Vote Information for Saturday 2 February 2008


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0:24U601??76216.9.7.*450comCongrats to all who getting paid.
0:21U601??76216.9.7.*SancegoldPaid. Really good. Thanks.
0:16U601??76216.9.7.*e-bullibPaid. Really good. Thanks.
0:11U601??7624.5.207.*KlondPaid. Really good. Thanks.
22:19U820??9367.174.230.*FinansertGot my payment, thanks admin.
22:11U601??7667.181.98.*FinansertGood Program - Pays Well.
21:16U188??9784.42.19.*Beau Capital Ltd.Payment received $11.5 Batch: 1465783
20:13515??22196.220.1.*Trade-InvestmentI got paid today but some of my fund still pending. If i am paid, i will vote very good. Africanscholar
20:07U223??13124.120.54.*300WizardPAID to user forever Thank admin
20:01U706??45202.146.241.*Great250Paid me today $3.75...Honest admin...Batch: 1465659 ...Thanks...User: HyipMaster
19:57402??6681.39.2.*Beau Capital Ltd.The administrator the fair guy! Solves all problems and pays pays and once again pays! It is cool
19:51515??22196.220.1.*Great250Let's see if this is not another scam. I havbe just made my first withdrawal. If i am paid, i will vote as real. Africanscholar
19:37U084??44 74.71.38.* Beau Capital Ltd.Got paid for the very first time!
19:08U740??5683.86.48.*QQ-netWorking good enough
19:00U385??38 75.21.144.* 300MoneyThanx for paying
19:00464??01196.220.1.*UpTo600Pls watch out, this may be another scam. i have made a withwrawal and for voer 24 hours, i am yet to get paid. If i am paid, i will update my comment. Africanscholar
18:52U837??88 193.108.235.* 418ZiZpaid
18:47458??0391.14.84.*Great250First payment received ... Batch: 88279015 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
18:18U373??52 89.132.206.* QQ-netpaying
17:47U223??13124.120.54.*Sky-ProfitWithdraw processed. Batch id = 88274816.......Thank admin......User forever
17:38401??29 213.36.149.* Beau Capital Ltd.Simply you are the best instant deposit and payments as usually got paid
17:35U740??56 82.131.145.* 300Moneyreally paid
17:10U373??52 80.51.33.* 418ZiZeasy got $56
17:09502??35 86.108.110.* Auto-Payingfack this hyip ..
16:54U837??88 91.122.148.* QQ-netpaid
16:51U019??63 85.140.83.* 300Moneygot paid
16:24U837??88 79.139.186.* 300Moneypaid
16:01515??80 66.186.59.* Egold GroupPaid Me Fast. very very good!
15:55515??0874.86.221.*Trade-Investmentpay me again,tks honest admin
15:52515??1566.186.59.*Trademoney4ureceive a ref commission today,paid on time,thanks
15:48515??1774.86.222.*Trade-Fundsi receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
15:31U385??38 91.77.151.* 418ZiZWithdrawed $100!!
14:24U502??35122.50.180.*Go300good hyip, honest paid me..$10.00.......user id : jitu123
14:23485??54 190.64.40.* UpTo600VERY HONEST HYIP ... Batch id = 1462708 ... Payment received instantly ... MANY THANKS ADMIN
13:50458??0391.14.84.*Sky-ProfitPaid me today ... Batch: 88274793 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
13:46458??0391.14.84.*UpTo6002. payment received ... Batch: 88273842 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
13:43458??0391.14.84.*Go300Next payment received ... Batch: 88273453 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
13:28515??82 66.186.59.* Trade-FundsGood program.
13:18515??91 66.186.59.* Trademoney4uThe best site.I just got again.
13:01511??0766.186.59.*Trade-Investmentreally paid.
12:43511??3266.186.59.*ForexFundsOnlineI just got paid.
12:41U196??0280.251.112.*ForexFundsOnlineI just reseived 3.75$ Thank you admin for job ID ramin
12:29U826??4981.198.15.*450comthis is the real deal!
12:20U826??4981.198.15.*SancegoldWhat? I not los my money! Thanks for payment!
12:05U706??45202.146.241.*Go300Paid me today $3.00...Honest admin...Batch: 1462548...Thanks...User: HyipMaster
12:02U826??4981.198.15.*e-bullibA hidden gem, really, it goes way back to "I don't remember" when, they do pay, they do invest. more than satisfied.
11:52U826??4981.198.15.*Klondpaid me very fast!!! thanks admin!!!
11:21U910??42195.189.81.*Global Market SolutionsPaid right on time!
11:20U910??42195.189.81.*ETF Business Inc.Good program! Make more!
11:19U910??42195.189.81.*United FX Trading Corp.Good ! One of the best !
11:18U217??1289.79.203.*ETF Business Inc.What a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
11:17U217??1289.79.203.*United FX Trading Corp.Good admin.
11:17U217??1289.79.203.*Global Market SolutionsI've been paid in time
11:15U570??0489.34.37.*ETF Business Inc.I like it!
11:15U570??0489.34.37.*United FX Trading Corp.Good spon! You shoul try it !
11:14U570??0489.34.37.*Global Market SolutionsGOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
11:13U240??8070.245.47.*ETF Business Inc.Good site. Good admin... ;)
11:12U240??8070.245.47.*United FX Trading Corp.Still paying. Hope it will for more days
11:12U240??8070.245.47.*Global Market SolutionsIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
11:10U065??2290.151.137.*ETF Business Inc.Good workind hyip!
11:10U065??2290.151.137.*United FX Trading Corp.Pays without problems
11:09U065??2290.151.137.*Global Market SolutionsI am in love with this spon :))
11:08U610??1512.208.61.*ETF Business Inc.Got my money!
11:07U610??1512.208.61.*United FX Trading Corp.payments received
11:07U610??1512.208.61.*Global Market SolutionsI got paid !!
11:05U046??9588.130.84.*Global Market SolutionsAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admi
11:05U046??9588.130.84.*United FX Trading Corp.Got paid for several times
11:04U046??9588.130.84.*ETF Business Inc.Payment received.
11:03U830??6368.255.24.*Global Market SolutionsGood, i got paid
11:02515??3664.85.161.*Fast Pay Hyip
11:02U830??6368.255.24.*United FX Trading Corp.Had no problems for now !
11:02U830??6368.255.24.*ETF Business Inc.Great invest program!
11:00457??6064.85.161.*Fast Pay Hyippaid me fast
11:00U239??9479.113.168.*ETF Business Inc.hyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
11:00U239??9479.113.168.*United FX Trading paid ... I will try again ! :)
10:59U239??9479.113.168.*Global Market SolutionsPaid. Excellent customer support.
10:58U622??6179.113.108.*ETF Business Inc.Good HYIP! You should try it too.
10:57U622??6179.113.108.*United FX Trading Corp.Excellent HYIP! paid!
10:56U622??6179.113.108.*Global Market SolutionsWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
10:55U182??5388.203.252.*Global Market SolutionsRight choice to invest
10:54U182??5388.203.252.*United FX Trading Corp.hyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
10:54U182??5388.203.252.*ETF Business Inc.super paid
10:52U634??9669.85.9.*ETF Business Inc.Good Site...Paid!
10:52U634??9669.85.9.*United FX Trading Corp.Very good ! I liked it !
10:51U634??9669.85.9.*Global Market SolutionsReally the best program online!
10:50U618??1489.230.200.*Global Market Solutionsprogram best!
10:49U618??1489.230.200.*United FX Trading Corp.amazing hyip!!!
10:49U618??1489.230.200.*ETF Business Inc.No problems .. Hope for long ;))
10:48U524??59217.156.118.*ETF Business Inc.Paid again and again and again..! ! !
10:47U524??59217.156.118.*United FX Trading Corp.good admin response
10:45U524??59217.156.118.*Global Market SolutionsPayment received thanks!
10:44U569??1424.185.33.*Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
10:43U569??1424.185.33.*United FX Trading Corp.Never misses payment.
10:43U569??1424.185.33.*ETF Business Inc.Successful HYIP
10:40464??01196.220.1.*Trade-InvestmentThis program is scam. If i am paid, i will update my comment. Africanscholar
10:10507??97196.220.1.*UpTo600I made my first withdrawal now. Let's see if this is not another scam. Seundipo
10:04507??97196.220.1.*Sky-ProfitI made my first withdrawal now. Let's see if this is not another scam. Seundipo
6:38U593??76 86.57.218.* Fund550SCAM!SCAM!SCAM!-login USA2008
5:18200??57217.119.145.*LAXOBEST PAYING PROGRAM, daily average since 52 days = 1.75 %
3:09U820??9367.174.230.*450compaying every day like clockwork
3:05U820??9367.174.230.*Intadollargot my payment, thanks admin
3:01U820??9367.174.230.*e-bullibgot my payment, thanks admin
2:59U820??9367.174.230.*KlondVery Good!Thanks for paying admin.
2:51U079??6069.108.92.*450comPaid everyday for the past 1 month.
2:46U079??6069.108.92.*IntadollarPaid everyday for the past 1 month.
2:43U079??6069.108.92.*e-bullibPaid everyday for the past 1 month.
2:38U079??6069.108.92.*Klondvery good hyip. paid
2:29U376??5671.104.30.*450comVery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
2:25U376??5671.104.30.*IntadollarIt's great program. Thanks for paying...
2:23U376??5671.104.30.*e-bullibIt's great program. Thanks for paying...
2:20U376??5671.104.30.*Klondgetting paid
2:14U233??0371.146.169.*450comThey are still paying. I got paid today.
2:11U233??0371.146.169.*e-bullibVery Good Program. Got payment.
2:06U233??0371.146.169.*IntadollarPayments regular. I like to make money with this program.
2:01U233??0371.146.169.*KlondVery Good Program. Got payment.
1:58U391??0367.181.41.*450comIs paying every day, good program. =)
1:51U391??0367.181.41.*IntadollarVery good site. Paid everyday automated.
1:41U725??7324.5.31.*450comGreat program! Paid me on time.
1:37U725??7324.5.31.*IntadollarThanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
1:34U725??7376.244.191.*KlondSuper program, always paying and always paying on time.
1:26U330??7367.125.106.*450comWell, just have been paid.
1:19U330??7367.125.106.*IntadollarPayment received!
1:18U330??7367.125.106.*e-bullibPayment received!
1:10U532??51221.210.123.*1DailyFundsThis PROGRAM and Admin are very impressive.
1:07U625??53221.210.123.*1DailyFundsevry day i gat payment.very nice site.I get PAYMENT 1 year
1:02431??3164.62.138.*1DailyFundsPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program
1:00U820??9376.244.191.*FinansertGreat customer support, super.