Vote Information for Tuesday 29 January 2008


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0:57U295??07222.181.171.*1DailyFundsGot It All straightened out and REINVESTED with daily PAYMENT for 2 weeks now. Its a very good program.
0:55U298??10222.181.171.*1DailyFundsNice,received my EGOLD 500usd ,best HYIP program,thank you admin
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21:24U063??3576.172.56.*e-bullibNo problem with this site, Pays every request.
21:19U063??3576.172.56.*KlondNo problem with this site, Pays every request.
21:06U919??7167.181.41.*450comVery well, fast payouts.Highly recommended.
21:00U919??7167.181.41.*IntadollarWow! Paid!
20:54U919??7167.181.41.*e-bullibpays as promised! Honest!
20:47 U097??44 124.120.47.* Beau Capital Ltd.Thank admin paid to user forever........Sorry for bad vote
20:46U919??7167.181.41.*KlondWell paying site with quality support
20:34U596??3324.5.31.*IntadollarYahoo ! paid and paid ! very proffy !
20:30U247??3524.5.31.*450comVery stable and professional!Got payment!
20:25U683??47 83.237.22.* 300MoneyMy respect admin, got paid
20:17U740??56 62.77.109.* QQ-netThanx admin!! I like your hyip very much!!
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20:07U373??52 91.77.133.* 300Moneygood
20:05U247??3571.202.111.*KlondYou have again quickly paid me. Thank you for doing all that you have promised.
20:05U188??9784.42.19.*Beau Capital Ltd.Cashout OK, look a great site
19:53U376??4098.207.143.*450comAgain paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
19:47U376??4098.207.143.*IntadollarExcellent program. Always get paid. Thank
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19:34U019??63 85.130.8.* 418ZiZGood! Well done, admin!
19:32U376??4098.207.143.*KlondTHANKS!!! New payment received!
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19:14U385??38 76.114.232.* 300Moneythis is best of other
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18:58215??84 91.124.214.* Rich Forex FundPaid on time! Thanks admin!
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18:55U837??88 80.99.159.* 418ZiZvery good hyip
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18:40E1??53117.197.209.*Crown Gold Group01/23/08 ATIP - Transfer SentTo: Andre BrownA49621692-MTP5.00usd from e-bullion; user name : mattaravikumar; till date profits are not paid
18:39U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundVery,very good paid!
18:31E1??53117.197.209.*LovingProfituser: mattaravikumar; paid $5 usd on 23.1.2008 e-bullion transaction no:A88775994-MTP name Mr. Chris D McNorton; till date no where abouts of this issue
18:31U019??63 89.179.3.* QQ-netpaying
18:19U740??56 85.142.208.* 300Moneypaying!!
18:16 510??06 117.197.209.*Global Market Solutionsan amount of 20 USD is paid to annie on 23.1.2008 vide batch no: 88080131 of my e -gold account till date no interest payment is made.
18:14U609??58 81.195.16.* 418ZiZpaying
18:05U740??56 89.204.40.* 418ZiZgot paid
17:53 U606??73 82.138.48.* 1DailyFundsPaing always! 225$
16:53U549??0276.212.12.*450comsimply remarkable project! I think at this project the big future!
16:42U549??0276.212.12.*IntadollarI think at this project the big future!
16:33U549??0276.212.12.*e-bullibget paid in e-gold. very honest admin. thank you very much
16:26U549??0276.212.12.*KlondTHANKS!!! New payment received!
15:54513??32205.209.157.*Egold GroupGot money from the project!
15:49511??87205.209.157.*Trade-InvestmentPaid me very good!
15:45511??9866.186.59.*Trademoney4uNever any problems with this one! Amazing program!
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14:00U484??5964.170.211.*KlondVery Very VERY HONEST ADMIN,Never miss out any payment,Just get paid less than 2 hours. Thank U Pablo.
12:35U223??13 124.120.56.* Beau Capital Ltd.withdrawal not process...If paid i will post here......user forever
12:10U263??2491.14.87.*JetIncomeAnother payment received ... Batch: 88197454 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
12:03U263??2491.14.87.*Sky-ProfitNext payment received ... Batch: 88196864 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
12:02U548??57209.190.51.*IntadollarAlways get paid never stop
11:57U548??57209.190.51.*450comI also contacted Pablo and got the same answer as you. I don't know how people can think that Chris is able to check over 500 accounts and find the right person. That guy must be really stupid.
11:33506??26 202.143.155.* GDIFundpaid instant again.thanks honest admin :)
9:53458??03 91.14.122.* Fund550First payment received ... Batch: 88196535 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
9:45507??97196.220.1.*LovingProfitif paid i wil change my vote. this program is a big scam
9:32507??97196.220.1.*IntadollarThis program looks like a scam. I made a withdrewal for over 7 days and i am yet to be paid. If i am paid, i will update my comment. my username: oluwaseun
9:18462??47202.146.241.*Related Business ClubPaid me Today $0.75, ...Batch: 88191685..Thanks Admin....User: HyipMaster
6:53513??6174.86.222.*Egold GroupPaid me again today fast and as promised!!!
6:46 490??12 79.132.162.* Trade-InvestmentDidn't paid me! And if you check comments on other HYIP rating sites, you will see that they all come from the same IPs. SCAM!!!
6:45511??4166.186.59.*Trademoney4uTo my mind this program is the best of all ever seen!
6:40511??32 74.86.222.* Trade-FundsGot payment! It is very professional project. Every one will be in profit!
2:33123??4072.225.131.*418ZiZ$0.69 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account 1**hoping account unlocked soon with other withdraw request as i said i would my vote is in .
2:13513??37 66.186.59.* Egold Groupi receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
2:10324??3985.237.49.*Interbank FX ClubI've been paid! Thanks Admin!
2:07511??8766.186.59.*Trade-InvestmentNice design,one of the best program.paid me again!!
2:03511??9866.186.59.*Trademoney4uHonest amdin,receive payment today,good job!
2:00511??07205.209.157.*Trade-FundsGot paid again,the site very hot now!really hot!