Vote Information for Thursday 7 February 2008


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23:56431??3164.62.138.*1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
23:54U330??7371.202.111.*KlondPaying every day, good program...
23:03 U658??69 78.51.121.* Beau Capital are the best, (it is realy, no fake) , super, super !!!
22:47U725??7376.102.173.*FinansertReliable hyip. Let's make money.
22:42U330??73 76.103.81.* FinansertMy favourite invest program.
21:04U223??13124.120.56.*GoldGuidelineThank admin paid ref commission to user forever ......
20:45U565??95 98.216.211.* Beau Capital Ltd.Pays without problems! The excellent program!
19:54U192??7875.69.197.*Beau Capital Ltd.paid very fast!! Amount: $23 Batch: 1517680 Memo:
19:54497??27216.226.67.*Sky-Profitpending for 4 days now.where can one find a trust worthy hyip site.I have met too many scams recently.All this monitors are not helping us there should be a way to check fraud on this hyip sites.
19:09 414??62 24.1.175.* Beau Capital Ltd.pays like clockwork, great admin hope it lasts
18:50402??66 72.24.131.* Beau Capital Ltd.One of the most stable projects in my portfolio atm!
18:25U740??5684.32.147.*CelicanGot paid fine
18:15U385??38 213.178.107.* QQ-netVery good!
17:49515??22196.220.1.*SancegoldAll these votes are lies. This program is not paying any dime. An absolute scam. If i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
17:46U019??6386.101.222.*418ZiZGot 185$
17:46482??1780.250.32.*Quix Gainpaid 1/5, 2/5 but waiting for 3/5 and 1/5, user name: mamkeji
17:39U019??63 74.138.162.* Celicanpaying!!
17:30515??22196.220.1.*Go300This program is no longer paying. They will pay you $1 and hold your entire money. it is a scam. If i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
17:28U683??47 91.76.203.* QQ-netgood!
17:20515??22196.220.1.*Giga-ProfitLet's see if this is not another scam. i have just made my first withdrawal; If i am paid, i will vote as real. Africanscholar
17:17U740??56 89.151.16.* 300Moneypaying
17:02U740??56 86.101.224.* 418ZiZstill works
16:55U837??88 79.120.10.* Celicanpaid
16:30U019??63 99.164.136.* QQ-netPaying!
16:21U837??88 84.38.180.* 300Moneyi'm paid by 300-money
16:09U837??88216.36.148.*418ZiZGot paid!
15:31U223??13124.120.56.*Great250Paid to user forever..........Thank admin
14:25511??87 66.186.59.* Trade-InvestmentThey are paying. Really!
14:21511??81 66.186.59.* Trade-FundsIn profit !
14:18U188??9784.42.19.*Beau Capital Ltd.I got paid today great program am impress. fast payout. thanks admin
13:51U387??2069.114.223.*Beau Capital Ltd.Paid Quickly. Fast Support.
11:09U022??22 220.226.28.* Go300Not paid !! It looks like a Scam!!
7:24503??28216.40.204.*Emetal Gatepaid and rate!!!!! nice! Best!
6:40507??3374.86.94.*1DailyFundsvery day PAYMENT and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site.
6:39U295??07222.181.154.*1DailyFundsthis site is real PAY out.we had get many moeny in the site.investment now,all investor.
6:34U298??10222.181.154.*1DailyFundsvery gooooooooood PROGRAM keep it up got PAID today,everyday.tell my friends to join
6:30U079??68222.181.154.*1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive
6:28U512??62222.181.154.*1DailyFundsNice,received my EGOLD 500usd ,best HYIP program,thank you admin
6:26E2??7571.64.127.*JetIncomesupport not responsive lost deposit
6:21E2??7571.64.127.*Auto-Payingstill waiting on 666.00 withdrawal
3:52E2??8172.27.112.*Trademoney4uscam scam scam
3:49E2??8172.27.112.*egold Profit ClubNo PAYMENTS received since i signed up 26/dec/07. No response to e-mail either
3:00U391??0376.68.90.*450comThis program is the best of all.
2:59U391??0376.68.90.*KlondThis program is the best of all.
2:56U233??0324.65.41.*450comIt is really greate. Paid me fast.
2:55U233??0324.65.41.*SancegoldI have received money from this best project.
2:53U233??0324.65.41.*e-bullibI have received money from this best project.
2:50U233??0324.65.41.*KlondReliable hyip. Let's make money.
2:44U376??5671.146.167.*450comWell, just have been paid. Great hyip.
2:43U376??5671.146.167.*SancegoldPaying every day, good program...
2:41U376??5671.146.167.*e-bullibPaying every day, good program...
2:39U376??5671.146.167.*KlondMy favourite invest program.
2:36U079??6069.235.138.*450comGot my withdrawal.
2:35U079??6069.235.138.*SancegoldPaid on time without any problem, perfect program.
2:33U079??6069.235.138.*e-bullibPaid on time without any problem, perfect program.
2:31U079??6069.235.138.*KlondMy first payment here. I think it is one of the best hyip.
2:28U820??9376.171.188.*450comExcellent program. Never misses payment.
2:27U820??9376.171.188.*SancegoldPaid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
2:25U820??9376.171.188.*e-bullibPaid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
2:22U820??9376.171.188.*KlondGet paid today as usual. Nice serious project.
2:19U601??7664.170.211.*450comJust got third payment.
2:17U601??7664.170.211.*SancegoldGood Program - Pays Well.
2:15U601??7664.170.211.*e-bullibGood Program - Pays Well.
2:10U601??7664.170.211.*KlondPaid quickly no problem, honest admin.
2:07U769??4699.140.56.*450comGot my payment, thanks admin.
2:03U769??4699.140.56.*SancegoldMy first withdrawal received!
2:02U769??4699.140.56.*e-bullibMy first withdrawal received!
2:00U769??4699.140.56.*KlondPaying more than 20 days. Goooood.
1:55U177??7569.105.38.*450comWhat a great project!
1:52U177??7569.105.38.*SancegoldPaid and rate. :) Thanks admin...
1:51U177??7569.105.38.*e-bullibPaid and rate. :) Thanks admin...
1:49U177??7569.105.38.*KlondPayment received today. Exellent!
1:17E1??3168.25.211.*Emetal Gatethough they have quick response to my email its been two days and they have yet to post my deposit