Vote Information for Thursday 17 January 2008


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0:44 U942??39 209.190.54.*Hot350not paid 4days
0:34485??53208.77.102.*Melior InvestPAYING 01/18/2008 $330 !! thank Melior !!!
23:19 263??85 209.158.179.* Jujufunduser go4broke. STILL WAITING. requested on jan. 15..only paying top recruiters maybe???
22:50443??5889.122.149.*NewForexProfitthanks admin money recived $ 220 after 8 hour best
22:36509??5587.172.248.*NewForexProfitagain not paid
21:50326??4589.28.23.*Rich Forex Fundpaid
21:05509??34189.12.196.*Hot350SCAM< SCAM AND SCAM! NOT PAYiNG
21:01509??34189.12.196.*Dream-FundBIG<BIG SCAM, NOtT PAYNG
19:14417??0681.222.183.*418ZiZgot paid
19:03421??4081.222.183.*300MoneyWithdraw just come
18:55421??4066.171.100.*418ZiZMy payment was made today to e-gold
18:49417??0666.171.100.*300MoneyI'm really happy that I began to invest money into this company. It's very reliable and I think will work for a long time
17:33418??88 78.107.167.* 300MoneyGot paid
17:31 503??94 209.190.54.*Hot350after 4 days not paid !!!!??
17:11511??3267.171.229.*418ZiZI'm sure - paying
17:09471??1767.171.229.*300MoneyReceived PAYOUT to my e-gold account - $25. It paid
16:38418??88 91.76.36.* 418ZiZPaid! Thanx you very much!
15:33511??0767.43.144.*Invest1DayThe project pays regularly. Thanks!
15:28511??98205.209.157.*Trade-InvestmentPaid again in just over an hour. Great!
15:23511??87 67.229.127.* Trademoney4uGreat programe. Reliable and honour all payment. Thank you Admin
15:19511??69205.209.176.*Trade-FundsGot payment! It is very professional project. Every one will be in profit!
14:42443??5889.122.149.*NewForexProfit6 th payment recived whitin 24 hours $51 paid my again thanks
14:16503??1981.199.40.*Macro Depositstill waiting for my $300. will update soon as i recieved
14:05503??1981.199.40.*Dream-Fundstill waiting for my $20 reinvest $10 [ bossi ]
10:50511??10203.144.160.*Strong300Pending user forever 6 day ago.......if PAID i will update
10:48511??10203.144.160.*Macro DepositPending user forever 3 day ago.......if PAID i will update
9:59 420??26 66.230.230.*Online-Benefitgreat site,still paid to me
9:54 419??83 69.13.8.*Online-Benefitalways got paid here
9:51432??9264.62.138.*Online-Benefitgot PAID again! I love it!
9:49 421??27 87.230.11.* Online-Benefitgot paid ,thank admin
9:41 420??14 134.34.147.* Online-Benefitvery nice site
9:37480??81 62.101.114.* JujufundStill WAITING on my PAYMENT request done Jan 15. user:Eltofo84
9:33 426??92 216.224.124.*Online-BenefitGot paid again
8:31462??47202.146.241.*Dream-FundStill Waiting for payment $3.00 since 1 days ago..If paid, i will update...User: HyipMaster
8:07367??6464.62.138.*Online-BenefitHonest admin! Got PAYMENT today!!!
7:56509??5587.172.248.*Jujufundnot paid,lost my money
7:33509??5587.172.248.*Dream-Fundnot paying,lost my money
7:25 416??99 64.62.138.*Online-BenefitPaid within hours of request. Thanks
7:02 182??95 64.62.138.*Online-BenefitThis is a great program for everybody.
5:50 406??06 64.62.138.*Online-Benefityour fast paying is the best
5:43105??83 84.119.23.* GPEHPaid 3 times! THANKS
4:00 425??96 218.240.9.* Online-BenefitSo far so good here
3:55 425??46 83.226.131.* Online-Benefitstill paid on time
3:49 424??90 75.148.32.* Online-Benefitadmin doing good job
3:43 423??52 212.244.162.* Online-BenefitReceived my payment
3:19 421??24 81.169.137.*Online-Benefitgot paid today
1:35509??4666.79.187.*1DailyFundsvery day payment and payment, good luck for all investor.very nice site.
1:29312??4066.79.187.*1DailyFundsevry day i gat payment.very nice site.I get payment 1 year.
1:28509??3766.79.187.*1DailyFundsget paid 4340$ for plan D , thank you admin your good work !
1:25504??3666.79.187.*1DailyFundsGot It All straightened out and reinvested with daily payment for 2 weeks now. Its a very good program. Thanks admin!
1:21507??3366.79.187.*1DailyFundsget paid 1540 for Plan C, thank you admin for you good work ! the best hyip in world !
1:07491??1865.49.14.*Online-Benefitget paid again.tks honest admin
1:02503??26 87.126.237.* Emetal GateGreat program! Great admin, fast payments