Vote Information for Saturday 26 January 2008


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19:23215??8491.124.212.*Rich Forex FundPaid on time! Thanks admin!
17:40U549??51117.103.64.*Melior Investpaid the day before, paid today, and I'm sure will be paid tommorow! GO ROCK MELIOR!!
17:36U951??0772.36.142.*Melior Investpaid again. well done here!!
17:07U263??24 91.14.120.* BuxProfitWaiting for today 2/4 payment (e-gold 4580003)
15:44513??3774.86.221.*Egold Grouppaying today,thanks
15:37511??07 74.86.222.* Trade-InvestmentGot payment! Admin is honest
15:32511??9874.86.221.*Trademoney4uPaid me again. So happy with this one.
15:29511??87 74.86.221.* Trade-FundsI have received money from this best project!
14:50U632??7971.104.27.*e-bullibPaid everytime without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!!!
14:37 512??81 200.37.125.* Invest100Get200paid ontime Thanks
14:36U632??7971.104.27.*KlondMany thanks to Admin for continued payouts.
14:24U596??3324.154.240.*450comreceived 450 usd in my EG acc today very good
14:12U570??0478.106.120.*egold Profit ClubSerious paying program!
14:12U570??0478.106.120.*Professional Trade Corp.Payment received.
14:11U570??0478.106.120.*FX Diamonds Corp.Really the best program online!
14:10U240??8082.119.156.*egold Profit Clubamazing hyip!!!
14:09U240??8082.119.156.*Professional Trade Corp.program best!
14:08U240??8082.119.156.*FX Diamonds Corp.Good Site...Paid!
14:05U065??2289.110.2.*egold Profit Clubgood admin response
14:05U065??2289.110.2.*Professional Trade Corp...INVEST..!
14:05U596??3324.154.240.*IntadollarPaid again! Always in good time too.
14:04U065??2289.110.2.*FX Diamonds Corp.No problems .. Hope for long ;))
14:03U610??1578.106.239.*egold Profit ClubA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
14:02U610??1578.106.239.*Professional Trade Corp.Excellent!!
14:01U610??1578.106.239.*FX Diamonds Corp.Payment received.
14:00U046??9585.141.143.*egold Profit ClubPaid again and again and again..! ! !
14:00U046??9585.141.143.*FX Diamonds Corp.Nice program ...
13:59U046??9585.141.143.*Professional Trade Corp.Reliable investment.
13:56U596??3324.154.240.*e-bullibadmin,witdraw ke LR US$50.00 diterima,best site,bayar ontime.
13:55U830??6390.150.57.*egold Profit ClubPaid again and again and again..! ! !
13:55U830??6390.150.57.*Professional Trade Corp.Excellent programm ! I like it ...
13:54U830??6390.150.57.*FX Diamonds Corp.+ another payment got right to my egold acc.
13:53U239??94213.129.35.*egold Profit ClubIt is really great program!!!
13:52U609??58 85.140.71.* 300MoneyVery Good
13:52U239??94213.129.35.*Professional Trade Corp.Really the best program online!
13:52U239??94213.129.35.*FX Diamonds Corp.This one is in my list !
13:50U622??6183.237.178.*egold Profit Club+1 vote for very good cause i like it!
13:50U622??6183.237.178.*Professional Trade Corp.Payment received.
13:49U622??6183.237.178.*FX Diamonds Corp.paid cool! =) nice hyip!!!
13:48U182??5379.126.20.*egold Profit ClubGot another payment ! Excellent site!
13:48U182??5379.126.20.*Professional Trade Corp.Right choice to invest...
13:47U182??5379.126.20.*FX Diamonds Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
13:46U683??47 213.46.58.* QQ-netpaid
13:43U634??9686.15.135.*egold Profit ClubGood programm... Had no problems !
13:42U634??9686.15.135.*Professional Trade Corp.Paid again and again and again..! ! !
13:42U634??9686.15.135.*FX Diamonds Corp.Already tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
13:41U618??1482.23.14.*FX Diamonds Corp.Right choice to invest...
13:40U618??1482.23.14.*Professional Trade Corp.Payment received. Thanks.
13:40U618??1482.23.14.*egold Profit Clubpay me again
13:38U524??5981.104.137.*egold Profit Clubkeep up the good work
13:38U019??63 77.41.81.* 300Moneypaid
13:38U524??5981.104.137.*Professional Trade Corp.super hyip!
13:37U524??5981.104.137.*FX Diamonds Corp.Serious program!
13:35U569??1485.140.82.*egold Profit ClubHonest admin!Very good program!
13:34U569??1485.140.82.*Professional Trade Corp.Good program.
13:34U569??1485.140.82.*FX Diamonds Corp.Very good site!Paid as promised.
13:26U385??38 41.250.53.* QQ-netQuickly got paid
13:26U917??4068.255.27.*egold Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
13:26U917??4068.255.27.*Professional Trade Corp.Reliable investment.
13:25U917??4068.255.27.*FX Diamonds me again
13:23U373??5285.178.33.*300MoneyIt must be the most amazing hyip i've ever seen, paying great cash, what i need else.. well no words, just feelings! I'm Glad!!
13:22U335??6971.143.191.*egold Profit ClubExcellent program! Never misses payment.
13:21U335??6971.143.191.*Professional Trade me again
13:21U335??6971.143.191.*FX Diamonds Corp.Excellent! Really paid!
13:20U121??7975.81.233.*FX Diamonds Corp.Reliable investment.
13:19U121??7975.81.233.*Professional Trade me again
13:19U121??7975.81.233.*egold Profit ClubExcellent! Really paid
13:16U864??3570.224.63.*egold Profit ClubVery trustworthy a serious investment program
13:16U864??3570.224.63.*FX Diamonds Corp.It is really great program!!!
13:15U864??3570.224.63.*Professional Trade me again
13:14U740??56 213.178.104.* 300Moneydaily payouts
13:13U728??8512.208.61.*egold Profit ClubGood programm! Try it
13:13U728??8512.208.61.*Professional Trade Corp.My favorite HYIP! Paid!
13:12U728??8512.208.61.*FX Diamonds Corp.good HYIP! paid me today!
13:11U368??0024.27.119.*egold Profit ClubIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
13:11U368??0024.27.119.*Professional Trade!pay!pay!
13:10U368??0024.27.119.*FX Diamonds Corp.Good paying program.
13:09U526??2124.209.68.*FX Diamonds Corp.Paid again and again and again..! ! !
13:08U526??2124.209.68.*Professional Trade me again
13:08U526??2124.209.68.*egold Profit ClubVery good HYIP! Paid again!
13:06U683??47 58.9.50.* 418ZiZIt is good! More then earlier!!
13:06U934??6871.137.158.*egold Profit ClubExcellent!!!
13:05U934??6871.137.158.*Professional Trade Corp.Excellent program!!! GOOD!
13:05U934??6871.137.158.*FX Diamonds!pay!pay!
12:49U740??56 78.99.0.* QQ-netthanx admin! paid!
12:47U910??4268.112.115.*FX Diamonds Corp.always paid, today too
12:46U910??4268.112.115.*egold Profit ClubThanks Admin ...Paid!
12:45U910??4268.112.115.*Professional Trade Corp.great program, good paid!
12:44U217??1271.104.27.*egold Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
12:43U217??1271.104.27.*Professional Trade Corp.Goody-Good!
12:43U217??1271.104.27.*FX Diamonds Corp.This program is the best of all
12:39U270??0471.206.81.*egold Profit ClubGood Admin Response.
12:39U270??0471.206.81.*Professional Trade Corp.Good hyip...paid!
12:38U270??0471.206.81.*FX Diamonds Corp.My favorit HYIP
12:37U678??5083.237.229.*egold Profit ClubThank you admin
12:36U678??5083.237.229.*Professional Trade Corp.Paying well
12:35U678??5083.237.229.*FX Diamonds Corp.Great Hyip!!!
12:35U837??88 62.77.109.* 418ZiZgot paid
12:27U385??38 84.0.173.* 300MoneyPaying!
12:05U740??56 92.124.1.* 418ZiZIt's still paying
12:02U156??2669.110.150.*450comHi Admin.Thanks for keeping to your promise, just within 12hrs of my withdrawal request you pay into my account, pls keep it up, i hope you will last longer. Good program, Good Admin, Tested and Trusted, i will reinvest again.
11:37U156??2669.110.150.*Intadollarbeing paid everyday so far.
11:19U156??2669.110.150.*e-bullibOne of the best program. Working very good on my side.
11:12U156??2669.110.150.*KlondGood Admin, good program, pay me for the second time, I trust this admin, pls keep your good name.
9:55U263??2491.14.111.*JetIncomeNext payment received ... Batch: 88137980 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
9:51U263??2491.14.111.*Sky-ProfitFirst payment received ... Batch: 88137027 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
9:38U706??45202.146.241.*LovingProfitPaid me again $2.00....Batch: 88138091...Very Honest Admin...Thanks...User: HyipMaster
9:30U706??45202.146.241.*ThePayingHyipPaid me Today $3.75...Batch: 1380587...Very Honest admin...Thanks...User: HyipMaster
9:25U706??45202.146.241.*300WizardAnother payment...Honest admin..Batch: 88137556...Thanks admin..User: HyipMaster
9:21U706??45202.146.241.*Sky-ProfitPaid me today $3.00...Batch: 88137023..Honest admin...Thanks..User: HyipMaster
9:16 367??27 140.111.165.* 300Wizardget paid very fast id:thinking
8:56U593??76 86.57.218.* LovingProfitNOT PAYING!NOT PAYING!NOT PAYING!PENDING-3 DAYS-user-USA2008.My frends-ameritrade...kertil...bigwoo-paid out-00000$$$$
8:42502??35 86.108.93.* War Incomescam scam scam scam scam scam ....
7:19U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
4:32U227??6564.62.138.*1DailyFundsI have profit today,thanks admin,Good program
4:30U298??67 221.210.111.* 1DailyFundsCongrats to all who getting paid. Paid me today, too
4:27U097??6864.62.138.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive.
4:22U625??53221.210.69.*1DailyFundsall investor good luck,becuase this site is realy pay ment evry day.
4:17U532??51221.210.69.*1DailyFundsgood paying.very nice site