Vote Information for Monday 4 February 2008


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23:28U601??76 64.183.24.* FinansertExcellent program. Never misses payment.
22:43E1??31 70.13.88.* ThePayingHyipthese ppl are liars and this is a scam
22:18U837??88212.235.28.*QQ-netAlways RECEIVE payouts from it! This is good program!
22:01U373??52 200.117.153.* 418ZiZGot paid
21:40U373??52 201.79.27.* CelicanReceived payout
21:38U725??73 68.127.106.* FinansertGot paid ..Thank you admin.
21:31U330??73 66.122.76.* FinansertPayment is received. Fine work of the administrator.
21:20U740??56 88.241.230.* QQ-netpaying
20:56U740??56 67.176.51.* 300Moneypaying
20:52401??29 71.200.191.* Beau Capital Ltd.very good hyip
20:44U683??47 67.82.253.* 418ZiZWorks fine
20:38U683??47 87.99.119.* CelicanGot paid!
20:31U385??38 72.0.176.* QQ-netpaid
20:20U019??63 83.237.239.* 300MoneyThey paid me!! TODAY!!
20:08402??43 83.21.169.* Beau Capital Ltd.Paid me so fast, thank you admin! Keep your program work forever!
19:33U426??57 125.164.99.* Quix GainReceived 1/5, thanks admin
19:17U385??38 89.178.26.* 418ZiZpaid
18:49464??01196.220.1.*UpTo600This program is a scam. If i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
18:03463??4180.77.80.*GrownSharethank you for payment admin, you a excelent hyip
17:56286??5266.109.25.*GrownSharewithdraw procced and complete for 15 days plan. many thank you admin!!!!
17:50269??50208.68.93.*GrownShareproffesional program, paid daily withdraw request, keep live admin, reinvestment more...
17:31U706??45202.146.241.*UpTo600Paid me today...Honest admin...Batch: 88303641...Thanks...User: HyipMaster
16:45464??01196.220.1.*Great250This is another scam. Not paying at all. If i am paid, i will update my comments. africanscholar
16:20482??1780.250.32.*Go300My 2 withdrawals are still pending since 2nd and 3rd respectively. Hoping to get paid today
16:14515??22196.220.1.*Go300At last i got paid. This program is performing now. Investor, you can look into it. Africanscholar
15:53464??01196.220.1.*Sky-ProfitI made a withdrawal some three days ago and it is still pending. This program is no longer paying. If i am paid, i will update my comments. Africanscholar
15:11515??08205.209.165.*Trade-FundsIt's a so good site.
14:45515??1559.188.0.*ForexFundsOnlineI have got paid $93.75
14:24515??1759.188.0.*Trademoney4uPaid,very fast.
13:53372??32 58.92.76.* Beau Capital Ltd.paid quickly! very good program
13:47U502??35122.50.180.*World Hourlynice hyip, paying auto withdrwal.thanks admin..user id jitu123
13:27485??54190.64.17.*UpTo600OTHER PAYMENT RECEIVED TODAY ... Batch id = 1479127 .... Many thanks Admin ... Very good program
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11:51458??0391.14.95.*UpTo600Paid me today ... Batch: 88303664 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
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11:22458??0391.14.95.*Great250Next payment received ... Batch: 88303433 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
11:17 508??64 202.173.201.* 300MoneyI requested a withdrawal, and now canot login to my account and they will not return my Emails , WARNING!!! SCAM!!!!
11:08U196??0280.251.112.*LEO HYIPI have received second payment 0.30$.Thank you admin.User:#kiki
9:27U706??45202.146.241.*LEO HYIPPaid me today..Batch: 88301130...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
7:12515??8074.86.222.*Egold GroupPays ontime... always
7:06511??41 66.186.59.* ForexFundsOnlinePaid me again today fast and as promised!!!
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6:55511??8766.186.59.*Trademoney4uPaid me today fast and as promised.
6:51511??0874.86.221.*Trade-FundsGot payment today. Withdrawal was processed very fast.
5:31U625??53221.210.123.*1DailyFundsthanks admin your response was helpful
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5:27U298??67221.210.123.*1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive.
5:23U368??3464.62.138.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive.
5:21U227??65 221.210.68.* 1DailyFundsGot It All straightened out and reinvested with daily payment for 2 weeks now. Its a very good program.
4:21513??33202.47.64.*UpTo600cihuylaa: i'm still waiting for my $15.oo. CAREFULL NOW.
1:11U079??6067.49.201.*KlondGreat program and honest admin.
1:07U376??5624.5.207.*450comPaid Me Fast. very very good.
1:05U376??5624.5.207.*SancegoldBig real payments. I tried it already and i am satisfied.
1:03U376??5624.5.207.*e-bullibBig real payments. I tried it already and i am satisfied.
1:01U376??5624.5.207.*KlondGot payment.
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0:00U330??7371.202.111.*KlondThanks,i got paid.