Vote Information for Monday 28 January 2008


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23:38U108??7968.127.26.*450comCompounding without any problem, great program !!!
23:23U108??7968.127.26.*IntadollarPaid 90$
23:11U108??7968.127.26.*e-bullibWithdrawal is fast, paid to LR less than one hour
22:51U298??6669.229.199.*450comjust perfekt - USD 200.- in a few hours paid - thanks a lot
22:51U079??60 76.171.15.* FinansertPAID ... I hope that they will be online for long time.
22:39U298??6669.229.199.*Intadollarpaid !Nice!
22:35U330??73 78.176.227.* Finansertgetting payments on time.
22:28U298??6669.229.199.*e-bullibThanks for doing this excellent job, admin !!!
22:18U298??6669.229.199.*KlondCompounding without any problem, fast adminresponse, perfect !!!
22:13506??01134.146.0.*ThePayingHyipPending withdrawals since 3days.Pay me then I will update--opekscrew
22:08U648??5869.238.90.*450comKeep good work!paid me, so happy
21:56U648??5869.238.90.*Intadollar*** Perfect*SUPER***
21:47U648??5869.238.90.*e-bullibVery good program. Never have problem with this.
21:47506??01134.146.0.*JetIncomePending withdrawals since 4days.Pay me then I will update--opekscrew
21:47123??4072.225.131.*FrutiLibstill not responding to emails of pending payouts
21:39U648??5869.238.90.*KlondI withdraw $ 1.000,00 today, one hour later the money! Perfect admin, wonderful program,thanks a lot for doing this great job !!!!!
21:27506??01134.146.0.*300WizardPending user forever.If paid,I WILL UPDATE.
19:59U706??45202.146.241.*Related Business ClubPaid me totally $5.25 batch: 88037880, 88057109, 88136073, 88159289, 88159293, Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
19:42U706??45202.146.241.* back online.... Good job admin..Now, Just Request Withdraw.. User: HyipMaster
19:33U725??7367.171.229.*FinansertVery stable paying program. Paid.
18:28U134??4681.198.15.*450comWithdraw about $ 1700,00 received in 20 minutes !!Perfect, excellent, thanks a lot, admin !!!!!!!!!!
18:14U134??4681.198.15.*IntadollarI received 100 $ in less than 12 hours on my e-gold account! Thank you very much admin!!! I love this program!!!!!!
18:06U134??4681.198.15.*e-bullibI received 100 $ in less than 12 hours on my e-gold account! Thank you very much admin!!! I love this program!!!!!!
18:03U391??0378.111.176.*FinansertVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit.
17:53U134??4681.198.15.*KlondPaid in 6 hours. Very Good!
17:39489??68 77.184.222.* Klond
16:48513??3266.186.59.*Egold GroupI've been paid in time
16:43511??81205.209.157.*Trade-Investmentreal paying;fast support;on time pay out!
16:36511??32205.209.157.*Trade-FundsThey are paying. Really.
16:34U609??58 89.28.19.* 300MoneyGood 100%
16:20U609??58 77.123.186.* QQ-netgot paid
16:08U019??63 62.133.187.* 300Moneypaying
15:57U683??47 85.130.29.* QQ-netpaid
15:47U683??47 78.106.228.* 300Moneypaid
15:28U373??5287.240.17.*418ZiZgot finally paid
15:20U740??56 91.122.121.* QQ-netSuccessfully got paid - that is almost $60 to e-gold number 408*** (BATCH 88****24)
15:12U385??38 58.143.252.* 300MoneyIt's good, i'm sure
15:11U385??38 91.77.76.* 418ZiZIt is paying and i'm sure in that FACT, just FACT
14:55U019??63 86.100.216.* 418ZiZPaid! thanx!
14:47U683??47 86.102.14.* 418ZiZMy money withdrawed and everything is ok, what are you talking about, man? maybe you have violated some rules?
14:39123??4072.225.131.*LovingProfitif paid i will change vote ty
13:52123??4072.225.131.*418ZiZwill change when account fixed..account locked after withdraw request even after early good post :admin: will change vote when account fixed.
13:51506??46122.50.180.*LovingProfitgood hyip, honest paid me..$2.00.......user id : jitu123
13:32506??46122.50.180.*300Wizardgood hyip, honest paid me..$2.00.......user id : jitu123
12:58511??6974.86.222.*Trade-Fundspays quickly!Very good site with stable plan!
12:26506??46122.50.180.*Sky-Profitadmin solve server problems, paid me $2.00, good admin, paying very fast..thanks..user id jitu123
11:47506??46122.50.180.*Fund550admin solve server problems, paid me $2.00, good admin, paying very fast..thanks..user id jitu123
8:03U227??6564.62.138.*1DailyFundsPayment recevie todya,thanks admin
8:00U298??67221.210.68.*1DailyFundsgood paying.very nice site.I will investment again
7:58U097??68221.210.68.*1DailyFundsHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
7:56U625??5364.62.138.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too
7:54U532??51221.210.68.*1DailyFundsvery day payment and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site.
7:02E2??7571.64.127.*Auto-Payingrequest withdrawl made 1-23-08 still waiting
1:05U065??5082.30.79.*Intadollarscam! not paid for 7 days.