Vote Information for Saturday 19 January 2008


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21:32326??4589.28.23.*Rich Forex Fundpaid
21:27U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundNo problem ! Honest admin and paid regulary !
19:56421??4089.191.225.*418ZiZget paid almost daily
19:55417??0689.191.225.*300MoneyWithdrawed 120$!!
19:55U365??3983.167.116.*Spice Profitno paid 4 day! big scam!
19:53U365??3983.167.116.*Dream-Fundno paid 4 day! big scam! naf
19:39413??5572.184.22.*300Moneygot paid
19:29471??17 89.179.91.* 418ZiZGot paid
19:20418??88 69.245.109.* 418ZiZAlways paying to e-gold! Beautifull program
19:12215??84 91.124.219.* Rich Forex FundPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
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18:19418??88 83.219.140.* 300MoneyI got paid $80! This is really great sum!
15:16U249??17 92.113.91.* JujufundI still wait PAYMENT $21 ordered 2 day ago... !!! The User: utesnsv
12:48U855??4964.185.59.*Fix500deposit never show up will not respond
12:48U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundWell managed hyip. Pays as promised.
12:37U855??4964.185.59.*Professional Trade Corp.has not paid in me since I make deposit
12:34464??01196.220.1.*Dream-FundI have over $400 and i have not been paid. My withdrawal has spent over three days. It looks like a scam. If i am paid, i will update my words. My user name: africanscholar
12:20E0??4572.27.68.*egold Profit ClubNo payments received since i signed up 16/dec/07. No response to e-mail either {munga}
9:47509??55 87.172.222.* Intadollarnot paid
8:16U223??13 124.120.46.* Strong300paid to user forever.................Batch id = 87992823
8:13485??09209.190.54.*300MoneyReceive today from $300! Thank you admin
7:55485??09209.190.54.*418ZiZPaid today 900USd, thanks
7:35244??12 89.182.169.* Macro Depositnot paying, not answering at all. user: the yellow
6:35 E1??24 72.252.110.* Gold Payingmy deposit made on the 15th has not yet reflected on my account. e-mail sent to support have not been answered
5:57U593??76 86.57.218.* Hot350NOT PAYING!SCAM!!!!!-my login-usa2008
5:33 505??15 202.81.52.* Dream-FundNOT PAYING MY WITHDRAW $2.530 Status Waiting Since 4 day Ago IF Paid I UPDATE
5:20 507??72 122.200.54.* 300MoneyNOT PAID !! Aftetr you request your profit, you can not login again !! Becarefull !!
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4:42U079??65209.190.51.*Klondpay every withdrawl , they pay
4:37 504??63 81.198.15.*IntadollarPaid for me. Last payment ok.
4:30 503??54 81.198.15.*e-bullibPaid for me. Last payment ok.
4:26 502??11 81.198.15.*KlondContact support - got reply after 2 h. very nice. Payments without any problems. Thanks Admin good work.
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