Vote Information for Wednesday 6 February 2008


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23:54U820??93 76.238.136.* FinansertPaying more than 20 days. Goooood.
23:51U601??76 69.237.49.* FinansertPayment received today. Exellent!
23:41 U698??55 77.45.186.* Actual Hourlyprogram is very good!!! PAYING!!! INSTANT!!!
23:19514??02 41.244.54.* Sky-Profitmade my first withdrawel,hope to get it soon,everything looks ok for now.shawnie
22:51U125??11 67.191.234.* Beau Capital Ltd.paid again, payment received, thank you admin, blacky
21:59U683??4767.171.229.*Celicangot paid
21:46U837??88 84.3.207.* QQ-netpaid
21:44U373??52 200.115.211.* 300Moneypaid
21:19U373??52 89.79.114.* 418ZiZit's real MONEY
21:17U373??52 78.36.129.* Celicanpaid
20:49U740??56 83.237.227.* QQ-netI get my payouts EVERYDAY! No issues, just smart paying!
20:40U683??47 88.241.83.* 300MoneyThxn! It's really excellent hyip!!
20:29U683??47 86.63.202.* 418ZiZpaying
20:19 U896??16 117.193.0.* Great250scam just pay for monitered website only this admin is fradulant basterd dont
20:17 413??54 196.29.221.* Great250they are just there to rip off money from people, i invested for the past three days and no payment yet. all I got is pending
19:14E0??2870.41.238.*Global Market SolutionsInvested last week, no payout as promised. No response from admin. Tran. ID A31812530-MTP. Make it good and I'll change my vote.
18:25E2??58190.40.184.*Fund550Not paying, doesnt anwer support emails
17:39283??40193.220.26.*300Wizardthis program is no longer paying,!!! biggest scam on net investors keep off, pending 5 days user : ajani4real , if my payment is made i will update.......
17:36283??40193.220.26.*Sky-Profitthis program is no longer paying,!!! biggest scam on net investors keep off, pending 5 days user : ajani4real , if my payment is made i will update.......
16:55U364??20 190.64.29.* Giga-ProfitPAYMENT RECIEVED INSTANTLY ... Batch id = 1504587 ... Very good Program ... Many Thanks Admin
16:41515??2283.229.91.*Great250crazy liars. A scam program: not paying at all. If i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
15:48U455??7181.198.15.*450comhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
15:39458??03 91.14.94.* Giga-ProfitPaid me very fast ... Batch: 88346244 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
15:38U455??7181.198.15.*e-bullibIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
15:37U502??35122.50.180.*Giga-Profitgoo programe, honest admin, paying very fast, received $3.00, thanks admin, jitu123
15:34U455??7181.198.15.*KlondStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
15:10U084??44 75.33.246.* Beau Capital Ltd.Always paid $34.5 Batch: 1499702
14:49U706??45202.146.241.*Great250Paid me $3.75...Batch: 1494432...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
14:36U253??13210.14.64.*GrownSharePay me huge profits,i will reinvest more.
14:15U739??29 210.14.64.* GrownSharePayment received,very fast.
14:04U426??57 125.164.98.* Quix GainGot Paid Again 3/5
13:59U919??4860.28.223.*GrownShareSo great hyip program,i have been paid many times.
13:45402??09 69.14.5.* Beau Capital Ltd.Got paid for second time!
13:29U512??9461.144.54.*GrownSharepaid as usual,nice site
13:24U830??6367.186.47.*Quix GainThanks for payment!
13:23U830??6367.186.47.*Private Gold HoldingPaid like clock.
13:23U830??6367.186.47.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid, pay and continue to pay
13:22U830??6367.186.47.*Interbank FX ClubThank you for good profit!
13:22U830??6367.186.47.*United FX Trading Corp.Good HYIP! paid all time!
13:22U830??6367.186.47.*ETF Business Inc.Very good HYIP! Paid again!
13:20U239??9424.27.119.*Quix GainAlways on time - thanks
13:19U239??9424.27.119.*Private Gold Holdingpay!pay!pay!
13:19U239??9424.27.119.*Platinum Trade Inc.Reliable investment.
13:18U239??9424.27.119.*Interbank FX ClubPaid well, indeed
13:18U239??9424.27.119.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid well and always in time
13:17U239??9424.27.119.*ETF Business Inc.Nice program... ;)
13:15U622??6176.246.174.*Quix GainTotally satisfied with the program
13:14U622??6176.246.174.*Private Gold HoldingSerious paying program!
13:14U622??6176.246.174.*Platinum Trade Inc.I am glad indeed
13:13U622??6176.246.174.*Interbank FX ClubPaid like clock.
13:13U622??6176.246.174.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid, pay and continue to pay
13:12U622??6176.246.174.*ETF Business Inc.Thanks for payment!
13:10U182??5391.76.168.*Quix GainPaid me again
13:10U182??5391.76.168.*Private Gold HoldingVery-very good program.
13:09U182??5391.76.168.*Platinum Trade Inc.Thank you for good profit!
13:09U182??5391.76.168.*Interbank FX ClubAlways paying, thank you guys
13:08U182??5391.76.168.*United FX Trading Corp.Paying on time, very good system
13:08U182??5391.76.168.*ETF Business Inc.Best, they are really the BEST
13:06U634??9677.75.201.*Quix GainWell paying system
13:05U634??9677.75.201.*Private Gold HoldingSimply very good
13:05U634??9677.75.201.*Platinum Trade Inc.Really the best
13:04U634??9677.75.201.*Interbank FX ClubPaid once again...
13:03U634??9677.75.201.*United FX Trading Corp.Always paying, no problem!
13:03U634??9677.75.201.*ETF Business Inc.Perfectly works and makes good profit
13:01U524??5989.253.27.*ETF Business Inc.Paid on time as usual!! !! !!
13:00U618??14147.32.125.*ETF Business Inc.No problems .. Hope for long ;)
12:59U618??14147.32.125.*Quix GainExcellent program!!! GOOD!
12:58U618??14147.32.125.*Private Gold Holdinggreat program
12:58U618??14147.32.125.*Platinum Trade Inc.One of the best
12:56U618??14147.32.125.*United FX Trading Corp.Works every day.
12:56U618??14147.32.125.*Interbank FX ClubGreat invest program!
12:54U524??5989.253.27.*Quix GainNice program... ;)
12:54U524??5989.253.27.*Private Gold Holdingpay!pay!pay!
12:53U524??5989.253.27.*Platinum Trade Inc.Reliable investment.
12:52U524??5989.253.27.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid well and always in time
12:52U524??5989.253.27.*Interbank FX ClubPaid well, indeed
12:50U569??1477.81.98.*Quix GainWas paid today
12:49U569??1477.81.98.*Private Gold HoldingPaid 8/20. Thanks!
12:49U569??1477.81.98.*Platinum Trade Inc.***PAID & PAID***
12:48U569??1477.81.98.*Interbank FX ClubPaid 6/20. Thanks!
12:48U569??1477.81.98.*United FX Trading Corp.It is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
12:47U569??1477.81.98.*ETF Business Inc.Getting paid regularly
12:44U917??4089.191.100.*Quix GainReally Good program online
12:43U917??4089.191.100.*Private Gold HoldingSuccessful HYIP
12:43U917??4089.191.100.*Platinum Trade Inc.Never misses payment.
12:42U917??4089.191.100.*Interbank FX ClubThanks for payment!
12:42U917??4089.191.100.*United FX Trading Corp.Payment received thanks!
12:41U917??4089.191.100.*ETF Business Inc.Paid like clock.
12:38U335??6983.237.231.*Quix GainPaid today
12:37U335??6983.237.231.*Private Gold HoldingPaying all the time!
12:36U335??6983.237.231.*Platinum Trade Inc.Got another paid
12:35U335??6983.237.231.*Interbank FX ClubPaid all time. Thanks admin!
12:35U335??6983.237.231.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid and withdrew.
12:34U335??6983.237.231.*ETF Business Inc.Pays without problems
11:21516??3764.85.163.*Fast Pay Hyippaid tanks
11:19515??3664.85.163.*Fast Pay Hyipgood hyip
11:17457??6064.85.163.*Fast Pay Hyippaying auto
5:38E2??8172.27.112.*Trademoney4u4 attempt to withdraw not successful, site unavailable
3:50U391??03 68.8.36.* FinansertNice payment recieved again. Thanks honest admin.
3:44U725??73 75.8.97.* FinansertReceive a ref commission. Paid on time. Exellent!
3:39U330??73 69.106.178.* FinansertExcelent program. Paid me on time again, thanks very much.
3:23U601??7698.207.143.*450comNice payment recieved again. Thanks honest admin.
3:22U601??7698.207.143.*KlondNice payment recieved again. Thanks honest admin.
3:20U820??9376.216.21.*450comGot payment. =))
3:19U820??9376.216.21.*SancegoldPaid again, I got $160. Very glad.
3:18U820??9376.216.21.*e-bullibPaid again, I got $160. Very glad.
3:16U820??9324.5.207.*KlondReceive a ref commission. Paid on time. Exellent!
3:10U079??6069.108.92.*450comPaid me as usual, so far so great.
3:08U079??6069.108.92.*SancegoldExcelent program. Paid me on time again, thanks very much.
3:07U079??6069.108.92.*e-bullibExcelent program. Paid me on time again, thanks very much.
3:04U079??6069.108.92.*KlondGot my paid again.
3:00U376??5664.170.211.*450comPaid me on time again...
2:58U376??5664.170.211.*SancegoldGet my nice profits, thx admin.
2:56U376??5664.170.211.*e-bullibGet my nice profits, thx admin.
2:54U376??5664.170.211.*KlondPaid me $100 again, it is the best program.
2:49U233??0371.141.122.*450comGreat program and site. Got payment again.
2:47U233??0371.141.122.*SancegoldGreat HYIP. Really good. Thanks admin.
2:46U233??0371.141.122.*e-bullibGreat HYIP. Really good. Thanks admin.
2:40U233??0371.141.122.*KlondAdmin are very impressived, got my payment on time!
2:37U391??0376.246.59.*450comI got paid today again, thanks admin.
2:36U391??0376.246.59.*SancegoldReally got paid. Very good program.
2:35U391??0376.246.59.*e-bullibReally got paid. Very good program.
2:33U391??0376.246.59.*KlondAdmin paid me again, thanks very much, I invest again too.
2:26U725??7371.198.94.*450comPaid. Another $ 65 today.
2:22U725??7371.198.94.*SancegoldPaid. Another $ 65 today.
2:18U725??7371.198.94.*e-bullibPaid. Another $ 65 today.
2:14U725??7371.198.94.*KlondReceived second payment. Many thanks to Admin.
2:09U330??7371.202.111.*450comGreat work, thank you Admin.
2:08U330??7371.202.111.*SancegoldPaid me 40$ today.
2:06U330??7371.202.111.*e-bullibPaid me 40$ today.
2:03U330??7371.202.111.*KlondPaid. I hope you're around for a long time.
1:13477??8964.62.138.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. PAID me today, too
1:11U368??34221.210.123.*1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
1:07475??8364.62.138.*1DailyFundsget PAID 4340$ for PLAN D , thank you admin your good work !
1:06431??3164.62.138.*1DailyFundsHonest PAYOUTS on time! Get PAID today as usual. Nice serious project!
1:05U532??51221.210.123.*1DailyFundsNice,received my EGOLD 500usd ,best HYIP program,thank you admin