Vote Information for Monday 21 January 2008


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22:23509??5587.172.205.*JetIncomeHello user HyipMaster and blackwater, thanks you help the next big fake !!!
22:09U484??59 76.103.80.* IntadollarThis program is very stable and paying. Mikiblu126
21:56U548??57 71.141.105.* IntadollarGood program. Payments as scheduled each day, good support and slow but steady growth.
21:45 508??08 201.14.37.* Trade-Investmentnot paid
21:29326??4589.28.23.*Rich Forex Fundpaid
21:25U108??79 75.62.127.* Intadollarok for me, so far
21:04U298??6671.146.149.*Intadollarmy invest is $2000 , paid until now ,without delay, very good program :)
20:47U298??6671.146.149.*Klondthanks! I have again received fast payment!
20:45U090??7287.118.105.*Every Day ProVery good plans and profit!
20:36485??09209.190.54.*418ZiZPaid again again and again!
20:29U134??4671.128.255.*IntadollarReceived my payment in very short time!
20:21U134??4671.128.255.*e-bullibReceived my payment in very short time!
20:15U134??4671.128.255.*Klondpaid me very faster,thanks admin
19:59U648??5871.202.111.*e-bullibGot two payment from yesterday. They will last.
19:51U648??5871.202.111.*KlondGood job Admin. I always get paid instantly!
19:14215??84 91.124.212.* Rich Forex FundGood program for stable earning!
19:00U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundExcellent program! Never misses payment.
18:42509??5587.172.205.*Intadollarnot paid,waiting since jan.16. big fake !!!
16:57483??37 87.78.85.* 418ZiZBig SCAM. Locked account after withdrawal request. No response from admin. DO NOT INVEST HERE!!
16:05U609??58 89.173.144.* 418ZiZI'm getting paid everyday
15:50471??1791.146.36.*300MoneyMany monitors say it's paying. I agree with them. Paid me too
15:45U837??88 77.121.63.* 418ZiZpaid 2 times a day
15:37U683??47 80.98.120.* 300MoneyIts paying to me, good hyip
15:28417??06 91.77.150.* 418ZiZReliable! $70 received
15:25U373??52 87.69.43.* 300MoneyGot paid All the time!
15:15421??40 70.226.80.* 300MoneyIt is still paying to me, and i think not only to me, but some people tell lie
14:56418??88 85.228.72.* 300Moneypaid
14:49U632??7970.68.28.*e-bullibGreat..paid me instantly all the time...thanks admin..good job.
14:41U632??7970.68.28.*KlondAlways pays on time. Highly recommended
14:32U596??3376.102.240.*IntadollarStill paying, good hyip!
14:31U740??56 62.118.3.* 300Moneygot paid $100! Incredeble but real!
14:22511??81121.156.67.*Trade-InvestmentGet paid!! I love you guys!
14:18U296??13 125.164.98.* BuxProfitPaid 3/4, Im on profit now !!
14:18511??9867.43.144.*Trademoney4uPaid me again!! Great one! No problems at all!
14:16U596??3376.102.240.*e-bullibthis is one the most reliable programs in the world, very professional and stable with good plans. every one should join this
14:09413??55 82.179.170.* 418ZiZThanx admin, I got paid in time ($28)
14:08U596??3376.102.240.*Klondsuperb site! always paid and received money from this program. I like it,they are really paying...!! GOOD JOB ADMIN !
11:49U156??2675.40.55.*IntadollarPaid for me.
11:42U156??2675.40.55.*e-bullibpaid very fast,i got $25 today,the admin so honest,i am happy in the program!
11:36U251??6175.40.55.*KlondPaid everytime without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!!!
11:21U156??2676.172.56.*KlondPaying program! Think this project will work else long!paid me $60 today,thanks
11:03 U599??54 84.240.28.*BEO ClubDoes not pay since December, 18th. My deposit 1001$. In pending ~300$.
10:47485??09209.190.54.*300MoneyPaid today 900USd, thanks
9:26U569??6176.21.21.*IntadollarPaid $100.00 Fast payout! Thanks admin,deposit $500 on the site,good luck to all!
9:19U569??6176.21.21.*e-bullibPaid $80.00 Fast payout! Thanks admin,deposit $500 on the site,good luck to all!
9:12U569??6176.21.21.*KlondOne of the best so far, my investment total $1000! For me this people are really trading forex.No unrealistic promises just plain and simple statistics for all.Hope it lasts.
9:05U349??8469.105.233.*Intadollarpay verry speeding!!!
8:55U349??8469.105.233.*e-bullibPaid really very fast, cool design as Promising, Getting payments on time! Good!
8:49U349??8469.105.233.*Klondmy invest is $1500 (1 day ago) , paid until now , without delay, very good progra
8:41 U325??16 218.231.243.* 300MoneyThis is one of the most notorious Danish scammers on the planet. They are nothing but vicious thieves. Never invest any fund into these criminals. Do not believe those good votes. They are all bought votes. Miserable human beings!
8:35U127??98 84.144.151.* 300MoneyLook to the time of the good votes. January 20th, 17.19 - 17.25 - 17.35 - 17.47 - 17.54 - 17.59 - all the same source. FORGOT THIS PROGRAM! SCAM!!!!
8:34U730??9668.126.28.*e-bullibReceived $150 withdrawal to my E-Gold account very faster!
8:29U730??9668.126.28.*KlondI deposit $500 last week,and got paid very quickly,admin so honest,thank you very much!
6:31472??9264.62.138.*1DailyFundsPaing me! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!
6:29 431??97 64.62.138.*1DailyFundsgood paying.very nice site.I will investment again.
6:23U532??51 221.210.113.* 1DailyFundsI get payment $5 again,thanks, admin.
6:18U298??6764.62.138.*1DailyFundsthanks admin your response was helpful
6:14U227??65 221.210.113.* 1DailyFundsPayment recevie todya,thanks admin
1:36 507??37 72.27.68.*300MoneyI think you guys work with them. Cause as i request to withdraw my funds to my e-gold account. I cant log in anymore. SCAM!!! Will keep you posted {Toku}