43U592??01202.87.221.*Emetal GateWas PAID today
14:34518??06123.249.110.*Emetal GateReally Good PROGRAM online
14:24 E0??59 216.40.204.*Emetal Gatepaid instantly, thanks admin!
14:14U570??0489.110.53.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
14:14U570??0489.110.53.*Platinum Trade Inc.Payment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
14:13U570??0489.110.53.*Interbank FX ClubAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
14:13U570??0489.110.53.*Private Gold HoldingAlways paid on time!
14:12U570??0489.110.53.*ETF Business Inc.last payment recieved today
14:10U240??8080.251.137.*United FX Trading Corp.I've been paid in time
14:10U240??8080.251.137.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good ! One of the best !
14:09U240??8080.251.137.*Interbank FX ClubGood program! Make more!
14:09U240??8080.251.137.*Private Gold HoldingVery trustworthy a serious investment program
14:08U240??8080.251.137.*ETF Business Inc.Excellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
14:06U065??22194.169.250.*Private Gold HoldingPaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
14:05U065??22194.169.250.*ETF Business Inc.Good admin.
14:04U065??22194.169.250.*Interbank FX ClubGood support.
14:04U065??22194.169.250.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good spon! You shoul try it !
14:03U065??22194.169.250.*United FX Trading Corp.What a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
14:02U610??1580.251.137.*Private Gold Holdinghyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
14:01U610??1580.251.137.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good program.
14:01U610??1580.251.137.*Interbank FX ClubGood, i got paid
14:00U610??1580.251.137.*United FX Trading Corp.Good site. Good admin... ;)
13:59U610??1580.251.137.*ETF Business Inc.I got paid
13:58U046??9583.237.230.*ETF Business Inc.Good, i got paid
13:57U046??9583.237.230.*United FX Trading Corp.Exellent!!
13:55U046??9583.237.230.*Interbank FX ClubGood workind hyip!
13:54U046??9583.237.230.*Platinum Trade Inc.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
13:53U046??9583.237.230.*Private Gold HoldingPayment received.
11:37458??03 91.14.104.* Quix GainOnly received 1/5 payment, still waiting for the next !!! deposit batch: 88332183
9:34478??2364.46.38.*GrownSharepaying quickly, Thank you very much. Recommended.
9:28286??5266.109.25.*GrownSharegot paid out to my account, excelent program, i hope never ending program!
9:21269??50208.81.177.*GrownSharethis program not scam for me because paid my large investment, many thank you grownshare
8:19U262??40 218.73.223.* Emetal Gatepaid again and again. thanks.
7:44U502??35122.50.180.*Actual Hourlyexcellent programe.......paying honestly to all members....automaticly withdrwal...user id jitu123
6:37U706??45202.146.241.*LEO HYIPPaid me again $0.90...Batch: 88371823...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
6:21U706??45202.146.241.*Quix GainWaiting my first payment...I Hope they paid me..Batch deposit: 1506490
4:19U022??22 220.226.85.* Go300Not paid !! It looks like a Scam!! do not invest !!! it is a scam ! I have lost my money !!
3:22E1??3168.25.211.*Ricc Tradescam, all hyips hosted from the USA are scams because it is illegal to host a hyip in the USA.
3:16E1??3168.25.211.*Finansertscam site, votes are fake. hate theese pieces of shit
3:12E1??3168.25.211.*GrownSharescam, scam, scam. same place that has already had several sites marked as scammers
3:06E1??3168.25.211.*Emetal Gatesince hyips are illegal in the USA id just assume this is a scam since its hosted from fullerton, the same as the last 4 that scamed me. go figure
2:09U768??7476.90.35.*e-bullibBig real payments! I tried it already and i am satisfied.
2:07U768??7476.90.35.*KlondGood and trusted program.
2:01U177??7576.172.225.*e-bullibI have received money from this best project.
1:57U177??7576.172.225.*KlondI am in profit. This is a serious paying investment program. Always pays without problems.
1:56U298??67221.210.111.*1DailyFundsGot It All straightened out now. Its a very good program. Thanks admin!
1:54U368??3464.62.138.*1DailyFundsgood paying.very nice site.I will INVESTMENT again
1:51U227??65221.210.111.*1DailyFundsyehey! PAID once again on time! great admin and
1:49U769??4669.110.75.*e-bullibPaid Me Fast. very very good.
1:48U769??4669.110.75.*KlondVery good site with stable plan. Got payment.
1:48403??0064.62.138.*1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive
1:45U601??7671.146.144.*SancegoldGreat, i got paid again.
1:44U601??7671.146.144.*e-bullibGreat, i got paid again.
1:42U601??7669.51.206.*KlondNice design, easy interface, best support and regular payouts...
1:41475??8364.62.138.*1DailyFundsYour fast PAYING is as HONEST as the day is long
1:36U820??93 70.83.230.* SancegoldExcellent support and fast payment.
1:34U820??9378.111.176.*e-bullibExcellent support and fast payment.
1:30U820??9367.181.98.*KlondTo my mind this programm is the best of all ever seen. Paid.
1:22U079??6069.224.231.*SancegoldHonest admin. Reliable and always paid on time for me.
1:21U079??6069.224.231.*e-bullibHonest admin. Reliable and always paid on time for me.
1:19U079??6069.224.231.*KlondGood design, fast payouts. Really paid program.