Vote Information for Wednesday 23 January 2008


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21:48U601??7666.131.60.*IntadollarGood Admin, good program, pay me for the second time, I trust this admin, pls keep your good name.
21:45U601??7666.131.60.*e-bullibRequest payment and got paid almost instantly. Thanks admin.
21:42U601??7666.131.60.*KlondExcellent Project. Real Cool.
21:39U820??9399.245.16.*IntadollarSuccessfully paid.
21:36U820??9399.245.16.*e-bullibAdmins, thanks for your wonderful work. Your program is the best!
21:34U820??9399.245.16.*KlondHappy investing and good luck!
21:31U079??60198.53.151.*IntadollarExcellent program, very stable.
21:29U079??60198.53.151.*e-bullibThanks for paying me. Stay here for a long time.
21:28U079??60198.53.151.*KlondKlond is great hyip.
21:25U593??76 86.57.218.* Hot350NOT PAYING!PENDING- 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!User-USA2008
21:23U376??5670.81.4.*IntadollarSuper program. Thanks admin.
21:21U376??5670.81.4.*e-bullibExcellent programm. Admin paid me.
21:19U376??5670.81.4.*KlondTake paid. Perfect programm...
21:13U233??0399.234.197.*e-bullibVery professional project, it's my favorite one. Paid as ussual.
21:11U233??0399.234.197.*KlondIt is really cool. Paid Me fast.
21:09U233??0399.234.197.*IntadollarIt's my favorite one. Paid as ussual.
20:06215??84 91.124.220.* Rich Forex FundGood program for stable earning!
19:55U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundWell managed hyip. Pays as promised.
19:16U385??3883.239.178.*300Moneygot paid
19:15C7??70208.104.121.*Online2InvestWebsite has been taken down
19:10C7??70208.104.121.*Global Market SolutionsInvested $100 41 days ago. Have not received a dime. They will not respond. This is a scam. Beware
19:07U683??47 84.56.206.* 418ZiZNice work, received 25 USD
19:04U609??5887.240.17.*QQ-netVery much thanx, it's really good program though is new but cool
19:00U740??56 212.96.112.* 300MoneyThanx! I got paid in time
18:56U837??88 58.9.57.* 418ZiZI received $58 from it
18:53U019??63 91.146.54.* QQ-netpaid
18:49U683??4771.200.188.*300MoneyReceived payout
18:45U373??52 89.218.162.* QQ-netIt's paying, Ok, I'm glad
18:35U019??63 89.42.236.* 300Moneypaid
16:51485??09209.190.54.*418ZiZPaid again again and again!
15:12511??87205.209.165.*Trade-InvestmentEverything looks very reliable and profitable. I wish it continued like this further.
15:12U065??5082.30.79.*IntadollarPayment pending 4 days now. Admin not replying to E-mails. Will update if paid.
14:01U223??13 124.120.49.* JetIncomeThank admin PAID to user FOREVER............Withdraw processed. Batch id = 88069964
13:31U662??67220.231.124.*GDIFundpaid and rate! thanks admin! I am glad here
13:14 D9??51 41.207.16.* GDIFundScam Don't paid
13:14506??46122.50.179.*Hot350Today i am received $2.50 thanks admin .......user id : jitu123
12:39506??46122.50.179.*JetIncomeToday i am received $2.00 thanks admin .......user id : jitu123
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12:20U725??73 86.122.156.* IntadollarThanks for paying me.
12:15511??32 75.126.238.* Paying-4DaysIt's the best program I've ever met.
12:09511??9867.43.144.*Trade-InvestmentVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit!
12:04511??8774.86.222.*Trademoney4uGreat Customer Service and Timely Payment!!
11:58511??6967.43.144.*Trade-FundsI like this program, paid always.
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11:52U330??7378.111.176.*Intadollarthe best of all ever seen. Paid.
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11:44U330??73 88.254.113.* KlondThis one is my best program. Thanks Admin for all hard work.
11:05E1??52 62.148.153.* Melior InvestScammers not paying...
10:38U706??45202.146.241.*Hot350Waiting my payment since 10 days ago..User: HyipMaster
10:22U263??2491.14.95.*Dream-FundPayment received ... Batch: 88070353 ... Thanks admin ... User: blackwater
10:21U725??73 70.246.144.* FinansertGood support! Paid on time, thanks.
10:14U263??2491.14.95.*JetIncomePayment received ... Batch: 88069947 ... Thanks admin ... User: blackwater
10:13U706??45202.146.241.*Dream-FundPaid me again $2.00...Batch: 88070396...Very Honest admin...Thanks admin. User: HyipMaster
9:59U330??7376.28.228.*FinansertDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date.
8:32244??12213.23.177.*Macro DepositWithdrawal still pending, no answer from support at all. user: the yellow
8:13U908??3381.198.15.*IntadollarBest Hyip. Thanks you paid all invesment me
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7:58U908??3381.198.15.*KlondBest Hyip. Thanks you paid all invesment me. Good Long Life Forever
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