Vote Information for Sunday 27 January 2008


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22:16123??4072.225.131.*FrutiLibthanks awsome crew
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12:33U837??88 62.77.111.* 418ZiZIt still working fine
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10:58509??55 87.172.224.* Intadollarnot paid,the good votes are all fakes,big scam !!!
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10:31U609??58 89.212.44.* QQ-netgot paid
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10:28U217??1268.127.82.*Professional Trade Corp.Paying... Best wishes
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10:20U683??47 87.224.213.* 300MoneyStable paying
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7:29U298??6764.62.138.*1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too
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