Vote Information for Tuesday 5 February 2008


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22:06U426??57 125.164.97.* Quix GainGot Paid 2/5, Welldone admin
20:18U565??95 83.58.126.* Beau Capital Ltd.very good program! paid!
19:36454??93 130.76.32.* Global Market SolutionsTOTAL SCAM. NOT PAID. They don't invest or trade. FRAUDULENT, ILLEGAL operation.
19:21458??0391.14.87.*Sky-ProfitPayment received ... Batch: 88330331 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
17:55U740??56 91.92.207.* Celicanpaying
17:25U740??56 190.24.34.* 300Moneygot paid
17:23504??1067.166.99.*Global Market SolutionsTook $20 ten days ago and not paying, they just bury bad votes with fake votes. Made several attempts to contact them but no response. BIG SCAM. DON'T INVEST HERE!!!
17:19U609??5876.90.35.*418ZiZpaid good
17:10U188??9784.42.19.*Beau Capital Ltd.Received payment Amount: $11.50 Batch: 1493160 Memo:
17:07U019??63 83.237.171.* Celicanget paid now daily
17:02U079??65209.190.51.*450comPayouts on time, very solid company!
17:00U019??63 84.192.7.* QQ-netrequest was done and money has come
16:57U019??63 77.38.142.* 300Moneywithdrawed 100$$
16:48U079??65209.190.51.*e-bullibPaying; I like thje site and the whole idea!
16:41U079??65209.190.51.*KlondAlways paid on time. This is my favourite.
16:38U740??5685.29.226.*418ZiZNice program! Already tried!
16:33U385??38 82.78.168.* CelicanSuper! Good program!
16:11U121??7985.216.251.*Quix Gaingot paid just in time, very good program.
16:10U121??7985.216.251.*Private Gold HoldingAlways paying, no problem!
16:10U121??7985.216.251.*Platinum Trade Inc.Super Program! Thanks admin!
16:09U121??7985.216.251.*Interbank FX ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
16:08U121??7985.216.251.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid once again...
16:08U121??7985.216.251.*ETF Business Inc.Good program, Paid regularly
16:05U864??3524.220.118.*Quix GainVery-very good program.
16:04U864??3524.220.118.*Private Gold HoldingI got paid today. Thanks admin.
16:04U864??3524.220.118.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid me again
16:03U864??3524.220.118.*Interbank FX ClubGreat project, paid! Join!
16:02U864??3524.220.118.*United FX Trading Corp.Payment received, very good
16:02U864??3524.220.118.*ETF Business Inc.Perfectly works and makes good profit
16:00U728??8591.76.30.*Quix Gainalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
16:00402??3989.137.143.*Beau Capital Ltd.Paying good as promised.
15:59U728??8591.76.30.*Private Gold HoldingPaying on time, very good system
15:58U728??8591.76.30.*Platinum Trade Inc.Excellent program! Fast support!
15:58U728??8591.76.30.*Interbank FX Clubpaid again. All right. The best invest program
15:58511??32 66.186.59.* ForexFundsOnlinePayment received!thanks a lot!i will re-invest soon!
15:57U728??8591.76.30.*United FX Trading Corp.My favorite prog! Thanks admin!
15:57U728??8591.76.30.*ETF Business Inc.received ... payment. very good and stable program.!
15:55U368??00195.182.212.*Quix GainPaid, pay and continue to pay
15:54U368??00195.182.212.*Private Gold HoldingPaid like clock.
15:53U368??00195.182.212.*Platinum Trade!pay!pay!
15:52U385??3889.215.11.*300Moneyit is paying. fast and safe
15:52U368??00195.182.212.*Interbank FX ClubThanks paid!
15:52U368??00195.182.212.*United FX Trading Corp.Serious paying program!
15:50U368??00195.182.212.*ETF Business Inc.good admin response
15:49511??41 66.186.59.* Trade-Fundsadmin is honest,paid me on time,thanks a lot!
15:48U526??2186.107.146.*Quix Gainexcellent program thanks
15:48U526??2186.107.146.*Private Gold HoldingExsellent! Paid! super program!
15:47U526??2186.107.146.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid on time as usual!! !! !!
15:46U526??2186.107.146.*Interbank FX ClubThanks for payment! invest program!
15:46U526??2186.107.146.*United FX Trading Corp.Thanks for payment!
15:45U526??2186.107.146.*ETF Business Inc.paid and reinvested.
15:43U934??6899.165.193.*Quix GainI am glad indeed
15:42U934??6899.165.193.*Private Gold HoldingSerious paying program!
15:42U934??6899.165.193.*Platinum Trade Inc.***PAID & PAID***
15:41U837??88 79.120.27.* 418ZiZgot paid without long waiting
15:41U934??6899.165.193.*Interbank FX ClubWas paid today
15:40U934??6899.165.193.*United FX Trading Corp.Get profit! nice fond)
15:39U934??6899.165.193.*ETF Business Inc.One of the best
15:37U910??4279.114.155.*Quix GainGood work!
15:35U910??4279.114.155.*United FX Trading Corp.Paid. Thanks.
15:35U910??4279.114.155.*Interbank FX ClubI got paid.
15:34U910??4279.114.155.*Platinum Trade Inc.Always got paid
15:34U910??4279.114.155.*Private Gold Holdingreceived your payment.THANKS.
15:33U910??4279.114.155.*ETF Business Inc.Great invest program!
15:30U217??12194.44.227.*Quix GainGood support.
15:30U217??12194.44.227.*Private Gold HoldingAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
15:29U217??12194.44.227.*Platinum Trade Inc.I got paid. Hope it will for some more days
15:28U217??12194.44.227.*Interbank FX ClubGood work!
15:28U217??12194.44.227.*United FX Trading Corp.Payment received. Thanks.
15:27U217??12194.44.227.*ETF Business Inc.Paid! Give me two! :)
15:26U270??0485.29.226.*Quix GainPayment received. Thanks.
15:25U270??0485.29.226.*Private Gold HoldingThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
15:24U270??0485.29.226.*Platinum Trade Inc.Very trustworthy a serious investment program
15:24U270??0485.29.226.*Interbank FX ClubPaid No problems!
15:23U270??0485.29.226.*United FX Trading Corp.Very Much...Paid Today!
15:22U270??0485.29.226.*ETF Business Inc.i got paid
15:20U678??5083.204.111.*Quix GainStiil geting paid... Goood :)
15:18U678??5083.204.111.*Private Gold HoldingVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
15:18U678??5083.204.111.*Platinum Trade Inc.I am near my seventh payment.
15:16U678??5083.204.111.*Interbank FX ClubGood! Make more!
15:16U678??5083.204.111.*United FX Trading Corp.My favourite invest program
15:15U678??5083.204.111.*ETF Business Inc.I've been paid in time
15:05U502??35122.50.180.*Actual Hourlygood programe, paying instantly....user id jitu123
13:27U500??7469.114.223.*Beau Capital Ltd.Got paid for the very first time!
11:33458??0391.14.87.*Great250Next Paid received ... Batch: 88323744 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
10:33516??41125.2.218.*UpTo600lime:There is no payment indefinitely......
10:28516??41125.2.218.*ThePayingHyipPending user forever 2 day ago.......:lime
10:27U376??1781.198.15.*450comOne of the few left that pays regularly; They switched to LR
10:25516??41125.2.218.*Sky-ProfitPending user forever 3 day ago.......:lime
10:22515??22196.220.1.*UpTo600This program stinks to hell.However,will update immediately you pple have a change of heart.-africanscholar
10:22516??41125.2.218.*300WizardPending user forever 3 day ago.......
10:21U376??1781.198.15.*SancegoldAlways paid
10:12U376??1781.198.15.*e-bullibAlways paid. This is a real and serious program. Thanks
10:05U376??1781.198.15.*KlondYes, this program makes me very pleased!
9:44515??22196.220.1.*Great250Greatest scam of the year. Disbelief every good vote it is not real. This program is a very bad program. Not paying at all. Well, if i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
9:31464??01196.220.1.*Sky-Profitwow! still pending. This program is no longer paying. Investors, keep off. if i am paid, i will update my comment. Africanscholar
8:37E2??7571.64.127.*Auto-Payingstill waiting on withdrawals requested on 1-23-08
6:49513??33202.47.64.*UpTo600cihuylaa: still waiting for my $ 15n now even more waiting for another $ 45, that's total of $ 60 for 2 days.
6:26478??2364.46.38.*GrownSharepaid complete for 3 days plan, good program. honest admin!!!
4:59U330??7378.111.176.*e-bullibGood site, well done!
4:57U330??7372.220.146.*450comPaid for my test spend.
4:51513??3774.86.222.*Egold Groupgreat paying site
4:49U725??73 69.106.204.* KlondGot payment today. Very Good.
4:46515??83 66.186.59.* ForexFundsOnlinefantastic working program
4:42511??08 74.86.222.* Trade-Investmentpaying
4:39511??87 66.186.59.* Trademoney4ugreat paying site
4:36511??8174.86.222.*Trade-Fundsexcellent program
4:33U233??0376.171.191.*SancegoldI got payment 2 times, very fast.
4:31U233??0376.171.191.*e-bullibI got payment 4 times, very fast. Great site.
4:29U233??0376.171.191.*KlondSeriouse investment program. Paid.
4:25U376??5676.244.191.*450comgot paid first time thanks
4:24U376??5676.244.191.*Sancegoldgot paid first time thanks
4:13U820??9376.211.123.*SancegoldPaid. I with you for ever. Thanks the admin.
4:12U820??9376.211.123.*e-bullibPaid. I with you for ever. Thanks the admin.
4:10U820??9376.211.123.*KlondPaying on time and excellent e-mail support.
4:06U601??7669.181.4.*450comGot paid ..Thank you admin.
3:52U601??7669.181.4.*Sancegoldi have been paid
3:52504??3674.86.90.*1DailyFundsNice,received my EGOLD 500usd ,best HYIP program,thank you admin
3:51U601??7669.181.4.*e-bullibi have been paid...
3:49507??3374.86.90.*1DailyFundsvery gooooooooood PROGRAM keep it up got PAID today,everyday.tell my friends to join
3:44U601??7669.181.4.*KlondPayment is received. Fine work of the administrator.
3:39482??1780.250.32.*Go300Investor keep out. my withdrawal request has been PENDING forever. I'll tell u when I get PAID. mamkeji
3:34U295??07222.181.169.*1DailyFundsGot It All straightened out now. Its a very good program. Thanks admin!
3:30U298??10222.181.169.*1DailyFundsHonest PAYOUTS on time! Get PAID today as usual. Nice serious project!
3:28U079??68222.181.169.*1DailyFundsvery day PAYMENT and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site
3:23U512??62222.181.169.*1DailyFundstoday,I get PAYMENT $3000 in PLAN B.thanks admin, good work.